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  1. Richie242KFC

    Would you rather

    The option "completely indifferent" seems to be missing
  2. Richie242KFC

    Goal of the Season

    Agreed, Boyd v. Dundee was a thing of immense beauty
  3. Richie242KFC

    SC on Mulumbu and Findlay

    So the latter two could continue their bromance in private?!
  4. Richie242KFC

    Steve Clarke (fire) fights back......

    The perfect press conference
  5. Richie242KFC

    Line up face Rangers

    This is getting ridiculous re: Steven Smith. How long is his contract? We got better value for money from the boy Berntsson
  6. Richie242KFC

    Hibs away, Fred

    Defence and goalie all at sea today going by highlights
  7. Richie242KFC

    Perils of Relegation

    We'd soon get bored of it. Same 9 teams x 4 per season, worse even than the top league. The 1989 relegation event felt like a bereavement at the time
  8. Richie242KFC

    Dons match fred

    Big, big ask this given those line-ups. Get into them Killie and banish this hoodoo
  9. Richie242KFC

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Any update on the boy Jones?
  10. Richie242KFC

    Rossco Fred

    SSC going to go mental
  11. Richie242KFC

    Rossco Fred

  12. Richie242KFC

    Saints home, Fred

    Didn't we take more to Bosnia?
  13. Richie242KFC

    Red sheep (cup), Fred

    Well done lads. Done us proud again!
  14. Richie242KFC

    Mulumbu targets top 4

    Ugly English. Almost as bad as the "has went" we read on here a lot
  15. Richie242KFC

    Let’s be having you

    We'll be comfortably up to 6th come the end of the season

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