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  1. Any clips of the 2 goals
  2. Just purchased 2 tickets for Saturday. Had to get them posted out as no PATG which is a pain. Girl I spoke to said they have requested another 500 as the 1000 are nearly gone .
  3. Away Supporters Ticket sales for Kilmarnock will be handled directly by Kilmarnock. An allocation of tickets for the Colin Weir stand have been sent to Kilmarnock to sell. There will be no cash gates available on matchday for away supporters. Patrick thistle website
  4. Pinnock’s another one. Why we offering him a new deal. Can’t beat a man and get a cross in. In the 2 games against Dundee he was anonymous.
  5. Probably a bonus total bomb scare was all at sea last week for the goal in the Aberdeen game
  6. Don’t think lafferty will start. Keep it tight for as long as possible and then through lafferty on for last 25 mins. Mulumbu will definitely start after TW comments after the midweek game.
  7. Yeah remember it well. Pre match got thrown out the boozer by the polis. Pub mobbed, killie fan pouring himself a pint behind the bar 🤷‍♂️ and guys putting pool cues through the ceiling
  8. No he’s just got a good hair Dyer
  9. Tommy Wright now 1/6 on sky bet
  10. Need a change in defence tomorrow 7 goals conceded in 2 games with rossi and dikamona at the heart of the defence. Surely must give that young lad from Arsenal a chance
  11. Graham


    Personally think we will have enough to stay up. All players back from injury. Defence broadfoot and Findlay . Full backs don’t fill me with confidence. Midfield mulumbu dicker and power. Wide men Burke and pierrick. Problem lies with the strikers decent players but goals per game is very poor.
  12. Still waiting for egg on the face. Will score on average 4 to 6 goals a season if were lucky.
  13. Would be a huge gamble for the board to appoint Boyd as the next manager. Great servant to killie but no managerial experience
  14. Alex is a great man who I have the utmost respect for and he will always be warmly welcomed back to Rugby Park. I want to thank Alex for his important contribution to some truly wonderful days here at Kilmarnock." totally agree with Billy Bowie’s statement Alex and Stevie Clark gave us some wonderful moments.
  15. The thing that worries me we are in the market for another striker but we are not creating chances. We need a creative winger/midfielder. You can sign the best striker in the world but if you don’t create he would nae score either.
  16. Be positive whitehall hat trick
  17. 1 nil down with 20 mins to play and he still leaves mulumbu on the bench. Think it says it all. Time for change. Apart from the last 15 mins of the Rangers game we have been totally boring to watch we don’t even look like scoring. The Hibs game was a prime example we could have played all day and not scored.
  18. Is Alan Power not suspended for this game. That was his 6th yellow on sunday
  19. Agree just hope we don’t get overrun in the middle of the park