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  1. Great news. Really pleased he's stayed on and hopefully will help us get back to the SPFL.
  2. Good luck to him. Was a very good player for us under Clarke and part of the team that gave us great memories. Maybe not as effective last season but never hid.
  3. Just announced and obviously out of the game tomorrow.
  4. Really pleased with both signings today. Both bring pace to the team, which was one of our big problems last season when we had none. TW beginning to build a decent squad. Now for a keeper and a couple of strikers.
  5. That's just garbage. McFadden is equally as bad, and I loved him as a player
  6. Listening to her is worse - She's absolutely dreadful to listen to.
  7. So Hendry wasn't an idiot shooting from where he did knowing there were only 2 defenders behind him. Marshall would have been further back if he thought Hendry was going to shoot. Chubbs summed it up perfectly earlier on. It all started because Hendry was stupid.
  8. They were both at fault. Hendry was idiotic shooting from where he did, but Marshall was far too far out of his goals.
  9. I think 3,500 is definitely achievable. Hopefully even more. Many fans will get behind the team when the club are in difficult times like we are now.
  10. Broadfoot, Lafferty, Kiltie and Pinnock away. While Killie’s summer recruitment drive has been ramped up this week, we have to bid farewell to some familiar faces this close season. Following on from last week’s player update, Greg Kiltie, Kyle Lafferty and Mitch Pinnock have decided to move on while Kirk Broadfoot’s time with the club will also come to an end. Calum Waters is set to sign fresh terms while talks remain ongoing over a deal for Chris Burke. Young players Tomas Brindley, Kyle Connell and Curtis Lyle continue to be in discussions with the club over new
  11. Hopefully not - he hasn't done much now for a long time on a consistent basis. One to avoid
  12. Would doubt it as it's an artificial surface too. It's an awful surface too. I think their Ladies team played there for a while
  13. Can't believe we could end up with the same 4 full backs who have been dreadful for us for the majority of the season. Obviously 2 of them are under contract but that should have been an easy decision to get rid of Millen and Waters. Makes me worried what else we'll bring in.
  14. Good idea. I'm happy to pay the price quoted recently as the more we help the club financially the better the chance of getting back into the Premiership.