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  1. Well he is never ending telling us how grateful the Scots should be for the generosity of Westminster. To which I say there is no such thing as a free lunch. And what a bunch of incompetent infighting eejits the SNP are to which I say just look at the Tories and Labour.
  2. Aye because we never ever had a landslip fatality on the railways till they were nationalised.
  3. I accept all of the arguments you have made above regarding the difficulties an independent Scotland would face. So the question you should be asking yourself is not "why is independence still so popular" it is "why does everything the WM administration and all the major opposition parties do make independence more likely"? Either the are also economically illiterate of the massive hit the rUK economy would take or just like in the case of leaving the EU they really just dont give a f**k.
  4. Well nothing they're doing is making independence any more likely, that's for goddamn sure.
  5. Johnston was the Tory unity candidate. He stopped the Tories from imploding by expelling all those without an Englush nationalist leaning in order to get "consensus" on Europe. Now he has nowhere to go in dealing with Scottish independence. That and he is also a rather weak personality.
  6. Indeed. Getting a bit off topic here but that is the reason for the "Wee Frees'. People in Sotland believed the Church of Scotland was too close to the state. We do share a land border but as RAG implies there are some fundamental cultural differences between Scotland and England. There is actually a world of difference theologically between the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and the Anglican Church.
  7. Unless they shoot themselves in the foot by Salmond forming his own alternative independence party because Nicola is not radical enough. Despite all the internal criticisms from the zealots she is actually building a serious majority in the country which is what you need to win a referendum.
  8. A country where the head of state is also the head of the main Christian church? Or a country where the national broadcaster is committed to lampooning Christian faith at every opportunity? Both descriptions fit Engerland.
  9. I started the thread because I feel the SNP have a poor track record on education and this exams fiasco was just another chapter in a sorry tale. They have a good record in other areas like dealing with covid 19 but education is not their strong suit. I started the thread to try and get some balance against the SNP can do no wrong and can never be criticised under any circumstances mindset I find myself constantly confronted with. As it turns out the Scottish government were following a very flawed methodology being touted all over the UK so it nay have been a little "harsh" to criticise them specifically on this. The fact that loads of others are doing something doesnt make it any righter but I do concede they were just following the crowd here. Looking at what is happening down south I now find it farcical that Ruth Davidson was criticising John Sweeny for doing what Gavin Williamson is now doing. Estimation is never an adequate replacement for measurement in these circumstances. It is only a question of what you decide us the least worst option. I myself personally find marking people down because if the school they had the misfortune to attend a particularly nasty way to blight young peoples life chances.
  10. Perhaps there are a few folks here fantasizing about low flying spitfires blowing the dingies out of the water.

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