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  1. RabG1869

    Incomings and outgoings.

    I don’t think Tish should get a deal. Really don’t rate him at all. Does nothing and loses ball. I would love to see samizadeh stay and get chance in first team. Been brilliant in youth games I’ve see
  2. RabG1869


    Not a fan of either myself. Would be happy enough if Tishbola left in summer. I actually thought he had left as hadn’t seen him in a while. I thought Simpson played well 2nd half against Hamilton but not seen anything else that fills me with confidence. Plus his twitter pic is him in a wolves top. That just annoys me!
  3. RabG1869

    Custom scarfs

    Don’t think so mate. Might of but I don’t remember that myself
  4. RabG1869

    Custom scarfs

    Aye that’s what I thought mate. Just you see them at other grounds and when the OF come to Killie they pop up. I loved the simpsons one. Sure it had Durrant on the shirt they wore haha
  5. RabG1869

    Custom scarfs

    Anyone remember the stall outside the Moffat Stand that used to sell custom scarfs, badges, jewellery, hats etc? Anyone know where that guy went or how to get hold of that kind of stuff? I will always put money into the club and the shop is so much better than it used to be but my boy keeps asking for a simpsons scarf cause he saw a old picture.

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