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  1. You must see how unfair it is that after yesterday's game, someone singles out the guy who made the killer pass, for lack of creativity?
  2. Sums up how underrated Rory is. His lovely pass plays Kabamba in to the box to win the pen and our only goal of the game and he still gets singled out.
  3. Great performance, reminded me of the 1-2 loss where Brown scored the winner when he should have been off the park. Tremendous that night too, similar performance. When we stick to our game plan like that, Celtic have no answer. Pot shots from long range and a free kick that our goalie should have stopped. Apparently Edouard was on the park? Liking the new kit. Kabamba's shorts pockets are big enough to fit Julian in. Big fella was class up top today. Pen was a clear booking, no idea why no card shown.
  4. Dillinger


    Was saying this earlier today. He would definitely be in my top 10... almost certainly my top 5. Up there with Eremenko etc. A fantastic player with a wonderful ethic, who without a word of exaggeration has probably never had any less than a 7 out of 10 for us
  5. Jordan Jones, take note, this is how you do Twitter!
  6. Dont believe this. Even if true, still speaks to the madness of bringing a young boy up on Wednesday night without a chance to train or do pre season and playing him over the guy who's played the three friendlies.
  7. No idea whatsoever why we started that boy after giving Rogers the pre season. He's absolutely sold the jerseys with a howler of a mistake. Now weve managed to piss off the keeper who got dropped, and shoot the confidence of the young boy who's been brought in. Shocker from Dyer.
  8. Merry christmas, everyone! Hope Santa Dyer is good to you all.
  9. Apart from the fact it's a nice thing to do to show solidarity with minorities, far more importantly it will drive the Rangers fans absolutely potty...
  10. Talk about apples and oranges
  11. A weekend trip to Germany for me, I'm sure I can find somewhere showing the game no bother. Booked via VPN Airlines. Only booked the trip after learning Hibs weren't doing PPV. Good to see theyre not feeling the effects of the pandemic and can obviously turn down cash.
  12. I'll take your word for it. Today I went on the website on my phone and had it renewed within 5 minutes and I'm sure that was the case last year too.
  13. Maybe these measures are in place because of a little thing called coronavirus, you may have heard of it?
  14. That's my season ticket bought. Think there will be loads in the same position as me. Keen to give the club money but equally didnt see the need to rush at the start of June and spend money I didnt have to.

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