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  1. gdevoy

    Trump latest

    It did get some US citizens out of captivity and so that is one +ve outcome. I believe the site in question had actually reached the end of its useful life so the site closure was happening anyway and Kim was just grandstanding there. I think the stuff out of North Korea was in response to US officials telling MSM the NKs had no other option but to give up their nukes and that the US was setting the agenda. Even if that was the case it's hardly clever to proclaim it publicly and so we are where we are now as a result. China has been twisting arms because they really don't want a nuclear exchange on their borders, hoards of refugees piling across the border and rain that glows in the dark. Not sure there will be any more talks any time soon.
  2. gdevoy

    Trump latest

    Now decided he doesn't want to talk to North Korea. (Canny say I am one bit surprised as there was absolutely no common ground. Kim wants the US out of South Korea, the US wants Kim out of North Korea . Netheir of these things is going to happen any time soon. Neither the USA or North Korea wants anything the other has to offer.) It is hard to see what the point of the whole ballyhoo was apart from the MSM massaging The Trumpet's ginormus ego. I thought they could have at least agreed an end to the war. It would have cost no-body anything and been a nice photo op for The Trumpet's album. But his chums in the white house could not keep their big mouths shut long enough. Blowing off hot air about how they were going to "Libya" North Korea. Still, his shoot from the hip and let the minions clean up the s**t-storm after him approach seems to be much admired by the US masses.
  3. gdevoy

    Jezza gets it.

    No country on the globe to day is ever completely "independent". Every nation on the planet has a number of alliances and give and take arrangements with multiple other countries. Scotland is dependent on the rest of the UK and on many countries in the EU. What disturbs me right now is the mind-set which seems to have taken hold within the UK, but particularly in Engerland, that the best way forward for us is to cut ourself off from the rest of Europe. The idea seems to be that the only reason we don't have multiple, bounteous trade deals with China, India and the USA is them pesky Europeans. Actually the reason we don't have such deals is that they don't exist. China and the USA drive a bloody hard bargin with anybody they do business with and our best position is as part of the EU trading block, otherwise we would just get trampled on. Substitute Scotland for the UK and you have the Jim Sillars position. I think if the UK does cut itself of from the EU, it is possible but not certain that our best option would be to be part of the EU rather than the UK. I await Nicola's "recalibration". But any way you dice it up after Brexit is sub-optimal for everybody in the UK.
  4. gdevoy

    Jezza gets it.

    I left a job with decent prospects near London to live and work here in God's Own Country. I love Scotland and think it is the best small county in the world ... but... I kinda like the idea of being able to afford eat and to heat my house in winter and to afford fuel to run a motor car. I like the idea of a health service that provides medical care independent of ability to pay and can look after it's elderly population. So Jim can believe in whatever image of independence he thinks is "true" but I'm not interested in buying what he is selling.
  5. gdevoy

    Jack Ross

    But he'll be very rich and unemployed. As noted by Wrangodog above he could equally be unemployed in October from St Mirren but a lot poorer. TBF he is much more likely to be unemployed if he makes the Sunderland move, in fact its probably very unlikely he will see out the season with them. What chance does Scottish football have? Not a whole lot IMO. It's really all about money these days and there is none in Scotland unless you are Ceptic. Until folks decide to get off their arses in front of Sky / BT Sport and go and support their local team nothing will change. The rich will get richer and the poor will struggle to survive.
  6. gdevoy

    Jack Ross

    Can I change my prediction for who will go straight back down (from the SPFL)?
  7. gdevoy

    Steven Gerard

    With the ever more outrageous names being fired into the frame and then quietly shelved when anybody carries out any due diligence, I fully expect The ****** to report Messi and Ronaldo are Ibrox bound before the end of the week.
  8. gdevoy

    Would you rather

    They have better quality but their team just never turned up on the day. Look at how crap we were at the start of the season, then how we finished. Same actual players, more or less, with the same skill levels.
  9. gdevoy


    As my mate keeps on reminding me when I start to complain about the Day Glo orang boots (the only proper colour for fitba boots is black) I'm jist an auld git these days.
  10. gdevoy

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    Need to wait to pay day to renew.
  11. gdevoy

    Would you rather

    I stand by the point that Thistle were the better side. Their total lack of motivation in the playoffs is a bit of a mystery. Maybe its time for Alan Archibald to have a wee career break, he cold be "resting" as the acting profession have it. I don't think a team like Livi can get themselves "up" for every game in the league like they did for the playoffs. But I could be totally wrong, it has happened before.
  12. gdevoy


    There was a spell in the early 80s when the twisted two could not get near anything for the Sheep and the Arabs. The Sheep won the European Cup Winners Cup and the Arabs lost the Uefa Cup final. Sadly it is really just about money these days. Ceptic have wheel barrows full, Rankers like to pose about like they have some and the rest of Scottish football is as good as on The Burro. As I said what we need is a massive campaign to encourage folks to support their local team. Don't give your money to Ceptic, Man U or Chelsea, they already have plenty, and Rankers will just waste it. Get out there and give your f**king money to your local team!
  13. gdevoy

    Steven Gerard

    Of course the optimism is sky high, it is in the nature of Scottish meeja outlets to hype up anybody associated with the Twisted Two. It sells papers and season tickets. So its win / win for the clubs and the meeja outlets. As you point out the optimism has no basis whatever as Gerard has no track record or experience in football management at any level let alone a high level. He'll sell a lot of season tickets, lose a few games and quietly move on.
  14. gdevoy

    Would you rather

    Without a major strengthening exercise which may be well beyond their financial means, Livi must be hot favourites to go back down.
  15. gdevoy

    SPFL relegation / play offs

    Buggar, I need to find out how to park in that wee road round the back of the Livingstone shopping mall again.

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