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  1. tanerba'Tam

    Next Seasons Strip Speculation Megathread

    A wee bit of a different slant just for a change may need to adjust the colour of blue but still Nike
  2. tanerba'Tam


    Wonder if Gerrard using it for leverage within Liverpool as he probably saw first hand that Buvac (the Brain) was close to exiting and wanting step up internally? what better way that playing one against the other...?
  3. tanerba'Tam

    New Scoreboards/Screens for RP

    Like the sponsorship idea not one I had thought of, but struggle to think of any benefactor who is not already committed to investing into the Club already.
  4. tanerba'Tam

    New Scoreboards/Screens for RP

    Now that we have the winning habit would be good if perhaps new scoreboards with screens would be a huge asset to the ground. The current one is pretty poor and not visible to everyone in the ground. Perhaps the Trust monies could be used to sponsor these and that could be their legacy in lieu of a Supporter Director. If not the Trust the Club itself could take this on. It would be good to watch previous game highlights, post messages and relevant info etc which is visible to everyone and is an area which we currently lack. Not sure on the costs of these things but again should be more serviceable than the current offering.
  5. tanerba'Tam

    Best tweet ever?

    An absolute classic...!!
  6. tanerba'Tam

    Aberdeen Home Massive

    Totally agree and again no financial gain to me made by me either. My big concern is with the Dons being hammered on Saturday we need to accept they will be coming with a different mindset had they won yesterday. A bigger and noisier crowd like at the QF against them will help the team. Believe we will win but it will take a 110% effort from everyone at the Club to get the 3 points and any extra advantage that is available. May also help encourage a few new fans to get involved and hopefully want to come back!! Fully support reduced prices right across the board.
  7. tanerba'Tam

    Cup Semi-Finals

    Thought it was now only Cup Winner not runner up.
  8. tanerba'Tam

    What if SSC just wants to stay?

    Heard Brendan wears Clark(e)s shoes!!
  9. tanerba'Tam

    Season tickets

    Agree and although no easy task arranging bring in a team with the expertise to push forward, maybe if the staff are too busy then the CEO needs to sort staff numbers. Losing momentum when so many fans wish to splash the cash is second rate and needs addressed. The pricing wont be much different from last year and even taking a deposit gives an early indicator how many we can expect to sell.
  10. tanerba'Tam

    post split fixtures

    Strange decision that one SH... heard any more seems to be trickling out by way of rumour?
  11. tanerba'Tam

    post split fixtures

    Celtic away on Sunday 13th May is the rumour re fixtures? Anybody heard if so they will be presented with the SPL trophy... (just keeping it for us for next season!!)
  12. tanerba'Tam

    Stephen O'Donnell & Steve Clarke

    Great achievement - congratulations to you both... Hope SOD gets rightful Scotland call-up.
  13. tanerba'Tam

    Dear Dons, Hibees and Huns

    Sorry hate to disagree howevet who would have thought after 8 games gone we would be where we are.... Teams above us have Cup ties to play .... this will give us an edge..... and finally remember we have the ‘Power’!!
  14. tanerba'Tam

    Dear Dons, Hibees and Huns

    If we beat all 5 teams & Hamilton we will have 70 points. If Celtic & Hearts win 4 from 5 and 3 from respectively things become extremely interesting as the other 3 will struggle to get to 70 points. Hearts have hit form at right time and should have huge say in overall finish... you never know where we can finish... certainly nothing to fear home or away as pretty much a full squad to pick from, a growing vociferous fan base and confidence oozing from every pore and Steve Clarke as the constant in the mix.... who is tactically the best Manager in Scotland......go get em boys!!
  15. tanerba'Tam

    Tonight's matches and how they affect us

    Hope he hits 3 on Saturday would do us a big favour in pegging back Hibs..

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