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  1. Honestly doesn’t matter we’ve never had a big support more a loyal support. The OF suck the attendance dry as busloads leave Ayrshire weekly. Motherwell give over 60’s reduced prices and that maybe a benefit as I know a few folks in that age group (not yet 65) who would attend.
  2. Tomorrow night will be the acid test as watched Sunday’s game on Sky. Fingers crossed it works for the full game!! Thanks again and happy viewing...
  3. Thanks will get onto it. It’s an older laptop but believe it or not got it to cast after spending the last 3 days trying unsuccessfully hence the reason for the need for the cable. Will still pursue the cable route as looks like this is going to be a long term thing. Cheers again for the help, much appreciated.
  4. Hi Tried using USB to HDMI cable as my tele has HDMI (less than a year old) but laptop has only USB. Can’t get anything on screen can you suggest where I am going wrong? Thanks
  5. Not so sure of Lennon’s innocence... Seems to think that Griffiths who had loads of folk, more than the guidelines, at a party (caught thro’ Facebook) was no big deal..!! Think he takes a selective approach and would have been first to blast anyone else breaking the rules.
  6. Kabamba was a sprinter when young, but opted to play football instead.[5] He joined Uxbridge in 2011 after scoring 13 goals for Hayes & Yeading United's under-18 team.[6] He impressed enough with the reserve squad to grant a debut on 22 November in a Southern League Cup 3–1 defeat at Northwood He was a sprinter and is pretty quick still.
  7. Under Quarantine guidelines by Scottish Government....’If you fail to comply with any of these self-isolation measures then you may be fined £480 in Scotland under a fixed penalty notice.’ Wonder if he will be fined as he clearly broke the rules under these regulations?
  8. Agree entirely, think we have the players but it’s the game management that is the main concern. For example against Hibs great supply of crosses and using long ball into the box but only Kabamba with any height up front who was winning very little in the air. Should have thrown on Whitehall at HT to support him and take advantage of these balls into the box with GK dropping off the front two. Greg is a good ball striker as opposed to Rory and may have given us more chances. Our best chance was an almost OG!!
  9. First impression was that it is him as he looks a bit overawed as if just arrived into the squad.
  10. Is it not a young George ‘Sam’ Maxwell head bowed at the back?
  11. Likewise I fully agree re Dyer and the Board's leadership. The rebuild does not fill me with confidence. It seems clear that we struggle to bring players into the Club and this is the whole crux of the matter. Other teams at our level have encouraging results when it comes to signing players and we need to get to the root problem as to why we seem to have been left behind. Now is the time to work out if it is financial, the plastic pitch, the current management team and their longer term future, possible relegation threat or whatever other factors are relevant. At this point we do not see
  12. Slightly disappointing also with attendance but £64 purely for 3 tickets if you attend Sevco, Hibs & the Sheep in a week is a fair chunk out of anybody's budget plus travel costs, food etc. Think 3 game ticket at say £50 would have encouraged more folks to turn up v Sevco as £27 for walk up makes TV obviously easier option..
  13. Sorry beg to differ on a lot of these points but as I an off out to the game soon will further debate this another time. Results matter and fingers crossed that will bring back a bit of sanity to proceedings.
  14. He was the glue the held everything together. When the team does well employees get a lift the Board get an easy time, the fans are ecstatic and the forum goes quiet etc. etc. Quite simply He engendered satisfaction all round the Club. Is that not enough?
  15. No - not acceptable this football club was well run by SSC and he was the Club during his tenure so the Board and everyone else was made to look good regardless of their abilities. We need to take a step forward and look at bringing in proper experienced people into the right positions to stave off any hint of relegation. Man management is a skill which the current set-up lacks. When SSC went the infrastructure he put into place started to slowly crumble culminating in where we are now. It needs addressed immediately not by any lazy option and if it needs fresh investment then so be it.