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  1. plunkit

    Watch This Space

    Good. See you there. We'll explain the difference between the SLO and a company director ;0)
  2. plunkit

    Watch This Space

    @Wrangodog fair enough, but thankfully we appraoched this every step of the way since 2014 with a professional and commercial approach to ensure it will work. I'm sorry it doesn't quite fit with your needs or hopes but I'm confident that you will see this being a successful initiative. As with everyone else with concerns I will invite you to message me and we'll set up a call to discuss your concerns and hopefully ease those. Cheers
  3. plunkit

    Watch This Space

    She was appointed by the club board after being put forward by the Trust board. Future candidates will be voted on as mentioned. Once a candidate is identified and put forward the process is one of liaison, as I'm sure you would reasonably expect, to ensure that the candidate fully meets the needs of all parties at that time. In other words - the candidate must add value for all and neither side can dictate to the other. There is an agreed arbitration process should that be required to ensure that such dictating cannot occur. Such things need to be written into agreements in case the 'what-if' scenario ever arises. No doubt some will look at that and see some sinister catch which doesn't exist - it is good business practice, simple as that.
  4. plunkit

    Watch This Space

    For the avoidance of doubt here - The Trust members agreed at the Trust AGM that a useful course of action for TiK would be to identify and nominate a 'preferred candidate'. This was really in response to people saying they would subscribe if they knew a preferred candidate as they could see it beginning to fall into place. The AGM agreed who that candidate should be from the Trust Board. Anyone who is a Trust member could have attended that meeting and voted. The football club, however, preferred a less unilateral approach from their point of view and, whilst respecting the position and Cathy's skills, wanted the opportunity to meet with another couple of candidates - me being one- to ensure that their immediate requirements could be best met. After, let's call it an interview process, the club agreed unanimously that Cathy was indeed the best candidate for the immediate needs of the business and, they acknowledge, will act in the best interests of all parties. I think they are 100% correct, for what it is worth. As I posted just above, from Day 1 the position was that the first rep would be put forward with subsequent reps being voted for. This was to expedite matters in from all parties points of view. As someone else has said - this role is here to stay. The person holding the role can and will change over time. TiK is concept/idea/mission - call it what you will.It is not about any individual at any time - it is about club and community - it is about you....
  5. plunkit

    Watch This Space

    The Q&As - issued on Day 1- clearly state the following; Initially the Supporter Director will be appointed by the Trust Board. In the longer term, they will be elected at the Trust AGM by members. It is envisioned that the Supporter Director will be a member of the Trust, have completed any training courses deemed necessary, meet the requirements of the person specification and be someone who can add real value to the club and therefore the fans.
  6. plunkit

    TIK Funding Update #8

    TiK is about gaining a seat on the board of the football club. At the same time, the Trust has never hidden the fact that they see the best future for the club, the succession planning if you will, to be community ownership. For TiK to get anywhere near that will take some considerable time but their route can, of course, be blocked at any time when/if the owners of the club - all shareholders - decide they don't want that. That's how limited companies work. In simple terms - if many shareholders do not want community ownership then it won't happen. As someone who has worked on this for over 4 years I would suggest that the chances of TiK and the club not agreeing on suitable projects is extremely unlikely however the beauty of having a representative on the board is that there is input to what projects are needed and there will be input to seeing these projects through. It's not just about money - it's about actions. Regards MJ's shares - of course we don't know who will get them. Maybe nobody. He might want to keep them. As I say to everyone - indeed have to you in the past - if you want clarity I can do it easier on the phone. Message me and we can set up a call.
  7. plunkit

    TIK Funding Update #8

    Giving a proxy over your shares would only enable the party you give a proxy to to attend a meeting and/or vote on your behalf. To increase a shareholding you need to transfer the shares over and give ownership of them to the other party.
  8. plunkit

    TIK Funding Update #8

    @Bhamkillieken I have explained this on a number of occasions and also directly in answering questions you have raised, but if your fear is fan ownership you should sleep easy in the knowledge that if TiK raised £1m for new, presently unallocated, shares then that would only represent circa 20% of the shares on issue. Even if TiK could buy MJ's shares for circa 40% of the company we would require just under £2m to achieve that. I read all the posts on TiK with obvious interest and, other than people who say they understand it but don't want to take part, there is, I'm afraid, a great deal of misunderstanding of the principle of TiK and how the purchase of shares/board representation in general works. In simple terms - if people want to buy their own shares and have a certificate in their name - as I have done- then nobody is saying don't do that. The club gets money and the individual becomes a part owner. All good. TiK, however, can afford that same individual a means to be represented in the decision making process which, unless you have a couple of grand to throw at it, you would otherwise be unlikely to achieve. Can't see what's bad about that personally. It's for you or its' not. Fan ownership is unlikely to be happening anytime soon.
  9. plunkit

    TIK Funding Update #8

    7th of June
  10. plunkit

    TIK Funding Update #8

    The supporter director will be expected to conduct themselves in the same manner as all board members of both the Trust and football club. This means that they will be party to information/discussions from both boards they sit on which would not be expected to be passed the other way until appropriate. I have mentioned this in the past, but any board which does not expect its directors to behave responsibly with information or have a code of conduct of some kind displays an alarming disregard for good governance.
  11. plunkit

    TIK Funding Update #8

    It is indeed one person/one vote on operational issues. That obviously means the supporter director may lose votes it also means they will win some - but it is not about winning and losing - it is about having an input to the running of the football club and adding value to that process. You need to look at this in a wider context than just the supporter director trying to push through changes the fans are suggesting. It is about the every day operation of the club.The fans will, however, have a voice in those matters they have not had before. Future funds will buy additional shares and, therefore, provide the club with working capital or the means to effect capital expenditure.You are right that these funds are unlikely to be ring-fenced - they will be used in the most appropriate manner at any given time. The football club board have indicated that they would like the TiK funds to be used for projects which the Trust can help project manage. For clarity - the football club board suggested that. Not a bad thing at all. So, if the £50k you mention is raised it will, per the terms of TiK and the agreement with the football club, be used to buy additional shares as described above.
  12. plunkit

    Killie Masters Invitational 2018

    Paid my money today - looking forward to it. Weather looking okay too !
  13. plunkit

    Jim Duffy

    The son is interested in football ok, but is a very good golfer and that is where he would rather be - certainly at this time of year. A very close friend of his joined the board a couple of years ago in anticipation of the old man leaving and the Easdales are putting a fair bit of sponsorship in so may well end up on the board in due course. The old man had no real desire to get promotion because he feared the costs attached to that would pull the club down again. A new look to the board and some cash injected may well see a change in that attitude - hence they look for a new manager who could get them there.
  14. plunkit

    The Bleakest Novel I've Ever Read

    A true Dickensian end to someone with fire inside
  15. plunkit

    The Bleakest Novel I've Ever Read

    Bleak House ?

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