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  1. Likewise - that was my first Scotland v England match (1976) when we won 2-1
  2. Non - contest. One is far more skillful and based on attitude, both on and off the pitch, far more professional. It's certainly not Jones.
  3. A big part of the game is stopping the opposition from creating chances - consider how effective Brown and Christie were today. I accept he scored with a free kick but the rest of the game he was anonymous for long periods.
  4. Great result, performance and organisation from Killie. Really pleased for Alex Dyer
  5. Brilliant play by Kabamba and a good penalty by Burke
  6. Heard both Wright and Robinson and wasn't too impressed with either of them. Hopefully the SFA/SPFL will make an example of the Aberdeen players but I doubt it very much. It's a sad day when Willie Miller comes across with a better understanding of what the guidelines/protocols are than do some of the managers involved in Scottish football. Lennon is spot on with his comments
  7. Well said - couldn't have put it any better myself. We are so lucky to have someone like Billy Bowie in charge. Hopefully the likes of this deal will ensure our continued existence, which is not something many clubs will be able to say in the longer term. FFS - I'm old enough to remember the mess the Lachlan's let us get into. If the like of them or even MJ had been in charge of us in this pandemic we would be in serious bother. Some of the idiots who 'support' Killie at present should be careful what they wish for.
  8. Well done to Billy Bowie for putting money into the club/offsetting debt. To me it will always be Rugby Park, so don't see what the issue is.
  9. Think we lost something like 5 nil that day
  10. That's why I asked the question, as he got criticised by some for doing so
  11. Do you think Dyer will put him straight into the team? I'm hopeful he'll replace Broadfoot once he's fully fit
  12. I believe so. I commented on that too. Absolutely dreadful presentation.

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