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  1. Would be a great signing based on the games I’ve seen v Killie and Old Firm.
  2. 6. I can’t take much Mair homemade soup.
  3. Where is Momo Sylla anyway?
  4. I’m not really picking up on oneupmanship. I think it’s a fair suggestion that, as the club publicly thanked ‘Trust In Killie’ subscribers for the cash injection, those who wish to put funds in the direction of the club at this point might consider doing it that way.
  5. Looks like someone’s going to have ‘wealth off the radar’ in Ayrshire.
  6. A suggestion as pointless as it is annoying and ill-timed.
  7. Still gutted I didn’t get a ticket and am stuck at home watching this.
  8. Totally agree. The salary would be insulting even if he were a success in the role.
  9. One of the many downsides to having a lot of massively overpaid, not very good, ageing players on long term contracts...
  10. No relegation in SPL in FIFA so sounds good to me!
  11. Rest assured they are meeting twice a day with the relevant people to ensure this happens. They will probably also take the chance to demote Falkirk on stadium-related grounds.
  12. Scotland miles behind the rest of football as always. They gave stalling until the Old Firm game a right good go.
  13. Doesn’t stop people sneering at foreigns though!