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  1. He’s had an offer on the table for months but hasn’t signed it. I can’t see him staying unless he is forced to i.e. other clubs cutting budget after this.
  2. Where has he went? Looked great start of season but haven’t seen him since. Is he on loan?
  3. Dicker was brilliant. The 50/50 tackle in first half showed his passion. Though that El Makrini was brilliant as well before injury
  4. RabG1869


    Sold out before I even knew. Last year couldn’t get one either
  5. Aye I went last night and turned away. Been parking there since my dad took me as a boy. If the club want money for it then put someone on the gate and charge. I have no issue with that. That’s what it used to be then it was just donations. When I went to get my car you would be lucky if it was a quarter full.
  6. So if Miller and Henry rumours are true then we have sold one defender and brought in 5? Can’t see that being the case when we need attacking players. Hopefully all just s**te and we keep Greg but if we got £3m and Hayes I’d take it in a heartbeat
  7. I think (and pray) that we are going to hammer them. I do feel we are one big win away from a run of good results. Aye we need players but we need a moral boost first.
  8. There’s a link for the game on vip sports
  9. I was in shop yesterday and Jossie said it will be end of next week
  10. I’m booked in there with my wee boy mate. Happy to get mini bus
  11. I managed mine and my boys no bother but the comments about not getting through I agree with. I live in Fife and try to get away tickets over phone to pick up at next home game. You can phone 50 times and never get an answer. That needs looked at. Also anyone notice that the shop never has prices on merchandise?
  12. Saw a coin from us going towards linesman. Raging at that
  13. Something has to be done. It’s getting unbearable now the mistakes, corruption and all out biased decisions to the OF who then claim it’s a conspiracy against them. I believe there has to be a statement made because at this rate there will never be a scottish champion outside the OF again. We’ve had decades of their dominance and when another team challenges them they are completely shafte. Last night was the final straw for me. It’s impossible to win these games now. I know we could of played better and the fact we had no shots again is a concern but the blatant penalty decision would of change the game. The question is how do we make a statement. I would never want to boycott games, especially home games so what’s everyone’s opinion? Personally I feel all other 10 clubs have to unite and make the same statement. We have to be noticed and heard as a group. Thoughts?

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