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    No they didn't. He moved to St Mirren when the manager's job became available. The only club who ever sacked Ferguson was St Mirren - what a claim to fame.
  2. So if you were in the same circumstances you wouldn't take advantage of the situation for the betterment of your own career and family circumstances. He's a Scottish internationalist now, so his stock will never be higher. We sign these guys on a fixed term contract and they are free to move on after it expires - he is doing nothing wrong and only doing what most of us would do too. I thank him for what he has done for us, being a major part of 2 of the best seasons ever as a Killie fan and wish him all the best for the remainder of his football career, except obviously when playing against us.
  3. Cant disagree with any of that - woeful signings the lot of them.
  4. Only Bunn came in under Dyer/Fowler
  5. I thought our goals were all scored at the end we were sitting at.
  6. Amazing what time does to your memory. I would never have guessed that was the last time he scored for us in the league. We had a cracking support that day.
  7. Am I right in saying the vote was only about ending the SPFL Championship and Divisions 1 & 2, therefore the £10mn would not have been relevant to that vote. The decision on whether to end the Premiership has still to be taken and determined.
  8. Millie Small of My Boy Lollipop fame (73)
  9. Yip Norman Hunter's centre back partner for a while. Not a good week for Leeds fans.
  10. Was that the new Year game in 1972 that finish 0-0?
  11. Former Welsh champions Rhyl FC are set to close down after 141 years of existence. The north Wales side confirmed they had begun a winding-up process, with directors citing the financial impact of the coronavirus crisis. "This is a very emotional day for everyone connected with the club," said chairman Paul Higginson. "We are all fans and feel it deeply." The four-time Welsh Cup winners play in the second-tier Cymru North. Rhyl had warned recently they could not meet financial obligations and required significant external investment to continue. After a self-imposed deadline passed with "no viable approach", a club statement confirmed that they had initiated the winding-up of the company. "The difficult decision was taken by the board of directors after considering the financial impact of the suspension of all football activities due to the unprecedented impact of Covid-19, the unwillingness of the ground's owner to consider either a long lease or sale on market terms and the ongoing fixed costs with no income prospects," the statement read. Rhyl said they were offered support from the Football Association of Wales, but it would not be enough to save the club, who recently said they would need £175,000 of investment to offer long-term security. They added that five approaches of investment were either deemed not viable or were withdrawn without any financial proposal made. Fans had begun raising money to help a club that can cite the likes of Lee Trundle and Barry Horne as former players, with suggestions already that a 'phoenix' club could be formed. Higginson added: "The town has a very proud footballing history and a very determined character and I have no doubt that a very strong new club will rise from this low." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52376408
  12. They were miles ahead of us that day - men against boys.
  13. Supporters buses first!!! That would completely put me off going - part of the enjoyment is going with friends and family and meeting those who you have sat next to for years.

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