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  1. Well surprise surprise, just in, Hearts to mount a legal challenge for their relegation!
  2. I remember going to Gus' testimonial match and thinking what a pitiful attendance - 2,145 - for a guy who was a great servant to our club.
  3. Beat the Huns 2-1!
  4. Sorry guys - I'd like to apologise to skydog for my inappropriate response above. I was wrong. After all this is a debating Forum. I can only put my aberration down to my corona cabin feveritis affliction!!!
  5. Obviously you are not getting where I am going with this and to be honest I can't be arsed explaining it to you.
  6. This may have been touched on previously but given all the uncertainty, let's use this time as an opportunity to extend the contracts of all the players we want to keep. If we can presume that Killie is going to survive this lockdown then let's get our core team nailed down. Time to be ambitious. McCulloch and Clarke gave out 2/3 year contracts to the players that were a mainstay of our team. Let's look at doing the same with eg O'Donnell, Findlay, Dicker, Power, Brophy, Kabamba Burke, McKenzie, Kiltie, El Makrini. We can then build for the future and never again have the signing ineptitude that transpired last year. Now as you digest the above, consider this. Hamilton have just agreed a new two-year contract with David Templeton.
  7. Rondo

    Best player

    Definitely 0-4. They hammered us and they were in what is now the Championship. I remember taking a customer down to Old Trafford for a game against his team Coventry( My company C & W had 2 Hospitality season tickets and we were bidding for a £multimillion contract, so they had to twist my arm to wine and dine him!). On the way home from Manchester Piccaddilly station a train load of Man City fans had just arrived, looking for trouble with Man Utd fans. Me and my customer thought, oh sh*t, as a few of them were walking up to people to see what colours they had on. As it transpired I was Ok. I was wearing my Killie jacket and when he saw the badge, he said 'we f*cked you 4-0'. I said 'yep you certainly did' and walked on as I was no threat to him! PS. That was the day that Killie were playing Celtic at Parkhead- Jerome Vareille scored the equaliser. Think we were 1-0 down at half time - finished 1-1 - and in the Man Utd hositality I was punching the air, going mental and everyone round about was wondering what the hell was going on!!!
  8. Absolutely the right thing to do. After all why wouldn't you furlough all staff. It's a grant after all, not a loan, so won't have to be paid back. It makes sense for BB as will not have a bottomless pit of money
  9. Tears are streaming down my face... I'm back there again every time I watch it...
  10. Yes from me, oh and finally signed up for TIK. No excuse, just lethargy on my part. The thing is too, it took me all of 1 minute to actually sign up! For those still to sign up I suggest go do it now - there is no better time. If St Mirren, Motherwell and Hearts can do it then so can we. After all we are meant to be a Community club
  11. Outstanding last night. It was the old Greg Kiltie again, before his injuries. In that one game he has shown that he has still got it, Delighted for him.
  12. Rondo


    If you had thought through your response then you'll have understood why I asked. Let's just imagine The Board made one of the following responses. Official version - you've already alluded to that - let's use your words. '' "Unable to comment due to the terms of the compromise agreement with AA". Unofficial response - ''the guy is crap, he is hopeless, we were going backwards with him, only way was down''. Anyone with half a brain realised that these were the only responses that could have been made. Therefore, why raise the issue unless it was for yet another good old moan?
  13. Rondo


    Why? What benefit would that have brought to the proceedings bringing AA into it?
  14. Kabamba? Made contact on the Thursday and he was signed by the Saturday. Maybe the exception to the rule but I know where you're coming from
  15. Absolutely. I was going off my head, 'that's a foul, that's a foul, blow ur f&'king whistle ya cheat' - game played on and they scored. That would be analysed to the nth degree if that had been the Old Scum. not a peep from the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, with Miller and his cronies chortling away. Aye a great f@ckin laugh...

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