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  1. Is Oli Shaw really 1.7 (Wiki and other sources)? Looks at least 1.8
  2. Things looking very positive: 1 conceded in 6, a freak ricochet off Zach's gloves; Burrell's return imminent; and the possibility of another forward player
  3. Had forgotten how good that team was. Wonder how it might have fared against a peak-Clarke team.
  4. just seen the goal from last week — I think it can be described as a bit of freak. Hemmings unlucky. All in all, two defeats in about 10 for a brand new team, and with a new striker who'll get goals in this league. Don't understand the extent of the negativity on here tbh
  5. Murray was excellent in cup games. Armstrong, though, is taking a little longer to make any impression
  6. Wonderful stuff, well done Killie
  7. Decent performance from a team assembled in a few weeks against the No.1 form team in Scotland. Not convinced about Robinson at all though
  8. Puzzled as to why Hemming was dropped
  9. Comes across considerably more happy and confident in his interviews now that he has his team in place
  10. All working hard for each other, something sorely lacking last year
  11. What a miss ...and Burkie's controlled look of disgust. He'll be determined to make amends
  12. I'm encouraged so far, although last night there seemed to be a lot of mislaid/overhit passes. Maybe most of them have still to acclimatize to the pitch surface.
  13. As a footnote to last night, our home strip is gorgeous
  14. A decent post spoiled by its.conclusion
  15. TW certainly appears to see something in Haunstrup. Perhaps he'll come good this season
  16. Quite a coup getting Fraser Murray. I can see him being a star for us this year
  17. Loved his goal v Celtic at Parkhead
  18. To think hearts fans were laughing at us when we took Doyle ...