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    Tickets for Tuesday

    I totally agree that it should have been open seating from the get go and a lesson learned by the club hopefully but not sure how fellow fans who have now bought specific seats will react if now told it will be open seating. Any that have, got thoughts on that one if such an announcement were to be made? As has been said many times, we should just be glad that a situation has arisen where there is a healthy demand for tickets and hopefully everyone will behave in a sensible manner. We are all in this together and don't want any negative vibes around what will hopefully be a brilliant night. Mon the Killie!
  2. FanWithaTypewritter

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Having watched football in Europe annually over the last 14 years or so, there is a bit of a myth that football admission prices are very cheap. They certainly were in eastern Europe eg Poland and Serbia where we paid the equivalent of £1.80 a couple of years ago to watch Red Star. Portugal last year saw us watch Sporting Lisbon for £35 for a decent seat and in the past we have paid more and less in France, Germany and Spain but the idea that you get a good product for button isn't always the case. There are some great season ticket deals as the article illustrates but surely we shouldn't begrudge £20 for what will be a cracking cup tie.
  3. FanWithaTypewritter

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

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