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  1. Now that's a team that wants to win. Terrific performance from Italy. What a pleasant surprise from their normal ' let's not lose' football.
  2. So you can self administer a lateral flow test, enter the result yourself and get a text telling you the result you yourself entered...... I think I a spot a flaw in the system.
  3. A backward step. A mercenary that was happy to take a wage at *anger* doing nothing rather than play football out on loan. Dumped Killie in a heartbeat for the Dons. A big NO from me.
  4. The club would not be dealing with Lafferty, that's what agents are paid for. It is perfectly feasible that the club told his agent no but the agent didn't relay that message to Kyle, possibly expecting the club to come back with another offer.
  5. Lafferty was here 4 months, so it figures that he would cost us 3x as much for a year. Can't blame his agent trying for some more. Looks to me as if the two sides are using different ways of reporting the same story.
  6. For some reason this blast from the past popped into my mind. I think it was a competition draw to have dinner with him open to anyone who attended the game. How we could be doing with a Freddie style player on Monday.
  7. Every new manager I've ever worked under (not football related but management loves making unnecessary changes).
  8. Dundee have a slim lead, if they set themselves up to try and defend it I think we will beat them comfortably. Another positive.
  9. I know it's hard but I've come up with a few. Power had a good game and did more than the rest of the midfield combined for most of the game. McKenzie IMO turned the game for us as he harried and drove forward when he came on. Haunstrup and Broadfoot had nightmares but they never hid, like others did. We will need this attitude on Monday, along with a better performance of course. Lafferty and Pinnock chased lost causes all night right up to the final whistle. Dundee had obviously did their homework and effectively nullified them last night but they never gave up We're
  10. If the manager decides to manmark Adam then McKenzie is the player for the task after the way he nullified Tavienere against *anger*. Otherwise it will be an unchanged team IMO.
  11. Made me proud to be Scottish. I fully accept that some asylum seekers will be here under false pretences, just as I accept that some will wrongly get their applications refused. What I don't and can't accept is an Immigration Office that refuses to treat their 'prey' with respect. I will gladly applaud those that stand up for these basic human rights. I also applaud Police Scotland in their actions as they remained nuetral through-out, not something I've come to expect.
  12. Probably due to being knackered. We just don't use our subs effectively.
  13. Motherwell need a win to secure 7th place, they are a far better team than Ross County. We're still in with a chance.
  14. 9-0 and we would have the same goal difference and Hamilton would stay up having scored more goals.
  15. Final games Killie win Ross County Lose Safe Killie lose by 9 goals Relegation All other results Play-offs