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  1. Very serious. My comments were not directed at you, or anyone like you, my comments were about the fact there are not enough fans like you. Sorry if you didn't understand that before you went into a rage. I too have contributed to the club financially over the piece for many years, I don't feel the urge to list them or to embarrass anyone by comparison. It's all about doing what you can however much or little that is, and about the "f**king bangers" who buy a ticket to see games (that's a purchase, not a donation) and think that entitles them to abuse our club employees and demand everyon
  2. Not in the numbers they should be though. I heartily agree with what you say. Now away to sulk. 🤪
  3. He wasn't. Am I living in some sort of alternate universe here? He was in the news a couple of times when the media were looking for comments. When the club was doing great the media are all over us and that's why they wanted to talk to the majority shareholder because the viewed him as the de facto chairman. If they approached him now he'd probably go on the TV again. Face the fact that now Steve Clarke has gone and we're back among the eight other perennial strugglers, no one gives a s**t about us, they are not interested, hence no one getting seen on telly. That's how the press operate
  4. Some of us are, but not enough of us, there are far too many who are making demands that they have little or no right to. Constantly putting your hand in your pocket definitely not in the job description of a football club director, you're watching too much TV, if that was the case there would be very few board members in board room around the world. I accept your point about fans buying season tickets with no hope of getting into games, let's see how many demand to get in next year for free before we comment any further on that though. The Killie Club chose not to open back up when we went ba
  5. A reasoned reply given my angry retorts, apologies for that, it just boils my blood reading so many 'expert' opinions by folk who would s**t their pants if they were in Billy Bowie's shoes. When have you ever heard a football club director be anything other than middle of the road when commenting on playing matters, at best you'll get is "not good enough", to expect anything other than that is living in cloud cuckoo land, it just doesn't happen and it won't start now. We've never heard that much from Bowie unless the press have been chapping on his door for comment, he's not one for the p
  6. Hates synthetic pitches - next.
  7. Ingrate. And how is Cathy's update laughable? You won't get comment like that on what's happening from many of the other clubs in the top division. The other two are probably not saying much because they are too busy putting their hands in their pockets to keep YOUR f**king club alive. Probably embarrassed by the lack of support both financially and otherwise by the keyboard warrior brigade. Easy to sling mud when you're not on the front line. Easy to dictate what should happen when you are not paying for it. The board are probably doing the best they can given the extenuating circum
  8. Lessons in how to be a glory hunter - 101
  9. This is one of our major problems. Sorry to say that the disconnect is Paul McDonald and if we are going to see youngsters progress through the ranks to invigorate the team instead of replying on hopeful choices out of the bargain bins then we have to put someone in place at the academy that gels better with everyone else in the chain of command. They are not all pulling together as they should be and it is affecting us as a team.
  10. The results of this pandemic could be catastrophic for football. Is now the time to be thinking of a merged Ayrshire FC?
  11. The SFA/SPFL have cost every club due to play at home at the weekend a lot of money, simply by delaying a decision until the English FA had made a decision. Had they cancelled everything on Thursday night instead of Friday afternoon the losses for all teams would have been minimal in terms of outlay. Sadly these are the same idiots who are deciding what to do next.
  12. The Scottish league is a pyramid system, teams from divisions below would get promoted. A good time to look at things like league reconstruction and summer football? This enforced break could be beneficial to the national game if the powers that be are clever about it. I suppose that's where it falls down.
  13. It was Celtic who asked for the fee to be undisclosed, they were more uncomfortable with the figure than we were. It was not a pittance so you can give that chat a rest (the other guy). It wouldn't be a club record until such times as the add-ons are realised so they couldn't claim it was one, should the club be apologetic for being honest and not exaggerating claims? The add-ons were achievable and look certain to pay off (he is/was getting games for club and country), when they are could we retrospectively claim a club record? Probably. Will we? Highly doubtful, it will achieve nothing and d
  14. No climbdown at all. The disabled facilities in the away stand have now been upgraded (fixed) and approved so we can now sell the bottom rows.