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  1. Both of the first two posts said they liked the design...
  2. Nice except from that humungous Browning's sponsor
  3. Didn’t billy say it would have to be permanent? And it would require 11 teams to agree? What benefits does it have for the likes of any of the above teams other than hearts
  4. It doesn't make business sense to get a player that could potentially be worth millions on a longer contract when he could sign for somebody else in 6 months for nothing?
  5. Killie lad


    At least there’s a reason for the lazy decisions this time I suppose
  6. And if they had taken their other sitters we’d have lost 3-1
  7. Deserves this team of bottlers and s**t manager
  8. Brophy for Connell was a great sub the last he did it... oh not wait, that was another f**king disasterclass from dire.
  9. What a terrible ‘manager’, picked a team s**t scared of f**king Hamilton Accies that hasn’t worked the previous 2 time’s either. Utterly lazy appointment
  10. Deserve everything we get, from the lazy board to the s**tebag team selections to the players absolute f**king disgrace ah we’ve actually lost to the w****rs, f**k you dire you f**king fraud
  11. Accies 2 forced early subs, the sub that comes on gets sent off, no excuses for not beating this s**te
  12. Kiltie is on the bench! We don’t WANT a plan B, the manager is happy with this FFS. Set up scared of Hamilton f**king Accies
  13. What sounds are you listening to exactly?

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