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    The results of this pandemic could be catastrophic for football. Is now the time to be thinking of a merged Ayrshire FC?
  2. The SFA/SPFL have cost every club due to play at home at the weekend a lot of money, simply by delaying a decision until the English FA had made a decision. Had they cancelled everything on Thursday night instead of Friday afternoon the losses for all teams would have been minimal in terms of outlay. Sadly these are the same idiots who are deciding what to do next.
  3. The Scottish league is a pyramid system, teams from divisions below would get promoted. A good time to look at things like league reconstruction and summer football? This enforced break could be beneficial to the national game if the powers that be are clever about it. I suppose that's where it falls down.
  4. It was Celtic who asked for the fee to be undisclosed, they were more uncomfortable with the figure than we were. It was not a pittance so you can give that chat a rest (the other guy). It wouldn't be a club record until such times as the add-ons are realised so they couldn't claim it was one, should the club be apologetic for being honest and not exaggerating claims? The add-ons were achievable and look certain to pay off (he is/was getting games for club and country), when they are could we retrospectively claim a club record? Probably. Will we? Highly doubtful, it will achieve nothing and damage the confidence between the two clubs unnecessarily. The constant speculation is tedious, we held out for a good price for a good player and didn't get shafted as we previously have with players running out of contract, yet we seem desperate to find fault.
  5. No climbdown at all. The disabled facilities in the away stand have now been upgraded (fixed) and approved so we can now sell the bottom rows.
  6. Don't try and tell me what I think. At no point did I claim all Killie fans were morons, that would make me one as well, I intimated the ones who criticise the board for investing in infrastructure were.
  7. What would you call fellow supporters who are suggesting that only "incompetent" directors would invest capital in profit generating revenue streams?
  8. In your opinion, and probably the opinion of others on here who can't take a bit of stick back but are not so shy at giving it out. I said they've made mistakes, for the most part covering up the mistakes of others and have been struggling to right the wrongs ever since. The abuse they are taking for trying their best is ignorant and disrespectful.
  9. The CEO was meant to deal with all of that stuff and failed across the board which cost her the job. Only real failing the board made was hiring her in the first place without proper consultation and not sacking her sooner for a string of mistakes. We've been chasing our tails ever since trying to recover from that, its not incompetence, it was been too loyal to someone who did nothing to deserve it because she was a Killie fan.
  10. No its not. He's earned his place in the Killie hall of fame and shame on you for suggesting otherwise. Same goes for those who suggest that Gary Holt should steer clear to protect his status, he'll always be a legend in my eyes.
  11. The board are certainly not untouchable and they have certainly made mistakes, but the venom in the criticism is absolute stupidity given that there is no one waiting in the wings to come in and all three of them are not only doing the work for free but paying for the privilege. Well two of them are, fans are paying for the third one and by all accounts she's doing the best job of all despite all the laughable comments on here about her having nothing to bring to the table etc. because she used to be a politician. Ask the people who work at Rugby Park, they won't be long in telling you. Is there some sort of qualification for being a football club director these days? If there is I must have missed that but I'm amazed how many Joe Punters on the internet think they could do a far better job with their degree from the open university in s**thousery. The club needed someone more football orientated, they went and brought in a head of football operations and unbelievably he's getting slaughtered already by some. I think that the biggest mistake they made was not bringing more expertise on the board and spreading the load a bit while the going was good and Steve Clarke was still here. Everything that has been happening this season emanates from the end of last season and we are seeing the results of it now, it was always going to happen and I'm actually surprised how well the team have done up to now - although they have to hold their hands up to their part in all this, they are not untouchable either. All this bollocks about the board having learned ZERO from the summer is just tantamount to "down with this sort of thing" placard bearers. Loads of stuff has changed and is still changing but its a results based business and as soon as we get a run of bad ones the same old nonsense gets trotted out and repeated ad nauseam by fans who haven't got a clue how to resolve anything but think that there is some magic formula available which will give instant success. Sign Millar (that worked well), sign Mulumbu, spend money, spend more money, buy players, stop spending money on revenue streams like hospitality - we have our fair share of business gurus (morons) and that's a fact.
  12. The same clowns that everyone praised last year for getting us our highest finish in the SPFL since the glory years?
  13. This made me laugh out loud. Another another internet expert thinking the world is going to end because our long term coach has been asked to manage the team until the end of the season rather than him him a long term contract and compensation if it doesn't work out. The massive overreaction to an unspectacular season was a stick on to happen I suppose after we did so well last year. Anyone saying the club was run better by MJ has never actually worked for the club and wants a kick up the arse. Anyone thinking we should "sack the board" might want to check for the queue of investors waiting to step into their shoes, must be loads of millionaires just dying to squander their money and get a shedload of abuse in return - each an every one of them a football expert with knowledge of how to successfully run a club of course. In fact by the look of things most of them are on here already, why not volunteer your time and your money?
  14. You've heard wrong then as the Club have had a few folk in recently, can't say I recognised them though, sorry.
  15. Billy Bowie was actually in helping the staff with the paperwork late last night, Cathy Jamieson as well. He probably didn't have a spirit level and measuring tape with him but it was all hands to the pumps and a massively long shift for some. Bet it felt wonderful getting abuse hurled at them after that!

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