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  1. A very short pre season and a 2 friendlies and he keeps the same team to play 3hard games in 7days and its only the forth game too, just baffling
  2. haha no just got told that its cool were in now cheers boys
  3. maybe my brother in law the sneaky fud
  4. yeah tryed with capitals for the names but still invalid creds
  5. it wont let me log on or do i need to wait till 2.45?
  6. like john terry and lampard had in the Chelsea dressing room
  7. why is dicker on the bench having just had an hernia op seams strange
  8. will this mean wee Taylor will be looking for a move to get some game time
  9. he dislocated his shoulder and spent the night in crosshouse , hes home now and just a bit sore but all good no major damage done . cheers for asking and will be their on Saturday for the saints game