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  1. Merk

    Beer gardens

    Aye Gareth was gutted to give it up but the landlord was taking the piss. He’s also got Bakers so been a tough time for him. Him and Mikey will make a right good go of the Kings.
  2. Merk

    Beer gardens

    Kings Arms in Fenwick open. New management and new chef, and the food is excellent.
  3. + Great assist vs the Huns
  4. Some fitba fans are such precious little flowers. Nowt wrong with a bit of player-fan interaction and after Brophy equalised and the East Stand was getting it right up Kennedy he took it in good spirits with a wee wry smile.
  5. Gets some support, scores some goals. f**king shocker. Delighted for him.
  6. Merk

    Alex Dyer

    Good result for Livi today...
  7. I'd rather not. I read this whole thread in one go yesterday. Oooft, an absolute car crash for a good few people.
  8. Aye does it. I watched it half cut over Xmas with a tear in my eye and said the exact same thing, seems like a lifetime ago.
  9. Aye but he's a big poultice!
  10. I really hope he can make an impact. I don't think he was given a chance before being loaned out to Dunfermline however he's now match sharp so lets hope he can come in and be the equivalent of a new signing.
  11. Attention seeking much when a private message to Baz or another moderator would suffice...
  12. Plenty I'd imagine if the money and length of deal is right.

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