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  1. We have had an issue with this for several seasons let’s hope this run continues.
  2. The midfield need to start contributing more on the goal front especially those who are playing in more forward wide positions. We tend to sit very deep in the centre so goals from there will be extremely rare.
  3. How is it head In the sand? You honestly think Lennon was that desperate to stick him on for a couple of minutes he’d happily break every rule they’d agreed too knowing the consequence if it got out. Individual responsibility was the problem something which seems to be dying out everywhere.
  4. If they were unaware he had left the country how can you punish the club. Some of the reaction to this is laughable
  5. Seem to remember him scoring a few against us so doubt it bothers him that much.
  6. The advantage to Celtic! Think the vastly superior squad might have already done that no matter who we play. We could pick your favourite line up and if Celtic turn up we’d get smashed. The hope as always is we perform at our peak and they dip a bit.
  7. Mullen played well last week so doesn’t deserved dropped. Only one in the defensive set up that really worries me is Broadfoot.
  8. If people are taking a knee for blm then your supporting the organisation and it’s aims. You don’t get to choose which of it’s aims your taking it for. Personally I think it’s virtue signalling rubbish but if the players want to then go ahead but they should be open to being questioned about the organisation they are supporting. The show racism a red card for me is a far more worthy cause.
  9. That will be bait to some on here!!
  10. He’d be seen as prolific compared to any of our midfield
  11. Results matter and so far Dyer’s have been poor along with some shambolic performance. He has my support going forward but can’t say I’m expecting much from him. Obviously this season could well be a strange one so if we recruit well then who knows.
  12. Because I was talking about various scenarios that could happen. You could just miss out on top 6 and have nothing to play for or be bottom at the split go on a blinding run that propels you up the league but your stuck with nowhere to go. A split after 2 rounds is too early and is change for change sake so I’m against it I’d rather leave it alone.
  13. If you have a bad start to the season your condemned to bottom half of the league really early on in this set up. Why would a walk up fan want to come watch games that could be meaningless very early on? You could be 7th and in no danger of relegation with nearly half a season left. What would you be playing for. The 12 league has its issues but for me this is worse as the split is so early on.
  14. I think some people think they’ll be able to watch the games through sky on their tv’s and will be very unhappy if it’s a dodgy stream on their phone.
  15. Wish people would stop quoting that rocket I blocked his posts ages ago ha!