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    He certainly knows how to run the clock down
  2. Cheviotstag


    It is worth putting huge energy into trying to get Bachman on a season-long loan as No 1. Given this could go to the wire time wise (and also may not happen) it is vital that we get another experienced keeper into the club as our signed player ASAP ( even if he is not given any assurances about playing time). Somebody like Rogers could be a decent option, and within budget , if available. Any other realistic and reliable options? I haven’t seen Lyle apart from some unimpressive clips from last pre-season games. Not fair to form an impression based on that given he is our contracted player. For those of you who went to reserve games last year is there confidence Lyle can be developed into a keeper who can challenge for the first team in time? stating the obvious that the GK position is the overriding priority
  3. Over past few years Motherwell is the club which has been the most realistic benchmark for Killie in many areas None of our group of seven have renewed our STs yet. 6 of us definitely will renew this month and the 7th might (depending on his work situation) Early bird was incentive to commit early in the past. I suspect release of the fixture list may be a catalyst for a surge in renewals this month
  4. I tend to agree with the substance of much of what Beaker posts on here.... I also understand the exasperation in some of his spats with our friend McLean ...but I do agree that the strident tone much of the time doesn’t help win over the undecided at a time when many people who voted no in 2014 are more open to persuasion now.
  5. Love this away kit. Very classy
  6. Cheviotstag


    Is this the boy who was A good keeper with Falkirk a few years ago?
  7. Docherty would be a fantastic signing but I fear his earning expectations may be beyond our reach
  8. Agree . For me our strongest formation. Also Kiltie, Thomas and El Mak to add to the mix, plus developing players like Taylor, Cameron and the young lad who came on in the cup game. if we sign a really good gk and two versatile first choice full backs who can cover Centre back we will be in decent shape given financial reality
  9. Think Tait would be an excellent versatile addition if we can secure him
  10. This is fair comment. The furlough scheme has been a very effective solution for much of the workforce. Credit also to HMRC for their administration of the scheme
  11. I have a good St Mirren buddy with no axe to grind who is glad Waters is back with us. On the other hand, hopefully we can improve him
  12. Don’t rate Scott Fox at all. Not even As cover
  13. So am I too consumed with hatred and grievance? Or are you just tarring most pro independence supporters with the same brush? I have no desire for any conflict on here. There is much many of us won’t agree on, but life is too short
  14. Agree with you that there will need to be a full review afterwards on all aspects of how the pandemic was handled in the care home sector. it will also need to lead onto a review of how the sector is organised and funded generally and what lessons can be learned for the future

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