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  1. It’s now the 6th of July though.
  2. I wish they would stop emailing. 8 emails and 4 texts.
  3. I didn’t think fishing was allowed during the lockdown?
  4. Or you could just sign up for trust in Killie!
  5. What would you rather have though? 2 extra players or a better atmosphere for Killie fans?
  6. It doesn’t matter if it’s meant in a racist tone in that song or not. Just change the word black to something else. It’s not hard. Then the argument on here will stop and nobody from the press or other clubs can use it against us.
  7. The picture of Kirk was taken from the BT coverage. He was clapping his hands. Just because he wasn’t jumping about doesn’t mean he wasn’t happy for his teammates.
  8. Whether this was a Killie fan being racist or not. Surely we now have to change the words to the we are Killie song? All eyes are going to be on us and the black bastards bit needs to go!
  9. And this is with an edit
  10. I’m very good at it. Just not as good as you. You just keep trying to deflect the fact you can answer the question.
  11. Talking s**te then aye?
  12. Maybe she just wants to pick and choose which questions to answer. A bit like yourself. Everyone is still waiting to find out who the NAPM gang are at the trust that stops you from contributing?
  13. Who are the NAPM gang?
  14. I have a feeling that you talk s**te.

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