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  1. Would be a great signing based on the games I’ve seen v Killie and Old Firm.
  2. 6. I can’t take much Mair homemade soup.
  3. Where is Momo Sylla anyway?
  4. I’m not really picking up on oneupmanship. I think it’s a fair suggestion that, as the club publicly thanked ‘Trust In Killie’ subscribers for the cash injection, those who wish to put funds in the direction of the club at this point might consider doing it that way.
  5. Looks like someone’s going to have ‘wealth off the radar’ in Ayrshire.
  6. NorfolkG


    A suggestion as pointless as it is annoying and ill-timed.
  7. Still gutted I didn’t get a ticket and am stuck at home watching this.
  8. Totally agree. The salary would be insulting even if he were a success in the role.
  9. One of the many downsides to having a lot of massively overpaid, not very good, ageing players on long term contracts...
  10. No relegation in SPL in FIFA so sounds good to me!
  11. Rest assured they are meeting twice a day with the relevant people to ensure this happens. They will probably also take the chance to demote Falkirk on stadium-related grounds.
  12. Scotland miles behind the rest of football as always. They gave stalling until the Old Firm game a right good go.
  13. Doesn’t stop people sneering at foreigns though!
  14. Don’t think we can play him if he was recalled outside transfer window.
  15. I agree up to a point. I’m talking more about the on-pitch attitude. Under AA I thought it was good (apart from the petulance at times). I never felt they were not playing for him. I don’t feel our bad performances have been attitude-related. We have just been getting results of a bottom half team. Which, with our squad depth, we are.
  16. That list was purely a chance for me to write his name.
  17. I’m surprised the attitude and workrate is being questioned. Concentration and tactical nous, fair enough, but the players are clearly giving their best. Games against Hibs, Sevco, Aberdeen, Hearts, County were all good performances.
  18. Wouldn’t get a work permit so rightly knocked back.
  19. Nathan Jones, Alan Curbishley, Alan Pardew (employed at similar level to us), John Hughes, Nigel Adkins. I wanted Gary Holt in summer (not a popular choice on here) but it doesn’t mean he’s the only option. There are lots of good managers out there looking for a route in. Nigel Adkins I feel is exactly the type we should go for: stable, successful and commands respect.
  20. For me in the summer it was either Holt or Hughes. Someone like Nigel Adkins would be really ambitious but realistic. We need a proper hands-on, figurehead manager imo.
  21. There are hundreds of out of work managers who’d be interested. And probably a good few in work who’d see us as a big opportunity. Kilmarnock is a great gig.
  22. After that read card we looked absolutely shell-shocked. Hibs was a good performance but we showed zero composure. We should have won. Individual games it’s understandable but that’s 4 or 5 mentally weak performances coupled with several dreadful away performances plus two good wins against Sevco and County.
  23. Aberdeen and Hibs games the mentality was really weak imo. Hearts away too. Games we should be showing composure and good decision-making ending with inexplicable defeats or near collapses. Today, ten men, last minute penalty was in line with this sadly.

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