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  1. You been to the Howard today. Have no idea what the last sentence means.
  2. That game will be on premier sports.
  3. Graham


    Just watched the analysis of the match and apart from mentioning Killies 2 goals I thought I was watching Rangers tv. A bloody disgrace. Talked about Rangers missed chances , Alfredo Morelos, Kilmarnock first goal being handball and poor defending for the second goal. I thought they were ment to be impartial.
  4. How do you know this .
  5. Definitely our strongest team. Not surprised Kiltie and Bunn are on the bench they were both passengers last week at ST Johnstone
  6. Signing for someone then hopefully us.
  7. Totally agree when we had Findlay and Broadfoot in defence we were solid at the back. We’re conceding goals now so maybe not the worst option.
  8. Yeah off to St Mirren
  9. Probably more chance of this man making a return than us signing a decent player before the window shuts.
  10. 3pm passed again and nothing. I fear the worst. Hope I’m wrong.
  11. Yeah agree thought he offered nothing yesterday.
  12. Are you guessing or do you know something we don’t.
  13. Yeah have to agree Alex dyer and some else definitely not mulumbu.
  14. Agree just because he’s not great in front of the camera doesn’t make him a bad manager. As i have said in previous post give the guy a chance and see what happens in the January window and then we can all judge.

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