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  1. I absolutely love how we treat them now, what other team in the league consistently gives them a game like we do? Maybe Livingston/hearts sometimes hibs. Give them no respect and you always have a chance, just a shame we dropped a bit deep and settled for the draw in the last 10 because we definitely could have taken them. Not sure where the complaints are coming for regarding our style, we were a bit heavy on the tackles for a 10 minute period in the first half but other than that defended well and played some decent football when in possession
  2. If he's able to keep it consistent I'd very happily see him play right back, playing better than o'donnell was last season
  3. Good result, millen fantastic today. Probably could have won that game tbh
  4. Kabamba really should've went down, didn't get a proper shot in because Julien was all over him, can't expect a strong referee who actually see these things
  5. Get dicker and our keepers in the bin
  6. Folk need to get a grip, what actual difference does this make to anybody's lives? Maybe should've given a heads up but it's money and it won't make a jot of difference to anything and like you said everyone will still call it rugby park. Maybe the once every 10 years we get shown on sky it will have a banner with the stadium name under it, who gives a s**t?
  7. Good signing, hopefully got an extension option though
  8. Oh I do agree, but dyers record is still pretty awful and as far as I can see we still haven't addressed the issue of creativity in the team. Also he left kabamba on the full match when he did nothing, played a goalie that had only just arrived then subbed him off 'injury' and imo broadfoot should no longer be starting hes too slow and his positioning for the first goal was god awful
  9. Sorry but hibs were utterly average, we gifted them 2 goals then created next to nothing as they started to sit back on their lead, sound familiar?
  10. Yep, absolute nonsense to overlook it, it's the same thing all the time, start slow, lose terrible goals, improve as the other team starts to be more cautious with their lead, still create next to nothing. You can say its one game all you want but we've literally picked up exactly where we left off
  11. It's genuinely baffling the way he's immune to criticism from some, guarantee a player that wasn't local would have been punted seasons ago and got nowhere near the lenience Rory's had
  12. Folk wonder why we create nothing...
  13. Fair few killie fans too though, Morton fans also think he was great for them last season. Similar to bachmann probably one the best goalkeepers in my life at killie who genuinely looked life an EPL keeper but Watford fans would probably tell you he's utter s**te
  14. Don't read the killie Twitter responses, some of our support is absolutely pathetic, giving him s**te on the day he signs when you know fine well he's likely seeing them.
  15. Neilson is a crap manager, saved by shankland this season. watched United a fair few times and they were absolutely dreadful to watch in a terrible league with a budget that would put most premiership teams to shame. If they get Tommy wright and money for neilson, they've done the deal of the year

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