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  1. I did just say that...
  2. HAHA! Using such a term only enforces my opinion that you are a cretin. Apologies for having ambition.
  3. haha...top flight and about to start my P.H.D in Mechanical Engineering...so sorry. You on the other hand seem dense enough that light would bend round you.
  4. I wouldn't say we strolled it...first 15 minutes were okay. then it was scrappy. players had enough time on the ball to do better than they usually did.
  5. They could have won it in the last 10 minutes...we were comfortable up until then. But it was a terrible performance. We were very lucky.
  6. haha. be willing to bet I made it further than you did, giving me greater experience and insight probably. Dunno how you would gauge footballing knowledge but I imagine thats a start.
  7. Yes I watched all of the game we were poor. lucky we were playing Hamilton today really.
  8. All I can say about the first half is Im glad we aren't playing better opposition...I think we have been terrible really. can't string passes together, seem to be just punting it forward 80% of the time and we are looking very flat. 2 goal lead is incredibly flattering. Hopefully with the 2 goal cushion he will bring on Kiltie and maybe tish for some game time and try and link midfield to attack more effectively.
  9. Haha...Im not being rude but I think I could guess your age fairly accurately by using Norton and being worried about malware. Both my link and the on posted directly under my link are fairly reputable streaming services. It is a bit annoying but you just click to close the small (x) or close 2 or 3 times before its open. And obviously close the pop ups that occur by clicking the (x) Everything you do on the internet is logged and nothing is private. don't worry about it.
  10. http://streamhunter.top/soccer/kilmarnock-hamilton-sht5886337?l=1603586710 for anyone else stuck working or who can't make it
  11. A great looking side to play against Hamilton, most physical side Ive seen for us all season, not a single player in the starting 11 will shy away from a 50/50 with plenty of flair on the bench if needed after an hour. Brophy, Boyd and Erwin...could be a lot more goals than I expected today
  12. Thinking about the last time we were in the top six, all the games seemed to just be like a day out for the fans to enjoy...big crowds, all singing no pressure and maybe a little too complacent... Hopefully the big crowds top six will give us can get right up for each game and help the team push for 4th!
  13. Perhaps not, all 3 of these teams will be playing out of their skins even to scrape a point against Hibs who failed to beat St J who are just above these teams and will be without the manager on the touchline for the next two games. Any points Hibs drop will surely spur us on!
  14. ITs a shame Ajer is doing so well at Celtic I'd have loved to get him in on full term basis, I think Taylor and SOD have come on leaps and bounds and are both being mentored into wing backs, they can both get up the park quickly. I don't see Dicker leaving, I think he's been too inconsistent this season and has been in the shadow of Power and Mulumbu to attract interest. But I agree we need to prioritise keeping Jones and hopefully finding a similar young player for the other flank!

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