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  1. Burke by a mile over the rest of the team except Power, who he beat by a short head.
  2. I've (my pal I mean) has been given free 500mb. Will that be enough for the match?
  3. The keeper's been Rogered !!!
  4. So it's not working! Thanks for the help. On to plan B.
  5. Asking for a pensioner friend who has OKFreedom VPN installed. How do you know whether it is running or not? He/she says that when you click on it a wee circle birls for while then stops. Has it loaded and now taking the scenic route via abroadshire or is it not working?
  6. When he didn't get his move in January his form dipped dramatically. Hopefully the same will happen this year. I'll be sad to see him go though as his meltdowns were entertaining.
  7. Gary Locke signing tomorrow if he passes the medical.
  8. Disagree. He needs to make saves and our defence gives him that opportunity.
  9. On a different aspect of home working, you can claim £6 per day tax relief in lieu of heating, lighting & cleaning costs. Use form P87.
  10. Your % calculation is flawed. While Hawkeye has been operational in these matches it would rarely be called into action to make a decision. It's like saying my airbag in my car was fine for 8,000 miles I didn't need it but when I crashed it failed to deploy.
  11. And 5,000 *anger* orcs download and press print .......
  12. Fantastic idea. I would definitely go for it. If they were all placed in the West stand it would look good on camera.
  13. Plenty of family groups that could sit together too......BUT...... The big stumbling block ................. " I've sat in my seat for flumpty-teen years so I'm no' movin!"
  14. Where's your ambition, surely only 9pts.
  15. Greg Stewart only cares about the money. Would rather have a youth player promoted than take him back. Killie got him the move he was after and he will be happy to sit and soak up the *anger* cash. A good player but a footballing mercenary. Let him rot in the reserves for an other couple of years and send his employers closer to bankruptcy.

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