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  1. This will have been answered previously no doubt but is the opportunity to buy shares for season ticket holders only or can those of us from afar also do so? Thanks.
  2. The other side of that argument I suppose is that it is better to get the money in and have it available for when most needed. As has been pointed out many times on here, other clubs are up and running with season tickets, think Aberdeen had hit 5,000. Also, might be better to catch the fans goodwill and willingness in many cases to pay even without a start date. Finally, there are many like me that have been furloughed on 80% and have just had their first reduced months pay. The longer this goes on with 80 maybe going down to 60%, less money available for non essentials might affect future spend.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/classictvmoments/videos/1892920290741329/
  4. Just the positive responses I was hoping to hear. Utilising the local paper is a no brainer especially with such a diehard fan in a position to be a great help. As I mentioned in my original post, and I’m sure the Trust will have thought about this and possibly already been in touch, but speaking to similar groups at other clubs to see how they boosted their member numbers is another obvious route to get possibly fresh ideas. Direct approach to season ticket holders who aren’t already members and maybe even manned displays outside the ground when normal service is resumed to raise awareness?I’m sure already thought of and in the pipeline. Finally, and as a previous poster mentioned, when I signed up I actually thought I was going to be making a monthly contribution so feel a bit embarrassed that it turned out to be for the year. As advised, I will go about adjusting my contribution in the near future.
  5. A general question from afar regarding becoming a member of the Trust. I joined recently and should have done a long time ago. I think one of the reasons I hadn’t was my lack of awareness of what the trust did and costs to be involved (very reasonable!) I put that down to myself and not the Trust to a large extent. Point I wanted to make is.....are the majority of the Killie support aware of the existence of the Trust and all the fantastic work they do? Fans on here will be and hopefully, especially with the current call to arms, number of members is increasing rapidly but what of the fans who don’t visit the forum. Is there or has there been articles in the Standard for example publicising the Trust? I read about other similar sized or smaller clubs who have significantly more members in similar schemes. Do they go about raising awareness in a different way that we can learn from to get many more fans on board? Just a thought. Keep up the brilliant work you do TiK.
  6. My gut feeling is that AD was a good shout for the Caretaker role until the end of the season to keep us safe, have an outside but unlikely chance of a top six place and buy some time for a review of who else is available and interested out there. Something about his body language and demeanour that just doesn't seem right for a long term appointment. A good end to the season will give the board a dilemma and I hope that is the case of course but my experience of seeing and hearing successful manager over many years doesn't make me think he is the man for the job long term. Hope I am wrong.
  7. You might not think he has any football knowledge beyond, like the rest of us, being a passionate fan, but he hasn’t become a very successful businessman by not making the right decisions including who to appoint in significant roles within his company. ....or maybe he isn’t very good at that either and just has a very good HR department!
  8. Did Ian Wilson not request a loan move to get regular game time as he would have been well down the pecking order with us rather than the club wanting rid? I’m sure AD would have preferred him as an option.
  9. Was at the game. Wind spoilt it. Little between them but an own goal near the end looked like being a Killie winner....deja vu Even later Dons free kick....deja vu....this one wind assisted off the crossbar with the rebound headed in. First women’s game I’ve seen live in ages but a decent start to the league campaign. Was surprised at how young both sides players were.
  10. Surely getting an idea of a players wage expectations should be done before bringing them in. No point in them impressing then not being able to afford wages they are asking for? Or is that not the way it works with a trialist?
  11. 7pm tomorrow night on BBC Scotland
  12. Could see him coming off the bench and scoring some vital goals for someone but doubt it would be for us. Too left field in our current precarious predicament.
  13. Getting back to actually buying a badge, if you call 0333 323 8979 a very helpful lady will take your details and money and send out as soon as the much sought after next batch arrives.
  14. Full name ....Inverurie Loco Works....20 minutes outside Aberdeen on the road to Inverness

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