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  1. I was thinking to myself for a while that Brophy has a very strong penalty record. In fact I can't remember him ever missing, and I think only once having a kick saved? I can't find more information online, but what do folk remember? I'm also interested how he compares to other killie forwards, as I'm too young to remember some of the greats of the club (other than Boyd etc).
  2. f**k me, coudl talk talk please just cut my internet like they do every other evening and put me out this misery.
  3. Look, I don't want absolve Dyer of anything, he has no doubt had a role in the negative and positive aspects of the club in recent years. However, the lack of quality and long terms signings has been going on under AA and Clarke, and others. There has got to be something beyond the managers, and it must be the board and setup. Sure managers may contribute to that, but I am hesitant at blaming Dyer when I don't think he planned to take the role and when other managers had the same issue for us.
  4. I want one song pick per times he said 1 or 2 signings or riot.
  5. Yeah he said 1 or 2 more, a few more and he's hoping to get at least one more in, several times after those two signings. To me it's just the Clarke routine and I may well be proved wrong soon but I think the idea is to manage down expectations and keep info low to the press. Still Fowler and the baord could at least re-assure fans more.
  6. There is literally no point in just comparing goals scored. Jones has played about 40 more games than Burke. What matters is the goals to game ratio clearly, let alone assists and other stats that matter.
  7. Sorry for the ignorance, but what's the lads position?
  8. From the way Dyer spoke, it sounds as though they have one player in the final stages who they hope to get over the line soon. It would appear they are keeping tabs on K Thomas as a back up to that player if we can't him? Then he's hoping to bring another in probably from a wider list of a few options. That's just how I read it.
  9. Personally if we signed Nisbet, or another striker who is actually prolific, I would move Brophy out to his wide on the right role that he used to occupy.
  10. With that we could be playing a 4-1-4-1
  11. He has also had a broken leg or ankle if I remember correctly, so he really just hasn't had much time to settle. To me he's a bit on an unknown quantity, could be fairly above or below average. Not what I was hoping for, but if others are coming in, and free transfers then maybe. January could be a big window for us, the rate this is going.
  12. There's a new thread at the top to stop the multiple threads slowing the forum down.
  13. I could be wrong, but personally I feel AA is giving him a straight start run as a test. Adjusted movements and positioning game to game, helping for him to find his best spot/role/style. Having a small run without the challenge of being replaced might allow Liam to really relax into the squad. I'm not saying he should just get in unchallenged for the season, but I would keep him in for a few more games before considering whether he should be on the bench. I realise there is faults to that, but is suspect this is what is happening.
  14. The new left back looks right at home here.

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