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  1. Glad you said it, when you see the replay behind the goals you see how good he was coming out and making himself big.
  2. This. All this “it’s a risk” patter is rotten. He’s a class act, end of. I expect it’ll be confirmed in the next 48 hours. Even at 50 - 60% match fit, for me, he starts and gets at least 45 mins next weekend.
  3. I hope you’ve ran or plan to run the Cumbernauld 10k. Tremendous event.
  4. I spent a pleasant couple of hours in the sun yesterday afternoon at the Killie Club. Salt and chilli chicken wings and sweet potato fries were awfy good washed down with a few cold lagers. My daughter enjoyed her Mac bites but her ice cream sundae complete with Forum ice cream made her day. It was good to see the place busy and the shop was getting a turn as well. It was also great seeing the management team coming out and chatting with a few folk as did Dicker, Power and Findlay. The joys of a community club.
  5. I'm still reserving judgement on Dyer however performances so far are encouraging and morale in the squad seems high. Watch the reverse angle from Burke's goal last night on the club FB page and you see every outfield player celebrating and in great spirits. Also I thought Haunstrup looked very good when he came on last night and I'd like to see him get a start at left mid on Saturday.
  6. Merk


    Pace isn’t his problem, he’s rapid. Running with the ball at pace however... not so much, although on Sunday the pitch certainly didn’t help on the break you refer to. Seemed to stick and get caught under his feet.
  7. I watched on Killie TV through the browser on a Samsung TV and other than the first 5 mins sync issues I was really happy with the quality.
  8. Invalid credentials on both mine and my sons, tried via phone and laptop. I know my ST code is correct. The shop accepted it when I had added a top to basket last night before I decided to just go in this morning.
  9. I always find the food and service great at Lido with the staff particularly attentive to the kids.
  10. Popped in this morning and bought my lad the new home top. Both home and away look far better up close and appear really well made. I'd not pre-ordered and there's loads available in most sizes. Oh and the teal Hummell training top is an absolute belter, sadly ruined by the sponsor.
  11. So... what’s your point caller?
  12. Come on, tell us what problems you had then?
  13. Merk

    Club Shop

    Baffles me that they only have Adults and Youth. Surely kids tops/strips sell more and in most cases worn out and about more. No kids till end of August, nonsense.