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  1. Big Tam

    Gus Poyet

    I'm confused. Surely this is an example that the board were contacting managers of worth and people that they though would do a good job rather than just sit back and look at CV's?
  2. A quick look on social media would show you that a Killie fan next to the fan shouting says is was "Hun bastards". I'd tend to believe him over the media. Edited to say that if there was anyone guilty of it then we should turf them out.
  3. Stock response when you can't think of a response. We'll end this here.
  4. At no point did I say I was happy about the current situation. But when it comes to finger pointing then I will be pointing it at those directly involved with what's going on and not a director who is doing all the things that you claim she isn't doing. The trust introduced the meetings with Cathy a few months back and have said they are making it a regular thing, that's exactly what you talked about wanting but instead of embracing that you want to talk about cliques and not acknowledge that you might have got it wrong.
  5. Agreed with this. Wants all the kudos but not the title, baffling.
  6. 1. The KSA made a statement when Alessio left, the trust didn't 2. If having a trust rep on the board makes no difference - then why are so many people angry about what that rep says or does? You can't have it both ways.
  7. I'd imagine its just bad terminology. Broadfoot buys out his own contract is and free to sign for us, therefore there is no fee as JG says and no one is telling porkies.
  8. You keep reading it but you've never acted on it and that's clearly because you don't seem to understand it. When was the last time she made a statement? What are we Sevco insisting on statements all the time? And why is it that non trust members keep insisting on hearing from the trust representative? You want the representation but you want others to pay for it! She's had at least two meetings a few months back with all the fans she represents invited where anyone could ask any question they want and she gave a full run down on what was happening at the club at the time, and the trust have s
  9. Stats St J v Killie 51% v 49% possession 3 v 6 Total shots 1 v 3 on target 1 v 0 off target 1 v 3 blocked If we are crap then how crap are St Johnstone?
  10. 100% this. My priority would be a midfield player with a degree of creativity, which would also provide chances for the guys struggling up front.
  11. You're right, loads of questions, it should be an open book, I think the problems start when the questions are actually just unwarranted abuse, false accusations and nonsense speculation. I'll start to get concerned in 2120 because that's how long it would take to get a controlling share of the club at the current rate. I say concerned, fans have the controlling interest in some of the biggest clubs in the world and in the main do okay, but I've seen this explained to you loads of times and your like the proverbial dog with a bone. You have a platform here like everyone else so if you're cleve
  12. You are absolutely clutching at straws here trying to defend you position but the more you write the more it looks like you are stuck in a time warp from decades ago. If you think fans don't already make major contributions to most football clubs then you are seriously wrong, almost every club in Germany is majority owned by fans, plenty of other countries too, try Googling it, you will be amazed. All this nonsense about uber fans and cliques etc is only ever brought up by fans with an axe to grind or some other obscure reason they don't want to get involved. If you don't want to get involved
  13. I actually agree. Signing Osman Sow from Dundee Utd on loan isn't good enough.