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  1. Think Waters want's to be first choice LB, hence his leaving on loan. Question is, is he good enough. I agree we at least need a keeper, a LB and RB. A couple of CBs. One or two wingers/ creative mids and a striker
  2. Was there a Wednesday day player with a long throw in Gus's game?
  3. Yep, think his form dropped a bit as well
  4. https://www.facebook.com/paddypower/videos/241514796922452/
  5. Probably with a darker blue
  6. Was Ian Wright not a complete tosser in his short spell at Septic. Think he tried to get someone sent off
  7. Think it was just a random decision
  8. Aye just off the cross at the end of bank street
  9. Doesn't work, you just end up having to get the razor out
  10. Weird I wore a fez to the ill fated Leauge Cup final vs Hibs.
  11. That sound's a lot like a no...

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