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  1. Bobby Geddas, Dave McKinnon, Paul Flexney, not sure Raith away circa 91?
  2. Rogers Broadfoot Findlay Millen Haunstrup Power Dicker Tishbola Burke Pinnock Kabamba
  3. Relax Gav, more than pleased with the commentary you guys provide, appreciate having some killie bias as well and if I wasn't happy I'd hit mute, keep up the good work! Now if I may volunteer in any capacity to help I am available to start this Saturday! lol
  4. Rogers Millen Broadfoot Findlay Haunstrup Dicker Burke Power Tishbola Kiltie Kabamba
  5. What exactly has been celtics and Aberdeens punishment?
  6. Cant drop him now til he has a couple oh bad games, shirt earned on merit! Happy to admit I got it wrong about him today
  7. Really argued with myself about Millen but McGowan has more experience so opted for him
  8. Roger McGowan Broadfoot Findlay Haunstrup Burke Power Dicker Tishbola McKenzie Brophy Assuming this 11 is fit for selection
  9. He wasnt better but maybe could have been...
  10. You can't fix stupid! Thats a joke, a light hearted barb if you will lol
  11. maybe reevaluate how you look at players, and comparisons need to be realistic mate. In my opinion Mark Skilling, Ian Bryson, Robert Conner were some of our best midfielders during my time, different era fans will say Eremenco, Durrant etc etc, its all subjective
  12. how do I update this more
  13. Great 1st touch, competed great with porteous (who is a f**king animal) didnt lose the ball very often, didnt tire. Now.. how many times did he receive the ball facing goal? Guy worked a thankless shift away from home, now you tell us what your problem was?
  14. he must not remember Trevor Smith