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  1. Wow, where did that come from ?
  2. Maybe he was part of the clique from last season and Tommy wants rid. A proper fresh start for us
  3. From the sun so take it with a very large pinch of salt but disappointing if true
  4. Regarding kiltie whilst he has had a couple of stand out games he is for the most part just a “tidy” player. Never really had the force of personality to come on and take charge of a game, was more of a neat passer but never really had a killer ball or anything like that. Club stuck by him for a long time though a couple of injuries that would have seen him punted from other places. Think probably the most telling thing is that he has been in the cusp of “making it” in our team for the best part of a decade now (debut in 2013) and in all that time he never stamped his position in the team. Even in the season that got us relegated and we have been as bad as we were, he never cemented a place in that team. You can only be breaking in to the team for so long. As mention previously on the thread the previous cycle is over for us, time to rebuild. There are new exciting young prospects coming through that will fill that role and pad the bench where needed. Thanks for your service Greg but it’s time for a change, if his agent can get him a move to St Johnstone he should bite their hand off.
  5. I would always generally support the return of decent grass but with dropping the league I wouldn’t waste our already limited funds on replacing the pitch. Especially if it has potential revue boosting possibilities (rugby games, training, small concerts etc)
  6. Dicker was quite obviously injured after rolling his ankle in the first half, could hardly walk at the start of the 2nd and the fact he played on is criminal. Any self respecting captain doesn’t compromise the team by hobbling on through the game. There must be something serious rotten behind the scenes that guys like tish aren’t able to be brought on. Whatever happens Monday we need a serious clear out this squad is done
  7. Kabamba is the single worst player I have ever seen. He stands constantly as if he is about to do something but never acc does anything.
  8. Rodgers mcgowan broadfoot medley haunstrup dicker power mulumbu burke kiltie Lafferty Would play as essentially a 4-4-1-1. Have dicker, power, mulumbu as a 3 in the middle and Burke out right, not necessarily have anyone on the left but give haunstrup the license to go forward to act as a wing back, if they break on is dicker drops into CB and medley covers LB. Get kiltie playing off of lafferty, hopefully lafferty can come short and hold it in or lay it off to kiltie and then spin in behind. Important for Burke to have a good game need to give lafferty as many chance as possible to get his first goal. Would have kabamba sitting somewhere up in the stand hopefully as far away from the pitch as possible
  9. Roses are red Killie are Blue our strikers are sh*te and our defence is too
  10. Is kabamba and Whitehall the worst striker pairing that has ever existed. The tiff we literally nothing. If they didn’t annoy me so much I would feel sorry for them as to how far out their depth they are
  11. SM21


    Who would you prefer then?
  12. Not surprised McGowan was dropped. He has been very poor recently (not that millen is Cafu but...) We will need Burke to find some form again he will be pretty much our only source of creativity today. Suns limited as well, especially with Millen taking the young boys out at the knees before they even play. Concerned that we might sit deep and play for a point again today only to see a repeat of Wednesday. St Johnstone have found a bit of form recently, if we sit back they will dominate us. Need to get out and get a foot on the ball. Praying that between Kabamba and Oakley they can find a goal from somewhere.
  13. I know I mean more generally rather than the “donate money and we will do stuff with it” idea, it’s good to have some more direct goals, also things that are more accessible to fans who aren’t willing to or able to contribute monthly etc.
  14. This is exactly the type of thing that we should be doing. I appreciate the work that the trust do but having something like this that is as accessible for the fans is excellent. It shows the support is there and can be capitalised on!