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  1. Sorry what? They played some of the best football I've seen this season while we played the same garbage hoof it long we have almost every game.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Points total isn't the issue for me I'm pretty happy with that. The performances on the whole have been an embarrassment at this level
  3. In what way did Arbroath 'play it like a cup game' they played some nice football, defended well, showed actual footballing ability as they have done all season.
  4. The question is what you've seen!!
  5. I'd settle for 3 consecutive passes on the ground. I think that would be a good starting point for what is considered acceptable for a team that is comfortably the best paid team in the league
  6. "We've no right to beat anyone but111" completely outclassed by f**king electricians and plumbers 🤢
  7. Another crime against football, this teams awful to watch. How longs the dinosaur got on his contract?
  8. Done Nothing, but then again how do you pick between 9 of them
  9. How can anyone actually defend McKenzie as a footballer fooking hell
  10. You actually going to try and say they haven't been far better to watch?
  11. Nobody is saying we should be sweeping them to the side for christs sake. I just want to see us show at least as much footballing ability, this hoofball is utterly embarrassing
  12. It's more the fact they're making us look like a pub team. Is it seriously too much to ask professional footballers to pass the ball about the deck when a bunch of plumbers can?
  13. Yes the part timers. They're passing the ball about well and beating our defense with ease while we stuggle to keep the ball on the deck past the halfway line
  14. We're actual s**t, getting dominated by part timers ffs