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  1. Eastwood Millen Broadfoot Findlay Waters McGowan Power Tish McKenzie Burke Brophy
  2. Shearer and Wright are horrendous. Personality bypass and annoying twat
  3. But the problem is since Dyer has been in charge we are saying for the vast majority of games, played well, a couple of mistakes, on another day, if we had just taken our chances, would have been taking 3 points. We need to start winning these games sooner rather than later
  4. Sorry but we need to be winning these games. It's no use playing well if we don't win, and is the exact same story as last season. I hope things improve but this is exactly the kind of result that had us plummeting towards a relegation battle last season, before it was suspended. Also I hope the keeper was genuinely injured and not another strange AD decision
  5. Haunstrup humstrung with a hamstring?
  6. I like him as a player. Has a really good pass on him
  7. It feels eels like theirs no one really driving things behind the scenes. There's the virtually non existent 150 celebrations., and the amateur hour that is the club shop.
  8. When you here Boris speak his rhetoric is as if he is fighting a physical entity. I'm surprised he hasn't quoted his hero Churchill in any of his briefings yet
  9. I only just found out she was still alive. And now she ain't!
  10. Think Waters want's to be first choice LB, hence his leaving on loan. Question is, is he good enough. I agree we at least need a keeper, a LB and RB. A couple of CBs. One or two wingers/ creative mids and a striker
  11. Was there a Wednesday day player with a long throw in Gus's game?

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