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  1. Yeah seems to be missing dingwall and more over lossie etc
  2. It's due to miss dingwall. Or if it does hit it shouldn't be anything like we had last night
  3. What country did you set it to?
  4. Cheers, do you just set the vpn to any country apart?
  5. Was there any issues when subscribing to killie tv with a foreign vpn and paying from a uk bank account?
  6. Very true, altho I think many had done it last season so must work?
  7. Dont see why we would drip feed signings. I presume we are holding out for a reason that included bachman. It
  8. Why would the club not announce it????
  9. Theres not a last orders in the shop tho is there? Everyone is aware of the last orders in a bar.
  10. That wasnt the case in the bank I worked in thankfully
  11. You would balance the majority of tills in the run up to closing and just leave a couple on. That is the sensible approach anyway
  12. Someone told me he missed the game yesterday due to a hamstring injury
  13. Brophy is injured so dont expect he will start