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  1. far to young to go. rip Jamie. condolences.
  2. lots of meat in the steak pie but pretty tasteless. missing something in the flavouring.
  3. you have to know if it comes down to cold hard cash, mj will give them more tickets. that's all that matters to him, not the team.
  4. ii have had the 280 pounds season ticket offer and I had a free kids ticket last year.
  5. does anybody see this as a grab for early cash? I will renew my ticket at some point, and a win on Saturday might make me take up this offer. I just feel that the heart and soul of the club is almost gone, and it depresses me somewhat.
  6. looking more solid at the back than we were under locke. if we don't start scoring goals we are screwed though.
  7. signal technician network rail,ever since I left school twenty something years ago.

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