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  1. *anger* are interested in every half decent player just before they play against them. Most Hearts players, if not all, will have a relegation clause in their contracts cutting their wages or giving them the freedom to go. that will be where the bargains are. *anger* too will have to seriously reduce their squad to make way for the next raft of signing that they say they need to challenge for the title (a decent manager would be a better way to spend their debt).
  2. Out of our price range. A good solid centreback with style.
  3. Would gladly take him back, a good player that will get better with experience. Has found his level though as I can't see him breaking into any team bigger than Killie. But then again very few teams are bigger than Killie
  4. It wasn't a bad decision by Alessio at all. He rated him and he featured in most of his squads. New manager obviously doesn't see a place for him but that's not Thomas' fault. It has worked the other way for Kiltie, Alessio showed him the door but Dyer has probably given him enough game time to offer a new contract.
  5. Of course I would, and I'd be equally fuming if we ended up relegated because we lost the core of our team with 8 games to go when the team at the bottom managed to keep theirs. Both scenarios are unfair.
  6. So rich clubs that can keep/enhance their squads outwith the normal transfer windows of a league season are allowed an advantage over the likes of Hamilton? Are you Anne Budge in disguise?
  7. How do think Ceptic can fund the quality players they have through-out their squad, SPFL prize money? And I believe *anger* cup run has saved them from going bust yet again. Whether we like it or not European football is vital to these clubs.
  8. Baz canvassing for a SPFL post ?
  9. Bad news for St J fans. An excellent manager that got way more success than his budget allowed. Relegation candidates next year.
  10. Arrived today, Large is a comfortably loose fit on a 40in Chest (and that was with an extra jumper on) so not quite F A T sizing. Delighted with the quality although the pockets are a bit high but I can live with that. A bargain. Just need some footie to wear it to now!
  11. As a team they were outstanding. The way they kept their shape and moved as a unit sticks in my mind - more like table footballers, they were so connected with one another.
  12. After all this self isolating definitely. The fridge light must be using more electricity than the rest of the house combined.
  13. Was looking at the Killie Shop sale but couldn't find a size chart. Anyone know the chest size of the Large ELITE+ PADDED BENCH JACKET? Please don't turn the thread into another shop bashing moan. Ta in advance.
  14. Was my thought too but didn't want to choose him due to it being a friendly. LeSaux too was different class for Blackburn.
  15. Info from an Auchinleck Talbot supporter. The new set-up gets you entry into the Scottish Cup qualifying rounds and floodlights are now a requirement for that. Was also told that ex Junior clubs can still be members of the Junior FA so will still play in the Scottish Junior Cup.

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