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  1. Merk


  2. Merk

    Harry Kane

    Don't talk pish. Wee video there, no goal vs Dundee or free kick away to Hibs either.
  3. Merk

    Player Cam

    Anyone else pick up on Taylor saying all the lads had signed up? Wishful thinking on my part maybe that JJ deal is done and the club are just drip feeding the good news this week.
  4. Merk

    Dom thomas

    Hopefully he can come on leaps and bounds under SSC.
  5. Merk


    Delighted to see this. Came on leaps and bounds last season and it will be nice going into the new season with an established pairing and solid back up.
  6. Really not. Closed for a couple of weeks for a refurb.
  7. Merk

    Mascot experience

    Actually I seen this retweeted by Hippo from the Trust chairman and it got me wondering, what would be the TiK process for raising something like this? As I subscriber I don't think I'd be particularly happy if Cathy went into a board meeting on Friday and raised this as an issue without at first taking into consideration the opinion of all, and not just those with the loudest voices. Retweeted Jim Thomson (@Jim_Thomson_): Really disappointed to see our ‘community’ Club go down the route of charging money for match day mascots. Hopefully the Killie Trust Director @cathyjamieson will persuade a change of heart at her first board meeting on Friday. Maybe something that @TrustInKillie can look at
  8. Merk

    Mascot experience

    This. I've read quite a lot on this over the last couple of hours and I honestly cannot believe how much some people appear to be getting their knickers in a twist over it. Personally I had never once thought that it was a service offered up gratis by the club and reading at what you get for £120 think it represents great value for something, which as Brian rightly says, is something your child is likely never to forget.
  9. Merk


    I hope the bar service is more efficient than last year. Plus brace yourself if you’re going as you’ll not see much change from £6 for a pint.
  10. Merk

    Harry Kane

    Got him at 20s to be top scorer so frankly I couldn’t care how s**te the goals are.
  11. Merk

    Allan Russell

    Convenient that you miss out the 100k+ Insta followers, which is pretty impressive.
  12. Merk


    Leigh Clarke?
  13. Merk

    Over 3,200 ST's sold....

    You'd think. The club advised that when that hike occurs then reserved seats will also become available so they should be getting that message out through social media to encourage people to renew.
  14. Merk


    To be honest I'm constantly signing it anyway given I hear it about 20 times a day so the Stevie Clark version works for me.
  15. Merk

    2018 World Cup

    Yip pretty much Spain 3 Ronaldo 3 as Portugal were pish for the most part.

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