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  1. I don't think you can do it through the existing one, has to be new account. Vpn, international monthly (or annual) subscription. That's how I did it anyway when I made that trip to Paris.
  2. Alan McCulloch was my favourite Killie goalkeeper. Played in some very ordinary Killie sides so probably didn’t get the credit others did in more successful sides. Not much footage exists of the era he played in either.
  3. Hope the lads get a decent sleep tonight if they are in Dingwall, thunder and lightning forecast all night. Massive electrical storms over Edinburgh and Fife tonight.
  4. Well I hope so, if not I'll blame lost in translation.
  5. Wrangodog


    There is a form of class system in nearly every country, based on race, money, position in the party hierarchy, etc.
  6. What can the club do ? Put out a statement saying "please don't sing black bastards in future ?" It is up to us to stop using the term and ensuring that fellow fans don't use it. It really doesn't matter what colour our manager and players are, we just have to drop it.
  7. To be fair I don't think our fans pee in people's gardens, chuck cans and bottles into driveways and sing about Fenians or the IRA. It's one word that needs to be changed.
  8. You're obsessed with this. Just replace the offending word with "manky" and move on.
  9. I think we need to give him a new contract extension on better terms.
  10. Where the hell did Celtic think Bolingoli was, visiting his granny in Easterhouse ? We're in the middle of a pandemic and Celtic allegedly didn't even know what country their player was in. Doncaster should get a grip on this, but it's Doncaster so expect a shambles.
  11. I appreciated the draw as much as anybody. I just thought they adopted the lazy attitude that Spurs fall into at times, thinking that we don't have to play at tempo, we'll just pass this mob into the ground. Well, they couldn’t and we deserved the draw (keep thinking we won).
  12. There won't be football to come back to if it's that long. Other teams/leagues are operating well it's just our idiots that seem to have the problem. Teams and players need to be punished if they flaunt the guidelines.
  13. It isn't a stupid comment to make if it's right, you just said they were sh!te. Regardless of how well we played Celtic played with no pace and that played right into our hands. On one of the few occasions they did break with pace Dicker took one for the team, got booked, and we conceded from the free kick. The word you are looking for is ragged.

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