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  1. Perfect commercial sense. I have never once said to my mates 'I'll see you at BT Murrayfield on Saturday' but that title is used by Gregor and the players in pressers and in media and corporate releases. Remember we didn't have shirt sponsors? Would you be horrified if we didn't have one now? Are we selling our souls having them and, dare I say, changing the blue a wee bit in the new strip to match the sponsor's own branding? Nope - Twitter and FB is full of happy campers with their new strips on this week. Well done I say.
  2. Deal was done - Watford pulled it and are letting Gomes go.
  3. plunkit

    Club Shop

    ***scratches head***
  4. From Liverpool Echo... Former Liverpool forward Michael Ngoo is set to make history by becoming the first Englishman to win the Albanian Superliga.
  5. Should the goalkeeper have 'fessed up? Sporting integrity and all that? **steps back and awaits comments about what kind of honesty/cheating is acceptable**
  6. I'm a bit biased as he is a mate of mine, but he can certainly string words together and is great company. His knowledge of football is considerable and he talks freely about the Killie squad, aware of them in depth. However, where he wins it for me is the tips he gave my nephew who is at college in the States on a football and sports management course. Spent time with him offering guidance on skills, nutrition, leadership and asks how he is getting on all the time. If you ever want a great day playing golf, it would be hard to beat Charlie and Packy as company. Don't judge a book by the cover.
  7. Not necessarily. The English Rugby Premiership doesn't, the Pro14 has a degree of mixture of geography and merit involved in conferences, but all teams play each other in the league. UK Ice Hockey does it, and so on.
  8. It actually happens in most other sports. Football fairly unique in not having play offs to decide champions.
  9. Has to be 16, 14, 14. You need to be looking at a season with fewer games, so try to restrict league and cups to weekends only. All divisions play home and away, ie each other twice. A larger top division allows those with larger, full time, squads to have a few extra games to generate revenue and, of course, give TV a bigger offering in terms of games to cover. It spreads precious cash more equitably among the full time teams. We need them, as far as possible, to survive to take the professional game into the new normal as intact as possible. The lower divisions can have smaller squads. Fewer games eases pressure on these squads in terms of injury and, as they will mainly be part-time, eases pressure on players to manage their other job, should they be lucky enough to have one. Employers will be putting pressure on employees to consider carefully if they can afford to be taking time off to play football or recover from injury - from both angles. In general, there will be no or few full time teams in the lower leagues. Sad, but required for the game here to survive. Also - allows Kelty and Brora to join. Unfortunately this would mean that over time some smaller clubs would have no chance of getting to the top division. Probably no real change to be honest, and might make some of the cup early rounds less of a thrill with little genuine chance of an upset - assuming teams in the top division appear more talented. If we only look at what is best short term or for certain clubs we will have no professional game in Scotland worth a jot in a few short years.
  10. plunkit

    Ground share

    Many businesses are already looking at changing their business model within their sector and within their own structure. Football will have to do the same. I think some clubs may have to sell assets to survive, their ground and/or adjacent land being the one with the most value in most cases. If that is the case then we will see ground sharing more and more. Indeed, 4G pitches are ideal to enable this to happen so RP could be a big draw - assuming we don't have to sell our ground of course. Other than Ayr and local junior clubs, i think our location makes it difficult for any practical ground share with a larger team so can't really see us losing our identity. The clubs using the facilities would have that to contend with. Realistically, i can't see it happening at RP for any length of time. Ayr could use Dam Park, albeit I know the rugby club are meant to be moving there, and juniors are more likely to stay closer to their important community bases. Vics could use Meadow Park or Portland Park at a push - but no guarantee that Meadow Park wouldn't need to be sold - it's all a great unknown right now. Further afield i would not rule it out, certainly in Dundee, maybe Lanarkshire but probably more in England. I very much doubt we will have 42 'pro' clubs in Scotland in 5 to 10 years.
  11. Your point is? I explained it as it stood. Given my job i am fully aware that the funding packages are being reviewed and evolved all the time. I wrote a paper on two potential solutions to feed into Scottish Government last Friday. But thanks for pointing this development out to me - I wasn't aware
  12. Did you watch the Scottish Government's daily briefing today? FM very concerned about this and Hancock cancelled a call with Freeman - maybe it's not rubbish after all.
  13. Let me explain this one for you then. Regards the Business Support Grant, tough as it may seem for multi-outlet businesses, especially over more than one Local Authority (LA) - particularly evident in Ayrshire where we have, in my opinion, the madness of 3 LAs, it is a decision taken to genuinely assist more businesses in a wider range of sectors, many having a unique importance to the Scottish economy. This kind of difference in grant funding styles is always evident throughout the UK. For example, Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) here is different than in SW England, Yorkshire and so on. It has to be to be effective. I would suggest it is not the system that is unfair, but it has been communicated poorly. There are businesses here who can access the grant here but couldn't if they were in rUK. Are you suggesting that they should feel bad because they are denying multi-outlet businesses more of a finite budget and they should, in fact, be getting nothing if we just did the same as England ? Perhaps we are doing it more fairly than down south ?
  14. Mental health is a massive issue at anytime and in all walks of life. With so much uncertainty around I am certain that it is not just footballers who have such dark thoughts. Please check your employer's internal support scheme. if they don't have one then please consider using services such as Samaratans. There is no badge of honour nor is there a weakness in using or not using these services. At the very least open up to someone you know will take you seriously. It may be the most important call you make so do it. Samaratans can be contacted HERE and on 116 123
  15. Good question ! First off - Warriors missed out on qualification for quarter Finals by 1 point because they lost a crucial home game they should have won. However, it sticks in the craw that a club found guilty of financial doping is the one who were that 1 point better off. I'd imagine every fan of every other club in England would applaud if the EPRC did the same as Premiership Rugby and booted them out - to Warriors' benefit of course !! As mentioned, though, these are two different organisations with different rules on wage caps. However, there is no getting away from the fact that Saracens are there because they cheated. Surely breaking the rules of the league you qualified from - notwithstanding they are the holders - means your cheating possibly prevented a different club from qualifying. There is a huge feeling of anger in England about this and I actually think if they were kicked out that Premiership Rugby would let it go as it fires a massive shot across the bows of others. Whilst I have no sympathy for the experienced players in all of this, albeit they may have been blissfully ignorant of it all, they have a good career. They will get snapped up by other clubs. It's the young up and comers I feel for. If they can't get out of this they may not get a top career or, at best, they could be set back a few years. Mr Dodson - he of the ridiculous pay package at Murrayfield - seemed keen to sue World Rugby during the World Cup. He should stand up for Warriors now and take issue with EPRC in my opinion. Mind you - Leinster in Dublin....good day out but a likely doing at the hands of the Blue Machine.

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