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  1. I thought we were sitting far too deep in the second half, but even with Utd's possession and corners I didn't really think we were going to concede. We looked very dangerous on the counter as well - the subs made a big difference in the last 15 minutes. Haunstrup looks a pler, it won't be long before he replaces Waters at left back.
  2. He didn't look fully fit against Rangers to be fair.
  3. No complaints this week, picture and audio were perfect.
  4. It seems like he's got it in his head that shooting every time he gets the ball is his 'trademark'. It works once in a blue moon and is detrimental to the team every other time so he definitely needs to reign it in.
  5. What a f**king goal McKenzie. Incredible play.
  6. I've put a quick comparison together between Dyer and Alessio based on the fixtures they each have had, and on the face of it Dyer's record doesn't look as bad (comparatively) when done in this way as he's definitely had harder fixtures. It is clear though that we were definitely hard to beat under Alessio, especially at home, which doesn't seem to be the case any more.
  7. He looked like he was towing a caravan in the second half yesterday, wonder if he's just not fully fit yet.
  8. You compared us to specific games under Alessio. We are far worse than we were under Alessio.
  9. Dyer's win-draw-loss in league games is 3-3-11. Alessio's was 6-5-7 when he got sacked.
  10. Alessio was in charge for 18 league games, Dyer has been in charge for 17. Alessio picked up 23 points, Dyer has picked up 12.
  11. Since Dyer took over from Alessio our league record is played 17, won 3, drawn 3, lost 11. 12 points from 17 games.
  12. Last season we didn't look like we could score but at least we could defend. Now it doesn't look like we can do either. We didn't even look anywhere near as fit as Rangers today.
  13. The second half stats tell the whole story.
  14. Easy to see why Millen started the season. Powderpuff there by McGowan which led to the counter.

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