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  1. Sorry if I am repeating much of the chain but although never been a fan of Michael Stewart he clearly has been treated really badly. Jim Traynor has fed the ‘new paranoiacs ” line knowing it stirs up vulnerable Rangers’ fans but seems to think that’s his job. So Stewart has the audacity to criticise him and gets shot down because someone who has orchestrated a don’t speak to the BBC policy wasn’t given opportunity to respond on the BBC. Bizarre.
  2. It's sad but there does appear to be a weird gene in the Sheils' clan that make them overly sensitive about, and unduly fascinated by, all things connected to the Shiels. Kenny' s post match Kilmarnock interviews often focussed on what appeared to be his favourite topic- Kenny Shiels. It was also evident at Morton. Also is it not slightly surprising he goes on about slights in having his applications to KFC and Hibs ignored but he doesn't appear to remember much detail about who he was looking to replace and who was appointed. It would have shown a undeserved lack of respect but if he was so upset would he not be able to fill in a few blanks? However all that is nothing compared to another member having to flee to the Western Isles due to the pressure of being a member of the Shiels' family. I may be wrong but I suspect that realtives of other League Cup winning managers such as Jim McIntyre or Danny Lennon somehow managed to cope without changing their name, going into the whatever the football equivalent of witness protection is, let alone feeling forced to do something as striking as moving to the Outer Hebrides. Has anyone been to Stornoway in January? That's is extreme.
  3. Dropped for tonight’s game. IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN. IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN. Sorry- you knew that already.
  4. Appreciate that spreading rumours is distasteful but a few months back I had a chat with a press guy who mentioned a serious progressive condition that Alex McLeish had. The context was that he assumed Clarke would be lined up to replace him. Strange thing was he seemed to think the medical news was well known .
  5. Radio Aberdeen covered today’s “massive game” - Hearts v Aberdeen. Usual excuse for the license fee payers to fund a trip to the game for Richard and Willie plus, just in case that wasn’t sufficient bias, their Dons supporting chum Rob Maclean. Accepted that this did provide comedy gold at full time but any neutral could tell that the game of the day by a million miles in terms of significance was St Mirren Dundee. Richard and the rest have been allowed to bang on about their team for so long that they probably don’t notice the bias. They certainly don’t care.
  6. BBC still peddling the myth that a Stevie G slip cost Liverpool the Chelsea game and the title in 2014. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47489368 As everyone who saw the incident knows it was Stevie's inability to control the ball that set up the goal. Falling over may have added a whole new level of slapstick but even if he had stayed upright the damage had been done. It's bizarre how keen the BBC are to stick to Stevie's version of events when it is so demonstrably false . Having said that they also seem to think their coverage of Liverpool is neutral even when Alan Green is commentating.
  7. Not on this occasion but funnily enough when other pundits were comparing Shinnie to Kris Boyd - in that if Boyd was sent off why was Shinnie not likewise for worse earlier on - Richard Gordon suggested Boyd deserved to be sent off but didn’t mention Captain Courageous. It may be thought that it’s unusual for Gordon to pass up the opportunity to bang on about any Aberdeen player especially Shinnie however that would be unfair. Gordon has previously demonstrated such admirable reserve when Shinnie dives for penalties.
  8. On Sportsound today they relied on Willie Miller’s expertise. Fair enough he does have experience in getting sacked but that was on the more orthodox grounds that he was a god-awful manager. Anyway Willie admitted to having no idea about what happened. That of course was not seen as any bar to Willie giving his view on the suspension. Proof if proof were needed that Radio Aberdeen will allow Willie to drone on even when he literally does not know what he is talking about.
  9. Stevie G’s body language on Wednesday was brilliant and is the measure of the man. Fine when Sevco were on top for the first 20 minutes- just watch the inspiring leader punching the air and shouting encouragement. Then after Worrall followed Stevie’s command to “play out from the back” he stayed slumped in his seat for the next 70 minutes looking like he wanted to be swallowed up by his coat. To illustrate here is a picture of Stevie with Sevco's chairman. As we watch the inevitable slide to the exit door I wouldn't hold your breath for any improvement in Stevie's increasingly bitter pronouncements to the media. There will however be a consistent theme. That of his inner 6 year old screaming "It's not fair" and "It's not my fault"
  10. Anyone noticed that Bellamy a dead ringer for SpongeBob?
  11. No surprise about Gerrard appearing delusional. The man has form including his infamous rewriting of history about the time he "slipped" against Chelsea. To stick to a story is one thing but to stick to a story when anyone with acess to YouTube can prove you are lying is on a different level.
  12. In Richard Gordon's summary of the game at the end of the programme - nothing. Funny that given the treatment of Jordan Jones including Gordon's frequent sinister mutterings about JJ's reputation. They even made him personality of the week in the Friday show after the Dundee game. Radio Aberdeen happy to be outraged when KFC are involved but just cannot bring themselves to criticise Aberdeen and certainly could never suggest their heroic captain is a cheat.
  13. Who would have thought we might actually miss Donald Park.
  14. Happy Advent everyone. Advent apparently is a time for abstinence and reflection ahead of the feast and fun of Christmas. Accordingly a time to be a bit miserable. This is the best explanation I can find for Radio Aberdeen's bizarre decision to waste today's build up to kick off on a miserable interview with Jim Leighton. Either that or McInnes was not available and they needed yet another excuse to feature Aberdeen on a Saturday Aberdeen were not playing.
  15. Aberdeen's recent upturn in form (or at least results) of course has the team at Radio Aberdeen over excited. Yesterday's Tynecastle result was sufficient excuse for Richard Gordon to immediately start banging on about how "Aberdeen are the only team Kilmarnock can't handle". He then agrees with Allan Preston's suggestion Aberdeen have won their last 9 games against KFC. Wow. On Radio Scotland Aberdeen win games even when they don't.

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