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  1. Even local shops are taking contactless card payments, safer for the customer and the person serving.
  2. I've added a part in bold about cancellation which wasn't mentioned in the original offer.
  3. La Liga games to be broadcast throughout June for free for everyone (No Sky subscription required) @ Sky Sports / Premier Sports App 2 hours ago Hopefully this should help those who are missing football with the Premier League restart date still being unknown. To get access to all the games, Sky UK customers should visit premiersports.com and register with the promo code BACKTOWIN. Non-Sky customers can also sign up using the same code. Please note: you will need to cancel the membership by July 1st if you have entered your card details, or else you will be charged £5.99 per month. You cannot cancel the membership within the first 48 hours of signing up. With games due to be shown on TV on Channel 435 on Sky, fans can also live stream the matches online via the Premier Player app. Under the plans for returning, LaLiga games will be shown every weekday, with late afternoon and evening kick-offs as well as night matches at weekends. The first round of games: THURSDAY, JUNE 11 Sevilla vs Real Betis - 9pm FRIDAY, JUNE 12 Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid - 6.30pm Granada vs Getafe - 8.30pm SATURDAY, JUNE 13 Real Sociedad vs Osasuna - 4pm Espanyol vs Alavés - 6.30pm Valencia vs Levante - 9pm SUNDAY, JUNE 14 Celta vs Villarreal - 4pm Leganés vs Valladolid - 6.30pm Real Madrid vs Eibar - 9pm MONDAY, JUNE 15 Mallorca vs Barcelona - 8.30pm
  4. I get the feeling there's going to be a lot of pressure on clubs to accept this deal. Doncaster talking about clubs in the lower divisions being expelled from the league for not fulfilling their fixtures. He also mentions that the rules can't be changed, but surely if the rules can be changed for a new set-up they can be changed for extraordinary circumstances like the present one, to protect the clubs that can't afford to play behind closed doors. I would like to see more detail about what the alternatives are but it's the Daily Beano so facts are in short supply. As much as I hate Sevco we should have taken the opportunity to get rid of this chancer Doncaster.
  5. A woman with around £20m in the bank wants the rest of the league to save Hearts ?
  6. Injustice of relegating a team that was at the bottom of the league and had been rubbish all season, where's the injustice in that ? See you in court Budgie, you won't win.
  7. The standard of cleanliness in Italy is variable. Limone on Lake Garda was hoachin' with tourists but spotless, the road up to Vesuvius, however, was covered in rubbish dumped by the side of the road. The area beside the Vatican was like Cadonas shows, all sorts of tat being flogged to the tourists. I don't get the remarks about the Japanese, I've never met a friendlier bunch of people, went out of their way to help us and were amazingly polite. The British are a manky bunch, wherever there is a crowd you'll find litter scattered on the pavements. I've no idea what that has to do with the spread of coronavirus though.
  8. Would it be that much of a problem if we wore face masks, gloves, and adhered to social distancing and family groups ? The club could bring in extra portaloos so that queues for the toilet would be minimalised and provide protective screens and a collection system for the kiosks. I can't see away supporters being allowed to attend for some time but that would mean more space for our own fans in Rugby Park.
  9. Did you really expect the BBC to give him a hard time ? They had two journalists on after his statement, from the Observer and Sun on Sunday and both were highly critical of what Cummings said and didn't say. Both were incredulous that an adviser should have given his statement from No.10 in the first place. The Tories are in a position to sit this out because they don't care about public opinion and won't need to for another four years. There are millions of people raging about this tool, I'm one of them, but there are also millions more who don't give a damn about it.
  10. That’s not true. They are reporting that he said he acted reasonably, there's a difference.
  11. At the moment we're in a similar boat to Dunfermline. No money from season-tickets, no money from replica strip sales, no gate money since 4th of March.
  12. I think Cummings will go, Johnson will give him up. Backbench Tories now calling for him to go.
  13. I would agree with that up to a point, but if you buy a season-ticket it should entitle you to be able to watch a home closed-doors game on Killie TV without having to pay a further subscription.
  14. It would fiscally irresponsible not to sell season tickets if fans want to buy knowing that they might not see live football for some time. Even St. Mirren have already sold 1,000. If we are trying to bring in players we will be competing with the likes of Livingston, St. Mirren, Dundee Utd. and Motherwell who are all selling season-tickets. Hamilton can do what they want, they struggle to get over 1,500 at their home games anyway so season-ticket sales are less important to them.

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