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  1. Deza

    Concerts at Rugby Park

    Surely with the positivity around the whole place it’s as good a time as any to push for a big biffy home coming concert
  2. Deza


    Surely he will have sounded out our very own SSC for advice seeing he would have worked under him at Liverpool
  3. Deza

    gers away, Fred

  4. Deza

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Is there any chance at all, perhaps forced by sky, the game could be switched to the Wednesday? Can’t make the Tuesday and am gutted
  5. Deza

    Where would we be

    Very good point, at the bottom probably lucky not to be cut adrift
  6. Deza

    Dundee Game Also Postponed

    A kick in the teeth for those of us who work weekends! I’ve gone from looking forward to watching a couple of midweek games in succession to absolutely hee haw!
  7. Deza

    Best memories of 2017

    Folk have mentioned the end but for me was at the start of the Hibs game! Electric atmosphere, both teams and everyone else was out then when SC walked out the hairs on the back of my neck were on edge and haven’t felt so much anticipation and excitement in many a year!
  8. Deza

    Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    Have spent all night avoiding all social media and spoilers so can watch it on alba!!!! Surely someone could write a sitcom episode about that #whateverhappenedtothelikelylads
  9. The problem wasn’t just the results but the manner of the performances and that is what SC has changed more than anything! Hope he can watch and learn and how an experienced manager can improve his group of players
  10. Would rather these games are used to try out untested players, our experience of the last few weeks shows how different coaches can get different results from individuals
  11. Deza

    Next Manager Thread

    Jimmy Mac and Gary Holt
  12. Deza

    Jim McInyre. - fired

    Let's hope the appoint Houston then
  13. Deza

    Jordan Jones International Call Up

    Would be interesting to count the amount of ni caps earned by our players since the last time we had a full Scottish internationalist
  14. Deza

    Jim McInyre. - fired

    Like the thought of jimmy mac and holty if jig can't doesn't get three points on Saturday
  15. Deza

    Whats everyones starting 11.....

    I'd just swap Broadfoot for Scott Boyd

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