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  1. We all want to be positive but when it comes to selling club merchandise to people who are desperate to buy it, I'm afraid it is all negatives. We can't keep on making excuses, this has been a weak link at the club for years.
  2. I would imagine Nisbet will be sold shortly now that they have a replacement.
  3. Will be interesting to see how the Scottish teams do in European qualifying this season. Bit of luck required to get a home draw, but at least they will have played three or four league games before qualifying begins instead of friendlies.
  4. Wrangodog

    Club Shop

    Maybe I'm being naive but I don't get the problem with the email address on the back of the strip ? If you're wearing a strip with the name of a baker emblazoned over the front you're surely expecting flak from opposition supporters. At least it isn't a betting company's email address.
  5. The home strip is OK, but I don't like the away top. Should've just reversed the colours on the away top.
  6. Wrangodog

    Club Shop

    Yes, it has and some of the comments on Twitter are very funny, but who are we laughing at ? Unfortunately, our club which we care deeply about and it shouldn't be like this. We've been given enough assurances in the past about how things are going to improve and yet again we have failed to capitalise on what should be our most commercially important time of the year. Relations between the club and fans is probably at it's best for some time, but the board need to accept that this is a major PR failure and do their best to rectify what they can from the shambles that it is at present.
  7. Sounds good. An MP to keep the troops in line.
  8. Some EPL clubs have been giving season-ticket holders a day pass for home games covered by Sky. I suspect we will do something similar because it does say coverage of every home game so the club will need to find some way round it, or offer compensation.
  9. Wrangodog

    Club Shop

    Is this happening with every transaction ?
  10. Wrangodog

    Club Shop

    No improvement on the previous club shop. As stated elsewhere the only items that look half decent are the strips. The photos of the training gear look like they were taken with somebody's old mobile. The presentation and availability of items is really disappointing, it looks like the commercial side have learned nothing from previous complaints.
  11. That’s the problem with "free" child tickets, people begin to expect them every season. How many people in the past have used this offer to get an extra free children's season-ticket by using the free ticket from adults that don't have children ? Hopefully, this will be a one off when possible compensation has to be factored into the costs for season-tickets.
  12. While fans are not allowed into Rugby Park, you’ll have full access to watch all home league matches live through our virtual season pass platform, and we will ensure you still feel part of the action. With that wording the club will either need to show it or offer a free pass to watch it on Sky.
  13. The last Steve Clarke window wasn't a disaster, but the train was certainly derailed. Stewart ending back at Aberdeen, JJ signing a pre-contract were a huge kick in the teeth for the manager and the supporters. Not that they were SSC's fault, but Stewart leaving, in particular, was a huge body blow.
  14. I can see the logic of Jambos signing Craig Gordon now. Neilson talking about giving Christopher Berra a fresh start, they're going to need a decent goalie if he's in the centre of their defence.
  15. Tommy Wright wants to stay in Scottish Football and has an agreement with former chairman Steve Brown that he won't join another club until round about November. Enough time to see if AD as manager is working ?
  16. Bloody hell, run out of face masks already ?
  17. Kilmarnock - Bar Luca, First Edition, Park Hotel, Portman Hotel. That's what it says on Facebook anyway.
  18. That really isn't a surprise it was only eighteen months, the first half of which was recovering from the McCulloch shambles. The success that SSC had was almost entirely undone by last season's fiasco on and off the park.
  19. I don't think any club has said they will drop out, added revenue for clubs not playing until October.
  20. I think Aldo has a point, the fixture list for clubs and countries is going to be chaotic this season. We need AD to be fully committed to Killie, he is no longer temporary manager. If Scotland don't get through the playoffs they will probably get the bullet, so might not be a problem anyway.
  21. What's the format for the League Cup ? Surely it has to be straight knockout this season, we can't fit in the regional league sections. It did mention that games would be played during the international break with the four European teams given byes. Teams wouldn't be able to postpone games if they had players on international duty, like Findlay or Brophy. Shouldn't be too much of a problem if it is seeded as normal, Championship clubs will hardly have started playing.
  22. The east end of Glasgow is where Celtic are based but their support doesn't just come from there, easily seen if you are driving back from an away Killie game and hundreds of supporters buses are streaming out of Glasgow in the opposite direction. Proximity to Glasgow is a factor as it is for other clubs in west/central Scotland. The team that your parents support is also a factor, and when so many Scottish football fans have historically supported the big two clubs it is going to take success of some sort to get young fans attracted to our club. I like Rugby Park but it is easier to get crowd involvement in a ground more suited to our average attendance. Credit to the Trust they are doing their level best to improve fan involvement and attendances, but we are facing a huge challenge unless a vaccine is found for Covid-19.
  23. Wrangodog

    Club Shop

    Believe the online shop starts on Monday, physical shop later.
  24. Finish on 30th play on the 1st August, that doesn't sound likely.
  25. First spotting (?) of bed wetting for a while. What about bed wetting in a heartbeat, that would crank it up a notch.

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