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  1. Made plenty of noise when 'Rugby Road gates open' was announced.
  2. Most people will see what they want to see. If you're not a big fan you'll highlight his mistakes. If you like him you'll emphasise his positives. What I saw from him, especially in the 2nd half, was countless forward runs off the ball towards the box. Not once did I see a pass getting played through to him - not once. Keeping possession and playing the square/back pass is all well and good when we are winning but to be down 1 nil and not chase the game is criminal.
  3. A long day too for the Falkirk under5 casuals. Who knows the trouble they might cause with at least three hours to spare before kick-off. I wouldn't be surprised if they spat the dummy out the pram!
  4. Pretty unfair making the under 5s go to the ticket office with their pocket money. 👶
  5. If our club are seriously concerned about it, and hopefully they are, then the stadium announcer should make a club statement/request to desist every time it's sung. I'm sure the majority would applaud the action.
  6. The greatest striker ever. More than a goal a game at international level, almost a goal a game in 15 seasons at Bayern Munich. A true legend of the game.
  7. Part of the hold-up will be folk sending multiple emails , they still need to be opened, read, checked and then discarded. I understand the reason why and the frustration if your ticket has not come through. Mine arrived only 30minutes ago but I would still travelled down if the email hadn't come through.
  8. 4 : 1 It's been a good, high scoring start to the Scottish season and set to continue.
  9. I'm patient and have no doubts I'll have my ticket before I leave for Rugby Park tomorrow. Let's talk about the game instead. Didn't manage to the cup games so fair looking forward to seeing the new team for the 1st time. C'mon the Killie!
  10. I predict Dunfermline and us at the top. If we don't get a striker in then us 2nd. We'll have lots of draws , Wright's hard to beat philosophy. Dunfermline will see-saw their way through the season with wins and losses. Partick and Hamilton in the other play-off places
  11. Luckily we're scheduled 3pm Saturday fixtures - a good omen.
  12. I wonder if the folk that think this isn't an issue would say the same if our capacity is set at 2000 next week and they don't get a ticket for the opening game?
  13. Cathy is very good at giving information without answering the question. The next question is ... ' Are Councilor Reid and his son members of the Chairman's Club?' .
  14. Sad news that Gary Patterson died in a car crash near Patna on Thursday. A true gentleman who taught thousands of Ayrshire youngsters as a brass instructor in our local schools, never hiding his Killie credentials. KTID
  15. Another signing that looked good on paper but didn't deliver on the pitch.
  16. Fully accept it was our responsibility, our punishment appears excessive though based on previous League Cup breaches. The paranoid might feel Doncaster is getting his own back after being made to eat humble pie 🥧 last year.
  17. Hearts got a 2pt deduction for one reason only - to enable them to still qualify for the next round with a win, which they did. No precedent set as they make up the rules as they go along depending on the club. We might be lucky and be classed as a big enough club for the beaks to want us to grace the next round. Even with 3pts getting awarded to EK we should still qualify though.
  18. KillieTV has been great this past year. Well done and thank you for all your work.
  19. I thought you needed to play for the team to get a medal 🤔
  20. I would apply for 2000 in each stand, up to 6000 Killie supporters, up to 2000 Ayr.
  21. Should be a cracking game for a neutral as both teams need a win to go through.