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  1. Couldn't agree more. Points total isn't the issue for me I'm pretty happy with that. The performances on the whole have been an embarrassment at this level
  2. In what way did Arbroath 'play it like a cup game' they played some nice football, defended well, showed actual footballing ability as they have done all season.
  3. The question is what you've seen!!
  4. I'd settle for 3 consecutive passes on the ground. I think that would be a good starting point for what is considered acceptable for a team that is comfortably the best paid team in the league
  5. "We've no right to beat anyone but111" completely outclassed by f**king electricians and plumbers 🤢
  6. Another crime against football, this teams awful to watch. How longs the dinosaur got on his contract?
  7. Done Nothing, but then again how do you pick between 9 of them
  8. How can anyone actually defend McKenzie as a footballer fooking hell
  9. You actually going to try and say they haven't been far better to watch?
  10. Nobody is saying we should be sweeping them to the side for christs sake. I just want to see us show at least as much footballing ability, this hoofball is utterly embarrassing
  11. It's more the fact they're making us look like a pub team. Is it seriously too much to ask professional footballers to pass the ball about the deck when a bunch of plumbers can?
  12. Yes the part timers. They're passing the ball about well and beating our defense with ease while we stuggle to keep the ball on the deck past the halfway line
  13. We're actual s**t, getting dominated by part timers ffs
  14. Why are you all so aggressive 😂 I never said I expect 3rd and the new Clarke, there's a huge difference from expecting us to be that good every year and immediately accepting the s**te that dyer served up, which most of the people on here defended as aggressively as people like you did until we were already in deep s**t
  15. Clarke turned this team around almost immediately without a signing, he got a team battling relegation to having 3 players in the internation squad ffs. Say what you want but none of our managers past or present would've got the say results with the team Clarke did.
  16. Too true, the majority of our fans, most of our teams and managers and the boards over the years have all got the loser mentality. Teams with bigger budgets than us we never beat it's ok because they can afford better players, losing to Diddy teams is fine because you don't have a divine right to beat anyone, it's no wonder this club hasn't been anything other than an average team waiting for the day we got relegated which of course came with "we had a good run eh? Barely surviving by the skin of our teeth for most of it as if that's some sort of accomplishment. Clarke showed that you don't need world beaters to compete in this league and we've already gone back to accepting the bare minimum
  17. 3 of his 8 weren't against top league opposition so in your own words " at least be accurate when being critical." Sow and shaw might not be exactly the same type of signing but *in my opinion* it's similar in that we were told it's better to wait and get good players and then we've went and signed mediocre players that we could've had in ages ago
  18. Thats a bit ironic considering I've just had a look at your past posts and I've got you having a go at me for critising Alessio and then you saying a few weeks later he should've never been appointed. You saying dyer isn't all that bad because we won a game of football. You berating multiple players, one of whom, pinnock, who you initially praised along with dyer ended up being one of our better players last year. Talk about s**t flinging at a wall. I might be negative and get pissed off at players/the club because I want better for it but you're an aggressive, flip flopper who seems very angry a lot of the time at towards other people
  19. Ahhh the same stuff I heard when I used to get red dotted to oblivion for seeing where we were going under dyer before everyone changed their tune on here. Same time next year?
  20. We're now a month into the season and we've just signed an incredibly average player that comes 10 to the dozen to solve our striker issue, we've been hearing for weeks we just need to wait for the right players, sorry but much in the same way as sow, we could've easily found someone of shaws caliber 2 months ago. We're still IMO 3 good quality players short of a team that could win this league, we've gotten away with a few result against qots and the ayr game could've easily turned sour if decisions that went for us went against us. Sorry but we should be building a team that could hold its own in the premiership and I really don't believe this one would. We at least thought we had a team that would work hard until the end unlike last year's but the Inverness game said different
  21. "don't worry it's better we take the time to get the right people in" then we sign literally only oli f**king shaw and you're not allowed to be critical of our signing policy, it's the dyer days and Osman sow all over again. Seriously this club really has become a complete shambles, how is it that we're now look at St Johnstone's 4th choice striker on loan as a salivating prospect, f**k me
  22. A result that has come because of issues we've been getting away with for weeks
  23. Probably because of the amount of s**t you take on here for mentioning the golden boy
  24. I really don't care about all the red cards coming my way tbh, he genuinely offers nothing for 90% of a season, he has no impact of basically any game and seems to get defended to the hilt whenever you mention him. No he is not one of those players that does the dirty work, he wins the ball back occasionally and that is about it, burke does that more but can actually offer a threat going forward and he's 37. Sorry but if he's the standard this club will never go anywhere. I wanted to bring this up separately because I didn't want to derail the burke thread about how any time he has a below par game for him it's "oh he should've been subbed off" when he still managed to contribute more in the first 15 mins before he got kicked off the park than McKenzie in 90 minutes. The whole team were absolutely dogs**t yesterday but at least most of the others you could point out there contributions in other games.