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  1. I think the full slogan is meant to be black lives matter as much as white. But that might sound a bit racist. IMO all lives matter. And tooling up the polis without just cause casts this idea into serious doubt.
  2. They seem to make a habit of making announcements that people will do stuff without asking people if they will do stuff.
  3. Sadly very true. The wummin wis a bigot but Gordo didnae half get slated fur sayin so.
  4. But, but, but Maclean has assured me that Labour have never compromised their values of standing up for the disadvantaged. Surely shome mishtake?
  5. I think everybody on here agrees the police acted in a way that should, n a country we want to live in, result in criminal proceedings. Sadly in the US the police do not expect any action when a black person dies because the police are protecting a white population that us terrified of African Americans. Mr Floyds lifestyle choices are irrelevant and I find it distasteful the way some people are trying to make a saint of him.
  6. I think this summarises my rant.
  7. It should not matter whether the guy was a pillar of society, a loving husband and father and jolly good all round egg or a homeless person that nobody on Gods earth gave a flying s**t about.The police failed in their duty to show someone in custody a duty if care. It is that simple. Their lack if professionalism was cataclysmic to the point where a significant custodial sentence seems appropriate. As I understand ut the guy was hugh on opioids at the time of the incident and this may have contributed to his death. This has not made the MSM yet but I expect the defence teams for the policemen to build a strong case on this. IMO thus completely irrelevant. The police should be able to take sombody who is on something into custody without recklessly endangering their life. For what it is worth I dont think this incident will change anything. Once the emotion has died down things will just go back th the way they were. This is an institutional racism problem and needs more than a few lowbrow coos to be prosecuted.
  8. And even they drew the line at The Trumpet.
  9. They really are good at giving the impression they do not gave the first clue what the are doing. I wonder why that could be?
  10. The Council Tax Freeze was modified into a cap of 3% in 2017.
  11. I agree 100% with the first part of your sentence but the second half is where you lose it a bit. First of all Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, it is not subsidised by another country. The UK government finances from which we benefit are supported quite a bit by many, many inputs from Scotland and a pissing up the wall contest is not helpful. Secondly you seem to have a fixation that what the SNP has done preferentially benefits the better off. This despite having a more nuanced tax system that down south for example. And by the way I also agree with your point about swimming against the tide trying to say anything -ve about the SNP on here.
  12. gdevoy

    PM BoJo

    Watched him yesterday stand up and say the UK's world class test and trace system has been fully up and running since the 1st of June. Meanwhile some medical bigwig declined to answer when asked about how many people tested were getting their results back in 24 hours. Clusterf**k seems like high praise for the way Johnston's government has responded to the virus threat. Beaten into 2nd place in Europe by only Belgium for the highest mortality rate per million population. But the guy still has the lack of self awareness to stand up and say the UK's response has been super, brilliant, excellent, et., etc., etc.
  13. gdevoy


    Mr Johnston has as much clue what "Get Brexit Done" means now as he had when he became PM, that is, precisely none. He had to throw the Irish under a bus to get where we are and I have no doubt that when push comes to shove he will throw the fishing communities under a bus to protect financial services. Do I think he will somehow manage to preserve "tariff free" trade in order to protect the 6,000 Nissan workers who's jobs are at risk without allowing free movement of workers? Well, ask yourself how many promises he has made that you can think of that he has kept. The UK will be economically buggared by leaving the EU with Northern Ireland still in it and all our fishing rights traded away. But Cummings will be jubilant because we will be free of EU bureaucracy and can wave our union jacks with pride. Not a situation that will go down that well in Gods Own Country. Scotland formed a United Kingdom in order to improve our economic prospects at the price of autonomy. not so we could wave union flags about.

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