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  1. I always imagine him keeking in through his bedroom curtains while Greg Kiltie is enjoying the attentions of Mrs Thebigguy68.
  2. Loving the irony here. You do realise that you are on here as much as anyone therefore you are one of the “dicks on here”? Going for a world record Monday Club by the looks of things! Time for bed Drew.
  3. PFA in trying to keep players in a job shocker! Really, what do you expect them to say? You say "clubs like Kilmarnock FC" suspiciously like you are here on a day trip! What a load of bollocks about players sacrificing their education etc. They do it for themselves because they want to. They play football because they want to. They are lucky at having been able to train with a professional club for HALF their life and hopefully they will use it to their advantage. Are you a tobloid journalist by any chance because that's exactly how your post has been written!!!
  4. blues

    Our Society

    Apology accepted.
  5. blues

    Our Society

    I agree with you here, but Scooby (internet medical guru) doesn't really care as long as he makes his point.
  6. blues

    Our Society

    Did you watch the video? They state that they are doing all the same things as everyone else, apart from the mark wearing, that is the emphasis on the whole first part of it. People pick and choose statistics to suit their argument, but just dismissing the likes of this this as "irrelevant" is crass and in all fairness, way off the mark. 95% - 100% of droplets don't pass through a mask. It's that's simple. If you put something in front of you it will hinder a cough or sneezes progress, I'm not sure what is so hard about that to understand. No one is claiming this is good enough for a medical e
  7. What's weirder is that they ask for a donation as well, what's all that about?
  8. We literally demanded the club communicate with the fans and we've now had extensive interviews with the head of football operations and one of the three directors. Seriously what do you expect them to say? Its our town TV station and interviewers, its not the scumbag press trying to dig up dirt or cause trouble!!! As long as they are talking I have no problem with it, even if they have to wait until the rage dies down a wee bit and fans are cooled down enough to listen. I'm still a bit disappointed in the transfer window dealings, but its clearly been difficult and as long as we can steer cle
  9. You think wrong then. 100% down to her and she hopefully dragging St Johnstone down now as well. Agree with everything else you say though.
  10. Don't let the actual legalities get in the way of a good moan though! It's absolutely no big deal as its always a non-event anyway. Hopefully they are not waiting until we get a win before holding it!
  11. Lassie from the finance department has been off sick, suspect this will impact on the AGM date and it will be towards the end of the allowed window.
  12. How is that evidence man? Gambling is not a disease unless diseases are now self inflicted. Neither is alcoholism a disease. Ah'm not saying either are to be encouraged but lacking self control is not a disease. Maybe a case for it being a mental illness, but you could say that about any manner of things, let's just stop the world and not let anyone do anything in case someone gets offended or canny control themselves.
  13. I'm feeling had here. DrewWylie and Riccarton Bluebell are clearly trust members masquerading as a couple of wallopers in a clever marketing campaign to drive up numbers. You should have done this years ago! Word to the wise though, they are hamming it up a bit too much now, no one will believe that Killie fans are that obtuse.
  14. Johnston is still a prick. Just a rich prick now.
  15. This is correct, which is adequate compensation and not a bad deal for all parties concerned. The thing about the 'clause' is a total urban myth being spread by the same pricks that were slaughtering Alessio at every opportunity and then feigned shock when he got fired. The same muppets who allowed MJ to ride the club rotten and now have the cheek to slag of Bowie. Things are never going to be perfect, no football club has it perfect, but it you want every question answered and every demand met then maybe you should consider putting your hand in your pocket like Bowie did. Didn't think so, we