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  1. MrTumnus

    Who would go top?

    Does 3 wins and a draw with a penalty loss beat 2 wins and 2 draws with penalty wins ? Anyone know the hierarchy? Head to head, goal difference, wins, yellow cards?
  2. MrTumnus

    Season ahead

    Clubs at our level rarely give out long contracts due to the fear factor of paying players SPLF wages in the Championship. This changed for us this year. There was a confidence that we would not be involved in a relegation dogfight so we offered most of our existing squad extended deals, which nearly all have accepted. There is no doubt we are weakened by Mulumbu's departure but we were lucky to have him in the first place and is way out of our price range. I'm sure there will be a few English Championship playmakers that are surplus to requirements in the final year of their contract that will be looking for a regular game while preserving their high wages. As for the other clubs, rebuilding a team each year is always hit or miss - we know that from experience. Whether they have strengthened their squads or brought in more of the same remains to be seen.
  3. MrTumnus

    Ross Millen

    Who in their right mind would play a key first team player against a Junior team? Injury waiting to happen.
  4. MrTumnus

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    The three on international duty are due holiday too!
  5. MrTumnus

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    St Mirren were up for the game and won the vast majority of 2nd balls, we went through the motions. All four of midfield could have been subbed. Thomas should have been brought on for Jones to remind him automatic choice last year doesn't mean the same this year. Watched the game in a pub in Yorkshire. Barman's comment - "You were put through the mill by a bunch of young boys".
  6. MrTumnus

    2018 World Cup

    Bizarre Colombian goal disallowed for two balls being on the pitch when the assistant stopped it getting onto the field of play. English donkey went to retrieve the rogue ball and let the match ball sail past him. 2:1 Colombia.
  7. MrTumnus

    Dom thomas

    He'll only get game time if Jones moves on/ gets injured. Both showed potential at the start of last season but only one fulfilled it. Another loan beckons if Jones stays.
  8. MrTumnus

    Aaron Tshibola

    The guy obviously has talent but the number of good games he had for Killie were minimal. We can't afford the luxury of a high earning player that turns up every third or fourth game. Not showed enough for me.
  9. MrTumnus

    2018 World Cup

    Isn't it amazing how the Englandshire pundits now love VAR after Germany gets knocked out.
  10. MrTumnus

    2018 World Cup

    Mexico has been the team that has impressed me. Very comfortable on the ball and work hard for one another.
  11. MrTumnus

    Billy Bowie

    One nearly crashed into me on Mull
  12. MrTumnus

    Standing Section

    Wintergreen and macaroon bars too ? Dubbin for the boots? A 5 man forward line? Shorts below the knees? Where will it end?
  13. MrTumnus

    Standing Section

    You'll be wanting a grass pitch next and a leather club ball.
  14. MrTumnus

    Chris Burke

    Plan B for a Jones leaving scenario? Dom Thomas next to return to the fold to be given a chance to stake his claim for Jones' slot?

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