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  1. No argument Big Frank
  2. Depressing Tish chose Aves. Watched them on Sunday in Madeira very poor quality game. My first experience of VAR game stopped for 4 minutes. Probably only Killie fan at the match.
  3. What commentary? Picture keeps freezing.
  4. How much compensation was received for Steve Clark.
  5. The point I was making,not very well is Alessio has worked at the very pinnacle of the game and for a man of his stature to work at our level is extremely puzzling. I was not being derogatory in describing us as a small time club with no money this is factually correct. A top player at Chelsea is likely to be earning more than our entire income. I do accept that the rain has on occasions been known to stop. I have followed Killie for 64 years.
  6. Steve Clarke is al iocal boy with family connections to the club. He had been out of work for some time.
  7. With dozens or more clubs across Europe searching for a manager and with a formidable CV why did Alessio chose us? We are a small town club with a small support a plastic pitch and a minuscule budget playing in a diddy league monopolised by 2 clubs. The previous manager massively overachieved playing a brand of football not to Alessio's taste. Add to that it never stops raining. The most probable answer is no one else fancied him. Last night was a gold star humiliation
  8. Non league Inverness Thistle 3 Killie 0. Team bus attacked by our own fans.
  9. The pride, the passion, the respect, the three stands all undone. The Huns are having a laugh.
  10. That's most unlikely given that Hitler has even been mentioned.
  11. What number is on the back of the shirt? Contact the player to confirm authenticity.
  12. Seems like yesterday. With the exception of Campbell Fosyth and Pat O'Connor struggling with the back row. Also the player between Hughie Brown and Eric Murray.
  13. Thanks. It would be the 1960 match.
  14. I have a hazy recollection of being 2 down at half time at Ibrox and winning 3-2. This was probably around the 64/65 season? My memory of the night we put 6 (not a misprint) past Celtic is much clearer with my father telling me to sit down and shut as I was screaming "I WANT TEN". This was long before segregation

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