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  1. I'm not that fussed about having a physical season ticket but the club did say that they would be issuing new cards and we're nearly into October with no sign of them appearing.
  2. I see that in the ticket information for Saturday the ticket office will be open until 1:30pm and from 1:30pm until kick-off for collection of tickets. That is an extension of one and a half hours from the previous time of 12:00 noon.
  3. After a run of away games October will see us play four out of six fixtures at home including the Challenge Cup game against Queen's Park. The two away games are against struggling Dunfermline and some other mob from the South of Ayshire on a Tuesday (?) night. By the end of the month we will have completed almost a third of our league fixtures and should have a clearer idea if we are on track to win promotion. We won't get a chance to gain revenge on Caley until 4th December which I can see being moved to the Friday for tv coverage although it will be a pain in the butt if that happens.
  4. I'm not panicking, but it does apply pressure until we are level or ahead of them. The lack of first half league goals applies it's own pressure.
  5. Until Caley lose a game or draw a few we are going to be playing catch up with the pressure that brings. Lose a quick goal, particularly at home and the mumping from the stands will start. The best thing about Friday was the away support who stayed with the team despite the disappointing form on the pitch. Difficult to replicate that support at home unless we have free beer in the Park from around midday.
  6. Armstrong is an option and Warnock is an option in midfield. Both have ability and I would like to see them get more game time. Let's see Warnock get a full half against Queen's Park and see if the excellent cameo against Falkirk can be replicated over a longer period. We are going to need options over the season and those two are options that we need to try.
  7. I wouldn't say he warrants a start before those two but if you get to around 70 minutes and it obviously isn't working then he would be worth trying.Friday wasn't an ideal time to use him because we were missing the midfield and launching the ball forwards towards Shaw and latterly, Cameron.
  8. The depressing fact is that although we are all Killie supporters that was the second tier of Scottish football and two teams near the top of it showed little sign of playing football with any control or tactical awareness.
  9. Yes, form in 92/93 wasn't spectacular. Played 44, won 21, drawn 12, lost 11. Difference is this time we are aiming for first place or it's the dreaded playoffs.
  10. Some good saves but surely he could have reined in his kicking in the second half ? If the ball keeps going through to their keeper you don't keep kicking it as hard. Even a throw from the edge of his penalty box would have reached the halfway line with the wind behind it and given us more chances of creating something.
  11. Disappointing that we didn't learn from the conditions, Hemming bailed us out on a few occasions but surely he could see that he didn't need to give his kick outs the full welly in the second half. Very few occasions where we had any sustained possession just lobbed the ball forward hoping someone would get on the end of it. The commentators were trying to talk the game up but it was mostly devoid of any skilful play. A point gained but Caley took three points there and can go three ahead again tomorrow. We were given a chance to show that we are a Premiership team in waiting but didn't do it on this display.
  12. Asda petrol station was mobbed today although it's probably the cheapest in Ayrshire. I suppose any long term interruption to power supplies will have the same affect on electric cars in years to come. I take it hydrogen powered cars are no longer in the picture, the Betamax of clean driving.
  13. Deserved to win the game ? You have to put the ball in the net to win the game. West Ham were missing two of their best players, Rice and Antonio.
  14. According to the back page of the Daily Mail Sevco were in talks with Cinch about renaming Ibrox to the Cinch Ibrox Stadium in June a matter of days before the SPFL agreed the sponsorship deal for the leagues. On the same back page the UK government is looking at banning betting companies logos from football kits which will hammer Celtic and Sevco.
  15. It’s all a journey,good,bad,mediocre, with the odd sprinkling of success thrown in. I really enjoyed the Steve Clarke party but the hangover was just as long and twice as painful. Its great to see and hear fellow Killie fans enjoying themselves again and looking forward to going to games at home and away. It's also great to see the promise of young players who are beginning to show that we can produce our own after last-season's reliance on sub-standard loanees. So far TW's transfer signings look pretty good, they may not always work together perfectly but they have a knack of finding a way to win and that is what we need to get out of this division.