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  1. By the time these are available they won’t be needed. This is burning itself out
  2. I respect the guy just don’t think he’s good enough for the job in hand.
  3. Broadfoot looked done when he left and did nothing to change my mind when he came back. He will be another year older and slower whenever the next season kicks off and I’ll be surprised if he’s a first choice by the end of it.
  4. People just need to calm down and wait a bit as this looks to me like it’s burning itself out. Wouldn’t be surprised that the picture has changed completely by august.
  5. The fact it’s a pandemic means it’s already out of control.
  6. It’s hardly a disgrace. Obviously just going more solid away from home to start with. Manager’s decision which we’ll find out by the end of the game if it was the right one .
  7. Broadfoot should not be playing in front of ddf.
  8. Kiltie didn’t exactly set the world alight at Dunfermline. I get people want him to succeed but again he can’t command a start with us. I’d only keep kiltie and Thomas next year if we’re really struggling to get new players in.
  9. There’s a large chunk of the population who don’t think the government or Brexit has any shortcomings.
  10. St Johnston could well finish above us by the split the way they are going at the moment.
  11. Where do we play him though if we’re going the two upfront. He probably needs Brophy to drop out to accommodate him if we don’t see him as a wide player.
  12. It’ll suppose to be 3-5-2 depending how much pressure we’re under may end up 5-3-2!
  13. Weather is horrible at the minute and forecast not much better so will probably put a few people off.
  14. I’d take a draw but being honest I think we’ll struggle. Hoping for a performance more than worrying about the result .

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