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  1. Fudgey1989

    Jordan Jones

    I'd be going aff ma nut if that were me
  2. Fudgey1989

    Hibs away

    Just seen this, rumour is wrong. Fudgey1989 will be there however due to mad wan the night the burns bus departure is a tad early for me so will be getting a lift up. Curer commences 12:01
  3. Fudgey1989

    Scott Boyd

    Good news, know what you're getting and plugs a hole when preferred 2 are out injured. Don't see the point in releasing a reliable backup who is happy with his position in the squad to get another one in who might upset the harmony of the squad.
  4. Fudgey1989


    Its in the Scotsman aswell, no smoke without fire with these c**tz from Govan
  5. Fudgey1989


    Riles me how much these c**tz think they have a god given right to have everything they want in Scottish football. Surely now the penny must be dropping that no one with half a brain cell wants anything to do with them? My mate from work when I broke the news to him " Didnae even want um anyway if he cannae hack it at a big club like mccines then we don't want him, hes a tarrier anyway" LAWLS!!! Buzzing for Easter Road tomorrow now, not fussed if its not for anything, just go and sing yer hertz oot (non jambo related) in appreciation of SSC!
  6. Fudgey1989

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    Anyone any idea how to work the online finance thing? Go to use it and it doesn't give an option to apply on it? Asks you for a membership number which I presume is your current season ticket number, as a new season ticket purchaser I don't have this. If anyone can shed any light. Cheers
  7. Fudgey1989

    Craig Bryson

    Ahhh get ye now, that was good business. The money we got for him and wee Soully was stealing money considering their length of form for us.
  8. Fudgey1989

    Craig Bryson

    How does that work? Sammon left us to sign for Wigan who were already in the Premiership were they not?
  9. Fudgey1989

    Hibs away

    I don't think I could hate them anymore if I tried. Lad in my work this morning giving it "aye well they'll be gettin next to nothing either next time they come eh us" .. Had to point out to the wee f4nny the percentages of what other teams get in comparison to the capacity of their stadium.
  10. Fudgey1989

    £300 Season Ticket!

    It's only £15 a week at RP if you have a shave on the Saturday morning
  11. Fudgey1989

    Points Total

    Cup winners cup finished up in 98 or 99 I think. Think 3rd got Europe and beaten Scottish cup finalists qualified as well (if they weren't already in due to league position). Did we not qualify for Europe one season finishing quite low in the league but got in due to the fair play award?
  12. Fudgey1989

    Season tickets

    Exactly mate, the last few months killie have been talk of the country never mind the talk of the toon. Give as many tickets to schools as possible and get the Moffat busy with kids. Hopefully Killie can supply the entertainment and make some of them come back regularly in the months and years to come.
  13. Fudgey1989

    Season tickets

    I take it they aren't using that Zebra finance company anymore for those looking to use finance for it?
  14. Fudgey1989

    Season tickets

    Where is it you purchase season tickets from? If its the shop then this really wouldn't work on a matchday where I reckon there will be 6500 in total attendance where they will be selling tickets for 3 upcoming away games. Even if its in the hotel it's still asking too much of incompetent staff imo
  15. Fudgey1989

    Aberdeen game

    The last game against them was nervy was neither side wanted to go out the cup. Think tomorrow will be different as they need 3 points to hunt down 2nd and we need the 3 points if we have any chance of catching Hibs. Looking forward to it should be a cracker and a noisy and busy RP.

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