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  1. Killie1984

    Celebrity Deaths 2018

    Was Cooper was in the hat when we got Lee Clark? Sad news
  2. Killie1984


    I hear it's a pointless load of bull. However for the record I hear Yammy, not Yanny and certainly not Laurel
  3. If Mulumbu falls in Caprington woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
  4. Killie1984

    Caption Competition

    For christsake Alex, what did you have for dinner last night!
  5. Killie1984

    Form table

    How do you find every managers average points per game?
  6. Killie1984


    Going by what has been achived so far, with a pre-season under our belts and some new quality players, then we should in theory be challenging for the title next year. That is just bonkers!
  7. Killie1984

    gers away, Fred

    That's just mental!
  8. Killie1984

    Dons match fred

  9. Killie1984

    Dons match fred

    Sheep miss
  10. Killie1984

    Dons match fred

  11. Killie1984

    Dons match fred

  12. Killie1984

    Rossco Fred

    All going to plan and soiled ourselves at the end...
  13. Killie1984

    Can you think of anything to moan about?

    Panic buying w****rs!
  14. Steve and Alex, they had 11 men They took them up to the top of the league And never came down again And then they won cup And got in europe too They are the managers of the mighty white and blue Grand old duke of york!
  15. Killie1984

    Motherwell away, Fred

    Was it a 3-5-2 we were playing?

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