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  1. Whilst our national sport faces an unprecedented crisis, it is baffling that resources are used to charge Rangers’ manager based on a flawed and inaccurate interpretation of Steven Gerrard’s remarks. Whats baffling about that? His money should go down a treat
  2. Just goes to show if you put the application in you can get recognised at clubs like ours. Well done Nicke. Oh and take notes mcgowan...
  3. Shame we wont see him back in the stripes, probably my favourite killie player. Good luck to him, could be a good signing for them
  4. The funniest part about that is that people always said he wouldn't be effective against the likes of accies because they're a bunch of hammer throwers that would kick him off the park. Turns out having the better footballers on the park is the way to go, who knew.
  5. In your opinion, you think McKenzie is pish while others think that's a ridiculous statement *shrug*
  6. Pretty sure people are happy to be proven wrong, not too sure why you keep bringing it up. I personally thought he was gash on his first time with the club and don't think any different because he's been good second time round. Both can be true
  7. It gives the dyer apologists another excuse to add to the long,long lists for his failings
  8. If decisions are based on freezeframes...
  9. A red card for that, what a joke. If that's how badly you do your job just resign, f**king hell.
  10. What the actual f**k has happened to our defence
  11. Yess, everytime he plays it makes his exclusions from the team for so long all the more bizzare
  12. Hows that ridiculous? I quite like brophy but his record from open play is pretty crap
  13. You could put the keeper on spot kicks and he'd end up with the same amount of goals as brophy, that's NOT a good return for a striker
  14. He also said we created a lot of opportunities, what utter pish. If you're not going to give any actual insight then just don't bother.
  15. They were passing about the ball for fun around our midfield and strikers the first half
  16. Except they looked good whenever they went forward? I'm sure you be raging if we beat them near enough every time we played them even if it meant having 6 defenders on for the last 5 minutes. Right enough. 'poor play in the final third' what? As in having 0 quality as we do near enough every game?
  17. Creating hee haw for 90 minutes isn't a 'performance' imo. Very easy to keep it tight when you're doing absolutely nothing else in the game.
  18. Probably because if your aunty had baws
  19. You're actually deluded if you think they were worse to watch than us, absolutely deluded. Totally strolled the game and created 3 great chances. Very similar to how we played under clarke. Bet you weren't saying we were s**t to watch
  20. Laughable, I'd watch what aberdeen served up today over what we did any day. Our fanbase is so bitter
  21. Is giving it away constantly his role too