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  1. When he wax with the Bairns IIRC he scored against the Tim’s to win the game.
  2. My memory is fading bu I can’t remember scoring more than 1 against us,
  3. There are different types of research for different purposes. action research e.g. Been at this game a long time. Done tons of surveys, supervise theses, publish articles, write books.etc so well enough acquainted with methodological issues. This a particular horse for a particular course.
  4. This is an important research methodological question that I am more than happy to talk through with you at some point. These issues were seriously considered before the survey launch. At the moment though I’m too busy trying to make a difference to spend much time explaining. The survey is identifying workplaces of bad practice and particular clusters of reported problems - little or no social distancing, face to face contact, hotdesking, inadequate cleaning and sanitisation, heating and ventilation systems that are sub-optimal at best, lift occupancy etc. 200,000 words of volunteered testimony confirm the worst problem areas. They make for grim reading. The evidence is being used in real time to make interventions that make improvements. Equally the survey is seeking to identify good practice especially homeworking that can be used as benchmark for raising the health and safety bar generally.
  5. https://www.stuc.org.uk/fair-work-organising/covid-19-and-call-contact-centre-workers Here’s the intermediate report.
  6. carpetfitter


    Tommy Wright would be excellent. He has proved himself over and over again.
  7. He does. He used to be a ringer for Billy Bragg.
  8. 2,750 completed surveys means a lot of evidence and a lot work of analysis. Still I’ve got high hope the media will pick it up. Thanks
  9. Would you line to post the intermediate findings? I did a 2 all nighters to get the report done in time for Workers Memorial Day. It is scary s**t. So leased you can work from hone?
  10. Biscuits? Oh crumbs let’s hope not.
  11. Sportsound are having a nostalgia item later in today’s programme on Killie winning the league at Tynecastle. Sorry dudes but you’ll probably have to sit through the dribbling utterly tedious halfwit Miller before it is broadcast.

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