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  1. Couldn’t make it out and can’t condone any racism whatsoever. But isn’t Alex Dyer about the only BAME manager in Scotland?
  2. Kabamba as he improves the team as a whole and is a great partner for the wolf
  3. And that loser Rae claiming we should give up the Moffat for them...hopefully never again!!!
  4. Brilliant second half!!
  5. Surely have saved some pennies in win bonuses!!!
  6. That’s my starting line up but on the bench I’d have Bell, Broadfoot, Paska, Mulumbu, and DVT
  7. As long as all goes well with the birth what would the odds be on sod scoring tonight?
  8. 66mins GOAL Scotland 5-0 San Marino Stuart Findlay Stuart Findlay scores on his Scotland debut as the Kilmarnock striker rises to head home from a corner. so according to the bbc big stu is our star striker? Maybe should give it a try!
  9. Will there be a confirmation email sent to those of us who registered for tickets and have transferred payment successfully?
  10. Deza


    Every credit to sky for showing the pictures of the disabled section on telly
  11. Could it not allow to buy tickets online as long as you bought ones there for the CQN game
  12. Deza

    Nomads away, Fred

    Brilliant commentary! Poppety ping Kirk Broadfoot lmao!

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