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  1. Wrangodog

    East Kilbride

    Isn't it Millen senior in charge tonight ?
  2. Wrangodog

    East Kilbride

    Rubbish, he's gone up to Sutherland to form the nose cone of the first rocket to be fired from there.
  3. Wrangodog

    Over 3,200 ST's sold....

    So the good authority 3,900 wasn't exactly accurate.
  4. Wrangodog

    East Kilbride

    Kilby ? Wasn't there a band of Killie youths that called themselves the Kilby ?
  5. Wrangodog


    Apparently they want to move again to a site at Young's farm in Dumbarton.
  6. Wrangodog

    The OTT Reaction Fred

    Deid, you'll need to shout louder.
  7. Wrangodog


  8. Wrangodog


    Google maps says 3 minutes and the Dumbarton FC site which I quoted says 5 so I don't think it will be 20.
  9. He was, also played for Scotland when they beat Croatia 2-0, 1-0. Depends how much he would cost, but we are short in central defence with Greer gone.
  10. Wrangodog

    2018 World Cup

    A politician getting some positive, free, publicity I am truly shocked.
  11. Russell Martin training with Norwich U23's and head coach Daniel Farke looks to send him out on loan. Surely not slower than Scott Boyd ?
  12. Wrangodog

    Match Day Programmes ONLINE Subscription

    That doesn't sound so bad thanks for the information.
  13. Wrangodog

    Match Day Programmes ONLINE Subscription

    Taking your Trust hat off for a minute are you happy with this move ? I know we have to give it time but this was a local firm and the lads/girls who sold the programmes were friendly.
  14. Wrangodog


    Our home is located at the foot of Dumbarton Rock and we can rightly claim to have one of the most picturesque stadiums in Scottish football. We have space for just over 2000 spectators (2025 to be exact!) and accommodation for supporters is covered and all seated. Car parking at the stadium is £1 per car, but for this you get the opportunity to win some cash courtesy of the half-time 50/50 draw. There are plenty of spaces available. Travelling (away) supporters will be housed in the West section of the stadium, normally in sections one and two with access to facilities such as food stalls and programme vendors. As Dumbarton Rock dominates the skyline for the town, the stadium is easy to find. If travelling by car, you should follow the A814 into the town from the main A82 trunk road and journey along Glasgow Road until you see Dumbarton East Station. 100 yards or so along from the station you will see a brown sign for the Castle (Victoria Street) and the ground is at the bottom of this road. By train Dumbarton East Station is approximately five minutes walk from the Stadium.
  15. Wrangodog

    Ice Cream

    Had some Ferri's Scottish tablet at Dumfries House cafe, that was orgasmic.

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