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  1. 4-3 for killie now
  2. And Nick Walsh the referee....
  3. Credit where credit's due, they did get there in the end :-)
  4. Good to see the Motherwell team up on the Motherwell Twitter feed. Slightly disappointing to not see our line up on the Killie one :-(
  5. Just in case any of those that have asked above haven't seen already, there WILL be a cash gate tomorrow.
  6. I clearly need to get my computer sorted, I could swear that it was suggested there that Killie had WON a penalty decider when EVERYONE knows that's impossible...
  7. It has probably been asked and answered elsewhere, so apologies if it has, but was Del Fabro dropped/rested/injured on Saturday. Was surprised to see him on the bench but no doubt there was a good reason for it. Cheers.
  8. Possibly the wrong forum...but...has Mulumbu been picked up by anyone yet? Cheers
  9. He should be transferred to Kilmarnock Why does that sound like a punishment?
  10. Agreed...but Nick Walsh is pretty bad...
  11. Just for the record, I know of one PSH who has NOT moved his seat and has retained a season throughout-but was still rejected with no reason given on the emailed reply. Needless to say he's not a happy bunny and plans to take it up with the club...
  12. Hi IMO ALL PSH that fulfilled the criteria required were entitled to a priority allocation of a ticket.
  13. As a matter of interest has any PSH that think they qualify actually had a "you're not getting" one message?
  14. I am and I've heard of another couple at least that have been informed this afternoon.

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