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  1. SM21

    Tish 2.0

    Since coming back big tish has been excellent in pretty much every game he has played this season. Seems his time abroad has matured him into the player he always threatened to be first time round with us ,physical and a great range of passing (even if some are slightly too floated for me but hey ho). Fantastic today, current form for me he is first name on the team sheet.
  2. Alex samizadeh, Nathan tyson, Leon panikvaar, Jorge galan, Scott Sevrin
  3. After the Celtic game he will 100% start kabamba up front on his own and hope for the same performance. (Doubtful he will be able to give it) don’t think it’s a game for kiltie, not physically enough I don’t think for this game. Would like to see haunstrap start at left mid to give waters cover.
  4. #justiceforNutz
  5. Can you cast directly from killietv or would you have to cast your screen from a computer as a work around?
  6. Anyone have the obligatory highlight clips for him at all?
  7. Probably down to the fact you could take a selfie and fit all the players we actually have under contract in...
  8. Not exactly a goal scorer...
  9. Get rid of the dark blue worst strip we’ve had in years
  10. Surely the best way to take the pressure off our defence would be to keep the ball....
  11. Thought Connell played well when he came on, definitely a prospect
  12. Sod very much in danger of becoming a jones type figure after Xmas , especially if he does precontract elsewhere. Seems like he was banking on Celtic coming in for him in the summer and when it never happened he has spat the dummy a bit. Shame as he was a stand out last year
  13. With everyone seemingly unanimously agreeing that players running the club is not what we want at our club, and with all the “in the know” people around the forums- someone step up and call the players that are doing this out. If we have players bad mouthing the club to fans at events or privately let’s get a handle on this before the new manager comes in and this all happens again.
  14. Now that he is away, can any of the in the know people actually tell us what’s been going on? There’s been rumbled all season but no one has been willing to say anything. Seems a out of the blue time to get rid so agree with the thought above they must have someone in mind