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  1. Would love if we got coverage of every home and away game on Killie TV. Would happily pay an extra £20-25 per home game for that.
  2. Short career in football and with a kid to provide for I wouldnt begrudge him a move for more money in the least
  3. You wouldnt do the same in his position, with a young kid at home - move sidewards into a job that's at the same or similar level, for 500 or 1000 quid more a week? I'm afraid that makes you a weirdo.
  4. That man will always have a very special place in my heart. Looking back it seems quite a brief time he was here. Wish it had been longer, but what an impact he had in the time he was here.
  5. You're not missing anything mate. Absolutely horrible they are. If you look closely at the badge they have misspelled the word Kilmarnock. Absolutely amateur stuff from the club as usual.
  6. Larsson. He went on to play for Man Utd and Barcelona. He changed the game for Barca in the CL final against Arsenal. A truly phenomenal player.
  7. Cant wait for this, my favourite current player and one of my all time faves. An absolutely tremendous footballer with one of the best workrates I've ever seen. Easily our player of the season. Also seems to be a nice guy into the bargain!
  8. It's a novel, about the trials and tribulations of parenthood. I very much go with the "write about what you know" theory of writing... Hopeful folk will find it as funny as Kerby.
  9. I'd be up for it in theory as think it could make a good read, but think it would be difficult to do it justice working on it in your spare time. For comparison's sake, my second book has thus far taken five years to write, as I juggle kids and work. A book like this would take more effort, as it would require a far greater amount of research.
  10. Guy clearly has a good head on his shoulders
  11. My favourite Killie player ever. He's blue, he's white...
  12. Never mind - he's off with an injury

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