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  1. Two local sponsors who are willing to put money in to the club is always great. I wasn’t bothered about the Brownings logo on the front but the web advert on the back is a shocker. Also Hamilton Tarmac and the term “ethical” are questionable when it comes to Amateur football.
  2. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I didn’t expect you to know the answer. I meant that although Cathy may be aware, it’s unlikely that they will acknowledge the concerns raised. Fans have the right to have an opinion, particularly when we are all keen to support the club in a difficult time whether that be in buying seasons or items from the club. They seem to fail to recognise common issues in the sale of seasons/match day tickets, particularly for those who prefer the old school way of purchasing. Also seeing some of the other Hummel products available to other clubs, it seems we’ve went for the “budget” line.
  3. Do you think the fans will have any form of acknowledgement or likely to be ignored due to the volume of howlers they seem to be having? Disappointment in kit design/quality, difficulty in renewing season tickets and the significant issues with the website including poor images used, no ability to pre-order strips and the overcharging fans. Still can’t believe, that nobody at the club thought calling a top “true blue” may have some connection to Rangers!
  4. Does the SLO monitor this forum? Surely with the general opinion on the new website, season ticket purchasing process and the overall disappointment in the quality/style of new products this should be something that the club need to be made aware of rather than us all having a moan here but never gets heard by the people who can resolve it?
  5. What did he do yesterday? Never noticed
  6. What do you mean by “on a different basis”? Ps-you wouldn’t be in the cells till Monday,tust me! You’d likely get let straight back out the door, hardly anyone held in custody these days.
  7. Evening. An excellent contribution to this thread. Thanks ;-p
  8. Then those who got lifted would appeal that other neds who committed the same offence didn’t get arrested. Don’t think you can pick and choose which people to arrest
  9. Would need to watch it back fully to pass judgement properly. If as you suggest, the police were to arrest all of the 30/40 (guesstimate) neds that come on to the pitch. That would then require 60/80 officers for arrest procedure, corroboration of arrest and transport to nearest cells (not to mention logistics of getting them there). If there even was that many officers to start with. Who then policies the remainder of the fans once they’ve all left with arrested persons? Or does the responsibility of ejecting fans lie with G4S. Leaving the police to arrest those committing serious offences and those responsible for disorder etc can be identified at a later date via CCTV?
  10. Investigated for what? All matters or policing at football? Are you aware of current policies and guidelines for policing matches. The roles/responsibilities of stewards? I’m sure a lot of police officers would appreciate that level of freedom to control crowds and the use of force where justified. However I would expect the usual, pictures to be taken, media uproar and anti-police brigade (which there appears to be plenty on here) to condone the level of force used.
  11. Supposedly going to NAC Breda from what I’ve read.
  12. Contacted him. Very helpful guy, says the hoops are solid killie blue as in the original strip rather than the digital image and he had also picked up on the wrong font used for sponsor which he has since amended.
  13. No worries Gordon. I hate reading the moans/rumours etc on here...I like to discuss/contribute although some might take my comments as a moan. As i’ve mentioned in other comments and threads, I think for all the great things happening around the club they’ve definitely dropped the ball over the summer with a couple of issues re safe standing/movement of seasons and now the poor handling of the allocation. Ultimately the board call the shots, but if it hadn’t been for Cathy Jamieson and Jim Thomson trying their best to keep us up to date I genuinely wonder what info we would actually be getting. I think the fans have been very complimentary of the board for the big changes since the MJ era and have had lots of pats on the back and rightly so. But sometimes holding your hands up and saying “we could have done this better” means just as much as trying to impress. Ps-I’m giving Jim the chance to sort my season ticket move from safe standing zone before I complain to the club. Keeping the faith ;-p
  14. I certainly can’t see anything in my post suggesting a conspiracy theory?? All I did was agree with another post regarding their frustration and “getting a fair shot of a ticket” and that there was only ever 1 opportunity to get a ticket for some fans via The left overs (figure unknown) in the STH ballot. However for other STH they potentially could have had an opportunity via a supporters bus allocation, if unsuccessful through that then via the TiK ballot and if unsuccessful through that then PSH. I agree that the number of people who fall in to this category would be minimal but that’s irrelevant. Fairness should apply to all, whether there are 5 or 55 people having a higher chance than others then it naturally frustrates others.
  15. Frustrating! There will be people who had 4 opportunities of successfully being drawn for a ticket. Firstly if they use a supporters bus, then if a member of TiK, then if they have a privilege seat and finally a season ticket holder. Whereas others only had 1 chance via the season ticket draw and that appears to have been for minimal numbers. Think that’s what has disappointed most unsuccessful fans- the lack of fairness throughout the process.

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