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  1. Disappointed we are only signing loans.
  2. My 2nd email with my ticket arrived half an hour after the first. Hopefully we will all be sorted in time.
  3. Looks like I posted too quickly. My seat email has arrived now.
  4. **** Issue is resolved - emails appeared 30 minutes apart ***** It looks like emails are now being sent out to season ticket holders, so we can purchase our own seats for the Hamilton game. I have a season ticket and I recieved a free u16 for my son. I obviously used my email and phone number as contact details for both tickets. The issue now is that I am only getting the option to buy my sons' seat and haven't recieved an email link to buy my own seat. Anyone else in the same situation and have you found a work around?
  5. I hope so. We have a group of 4 and certainly hope we are sitting together.
  6. I need somewhere that will allow a 14 year old in.