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  1. Defender should have seen red at the penalty, it would literally have been a different ball game then.
  2. Condolences to all concerned.
  3. He'll claim the scousers stole them! Poor Drew getting it sore here, thought it was against the rules to mock the afflicted on here? Boy just needs a cuddle. From Lroy.
  4. Geezo that's the most sensible post you've ever made.
  5. I love Drew, like a man loves his wee granny. And Bluebell now too (see below)
  6. You'd just crap out of it again. Is it like reliving your youth?
  7. Well done DrewWylie, and commiserations to the family and friends of big Tim.
  8. So your pal Squirrelhumper is a dick head? Your pal hippo started the whole not a penny thing, he a dick head too? They both seem like pretty good Killie fans to me, and clever too, maybe a wee bit of jealousy on your part here? They took action while you stood in the shadows and did nothing. A bit like your normal Saturdays eh!!!
  9. Sticking up for MJ now. Trying. To. Stop. Myself.
  10. Seriously hope he's up for a fight because that's what its going to be. Best of luck to Greg and welcome back.
  11. Here's me thinking you were the world's foremost expert in sarcasm!
  12. Rejected as a youth. Had hair and couldn't run fast enough.
  13. Brilliant, you couldn't make it up! Just quoting this before you realise you made an absolute arse of slagging off the trust. You realise of course that you are siding with them here? They are also saying they were nothing to do with getting rid of MJ. Away and lie down.