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  1. I hope you enjoy them. Masterful writing. I read them in my teens and have returned to them a few times.
  2. A lovely player. Grace among journeymen for them. Kiltie did well. McKenzie did ok when he came on. Forwards nowt happening. Dicker truly does look done. Frustrating 90 minutes.
  3. Would it be possible Killie.com chums not to downvote someone’s suggested team selection just because you disagree with it. Disagreement is what the forum is all about - but to downvote because someone has a different view seems petty. Surely disagreeing with a comment and a reason is better,
  4. Savage is in a class of his own when it comes to vacuous numptiness
  5. Hasn’t Rossi staked a claim to start?
  6. That was utter p1sh. Far far too conservative. No creativity. Keira Knightley up top. s**te defending for the goal.
  7. Huntish huns. ‘In every hick town in Caledonia, Across this pseudo nation, You can see the biggest f**ked up scum, Ever shat into creation, You’re Hunbelievable, You’re Hunbelievable’
  8. Just wondering If the big fella is still involved with the DR Congo national team.