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  1. Kinda forced to agree with you. The key phrase for me is it was horrible to watch.
  2. Did not look happy when I saw him.
  3. Anybody that thinks that will finish top is seriously delusional. Arbroath were pub team standard and we struggled to contain them for 90 minutes. They controlled most of the game and we were an embareasment.
  4. It's still all Arbroath. Nothing changed at HT. Some of these guys look like this is the first time they have seen a ball.
  5. Do we have nobody who can hold the ball?
  6. Tommy doesn't look chuffed. His boys are no at the races here.
  7. This is utter pish. We are absolute s**te so far against part timers. No class no control, no clue.
  8. This is embarrassing. Defenders look like they usually play in a pub team.
  9. gdevoy


    I am certainly no climate change denier but for me the causes of global temperature change are far from well understood. A link has been shown in modelling but the models are far from validated to the level which would justify the current panic. There is cause for concern but any mitigation put in place to reduce emissions needs to be viable and as you point out the strategies adopted by the UK may result in the cure being worse than the problem. We need good science rather that political rhetoric on global temperature fluctuations. We also need good leadership in setting out mitigations which are sustainable rather than public school boy high jinks which is what we have. That's what I think.
  10. gdevoy


    It would appear my understanding of the issues here was not good. I believed that the EU negotiating as a block could get a better price but that does not appear to be the case. It would appear that the whole of Europe is affected by increased demand from Asia and the Russians playing silly buggars. However the EU can protect themselves from some of the s**t having better storage facilities, an internal market to trade gas around and many EU countries not nearly as dependent on gas as the UK. The UK has just decomissioned much of its storage and cut itself off from the EU system. We seem to be much more dependent on gas than any other part of the EU but that is just down to mismangement by the Tory government in general rather than Brexit specifically.
  11. gdevoy


    I never said it was all Brexit. Some of it is down to trying to "save the planet" without a viable plan. The politics of pandering to the Home Countues middle classes who think they are well informed but in reality are nice but dim. The only way to reduce emissions is to throttle back the economy and the only way to do that while protecting Home Counties South is to hammer those on low incomes. And I dont accept the proposition that absolutely none of the price hike is a consequence of not being part of the EU. That was the deal with the vaccines. We were paying over the odds to get delivery before the EU so BoJo could do a bit of grandstanding. Other EU countries had to wait because of the EU negotiating a cheaper deal.
  12. gdevoy


    It is becomming completely farcical the way the BBC avoid metioning how much Brexit is negatively impacting everybody's life. The wholesale price of natural gas has gone through the roof. It has gone up globally but it has seriously collapsed the UK market because we are no longer part of the EU bargining group. Lorry drivers are in short supply all over Europe but the situation is only causing panic in the UK because of Brexit. But the BBC simply wont go there because the are terrified to criticise the Tory clusterf**k in case they have their funding cut. The rest of the Meeja are controlled by the right wing bats**t nutters who think Brexit is worth whatever pain it causes. Whatever is going south in the UK right now it is generally a result of leaving the EU but nobody will say the King has no clothes.
  13. I don't disagree with the point you are making but I don't think I would have used "lie, cheat and steal". It's more about which part of the story they present and how they choose to present it. Like if I went for a job interview. I'd tell them about my academic qualifications and papers I've had published in learned journals. I don't think I would share with a prospective employer that I do enjoy going out on the town on a Friday night and getting so s**tfaced it's a miracle I have not wakened up in a cell on a Saturday morning. Am I lying, cheating and stealing? The truth is the UK is not a charity and all parts contribute to the combined wealth of the nation. Whether you think that wealth is redistributed fairly is all about politics and right now I disagree totally with the model used by the current adminustration.
  14. After listening to BoJo on TV last night and discovering more of the details of the CO2 production deal it seems the official party line is "it's a blip". A blip that will take out half of the UK's low cost gas suppliers but, nevertheless, a transient that will become recent history in 3 months time. And looking at the above chart there is a case to be made for this. The lockdown at the start of 2020 clearly caused the lowest price on the graph as demand collapsed. The restarting of a number of global economies at the same time will indeed create an avalanche type effect in demand, similar to everybody switching on a kettle leading to a large enough surge to collapse the system. There are, however, a number of longer term factors that may cause the equilibrium level prices reach as the demand blip subsides to be significantly above the £1.00 per therm level. 1) Brexit. We are no longer negotiating as part of the EU block so, unlike the vaccine bonus where nobidy cared how much we were paying, being outside the EU here may be costly 2) Carbon offset taxes. To save the planet governments have agreed we should all pay more for natural gas. Sadly the people who will actually pay more are peopke whovare having their Univessal Credit wound back to pre covud levels. 3) increased demand from the developing world and China. Lots of people want gas so it costs more. For these reasons I believe there will be a long term impact and the last thing it will do is any levelling up.