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  1. Tears are streaming down my face... I'm back there again every time I watch it...
  2. Yes from me, oh and finally signed up for TIK. No excuse, just lethargy on my part. The thing is too, it took me all of 1 minute to actually sign up! For those still to sign up I suggest go do it now - there is no better time. If St Mirren, Motherwell and Hearts can do it then so can we. After all we are meant to be a Community club
  3. Outstanding last night. It was the old Greg Kiltie again, before his injuries. In that one game he has shown that he has still got it, Delighted for him.
  4. Rondo


    If you had thought through your response then you'll have understood why I asked. Let's just imagine The Board made one of the following responses. Official version - you've already alluded to that - let's use your words. '' "Unable to comment due to the terms of the compromise agreement with AA". Unofficial response - ''the guy is crap, he is hopeless, we were going backwards with him, only way was down''. Anyone with half a brain realised that these were the only responses that could have been made. Therefore, why raise the issue unless it was for yet another good old moan?
  5. Rondo


    Why? What benefit would that have brought to the proceedings bringing AA into it?
  6. Kabamba? Made contact on the Thursday and he was signed by the Saturday. Maybe the exception to the rule but I know where you're coming from
  7. Absolutely. I was going off my head, 'that's a foul, that's a foul, blow ur f&'king whistle ya cheat' - game played on and they scored. That would be analysed to the nth degree if that had been the Old Scum. not a peep from the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, with Miller and his cronies chortling away. Aye a great f@ckin laugh...
  8. Kilmarnock gave him his start in professional football so a little bit of humility would not go amiss
  9. Finally an objective post! The amount of fannies on this forum that spout absolute garbage does my nut in. You KNOW who YOU are. As stated previously this was 100 times better than the St Mirren game and the new guys have certainly freshened us up. Apparently we are meant to beat Celtic every time we play them at RP - our squad with a player's average annual salary of £68,000 compared to Celtic's £750,000 . I just shake my head in disgust at some of our so-called 'supporters'. Why don't you just head up the M77 with the rest of the glory hunters and bigots and leave the true supporters to attend Rugby Park. I have no issues with people having their own opinions and criticising as long as it is CONSTRUCTIVE. We've now got options how we play and I am now looking forward to the rest of the season.
  10. We'll need to wait for the 2019/2020 accounts to get the true figure. If any of the above fees quoted are true then it means to me that our finances are not in as good shape as we thought. £2.2m, was the transfer fee I believed was finally settled at and even that figure was low compared to what he is worth. Frankly I'd be disgusted if we caved into Lawwell.
  11. Great to see you back Greg. You were one of the first names on the teamsheet before you got your horrendous injuries. I know you can do it.
  12. Who've been places and done hings?
  13. Therein lies the problem with Scottish Football. The bigot brothers scoop up all the talent from the rest of the diddy teams, have no intention of playing them, thus weakening the league. The players disappear into oblivion and the knock on effect is Scotland's National team suffers. Celtic and The Rangers - the scourge of Scottish football. Get them both hunted
  14. Merry Christmas mate - have a good one!

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