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  1. Rory has digressed as a player - many injuries have taken their toll. He has lost 2 to 3 yards of pace which is his basic problem.
  2. While there is no requirement to have an AGM it would be inconceivable for a club with the number of shareholders as Killie not to do so. There is a legal Companies Act requirement to file approved Financial Accounts with the Registrar of Companies within 10 months of the financial year end, ie for the year ended 31 May 2019 by 31 March 2020. In a previous year the financial year end date was manipulated by 1 day to get an extension to the filing date.
  3. The candle has flickered and is now out.
  4. In my opinion the latter. The ability to run fast is one attribute but more is needed to become a good footballer. Liam 's game structure is limited by his inability to kick with his left foot. Some people have a weaker foot, Liam has only one ,his right. When given a free chance to run from the left towards goal and get a strike with his left foot as in the first half yesterday he tried to make an impossible pass to Brophy with his right foot. You cannot be a team player when you have to stop and turn back on to your right foot. He also shows a lack of football nous. The chances that have come his way in the last two home games have been snatched at, The suggestion that he should play through the middle is negated by his being easily pushed off the ball and lack of heading ability. I forecast like a candle the hype on this site about this boy will flicker and die as the season progresses.
  5. The hype about this boy is overstated. He is nowhere near a good a player as Jones. Liam is fast but cannot kick the ball with his left foot. Thomas is a much better prospect.
  6. Their pseudo IRA uniforms, their IRA song/chants, their terrible behavior with every second word an expletive, their theft of balls - they do this every time they come to RP, their mini thug Lee, their despicable smoke bombs, their destruction of seats. This is not a small minority - I would estimate 2000 or more morons and to think that in a democratic society these people have a vote. Go home you lot and hang your heads in shame. Killie brilliant notwithstanding.
  7. Mulumbu was very poor last night-he did give the ball away - and caused 2 free kicks on the edge of the penalty box. He was not helped by the pitch which only seems playable when it is raining. Jones was not his normal self - clearly not fully fit. Brophy's goal was not offside.Woodman tried all he could to stop the header.