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  1. He really has the air of a manager in the making. Hopefully ours...
  2. She's self isolating. And she didn't see that one coming.
  3. Everyone's forgetting the apparent obligation to have St. Clair on the bench.
  4. Now that's what you call attacking intent! Would love to see that starting line up with Dicker in reserve if we have to try preserve a lead. Could be 4-3 to us with that team!
  5. If only. It's looking over the shoulder now. Football is often a game of fine margins. 2-1 on Wednesday and it would have been a different story today. 3-2 in the cup and we'd have a cup semi final to look forward to. Some great play in both games. But those weren't the results - and there does seem to be a losing (or at least not a winning) mentality now. The restr of the season have been comparatively straightforward if we were safe. The worst thing we can do is think we are.
  6. He's the second highest scoring Scot.
  7. He's now the second highest Scottish scorer in the SPL over the past three seasons. Only Forrest has scored more (and only 2 more, so Brophy may pass him soon). Not bad for someone many were writing off before Christmas. I thought he was outstanding last night and is very much back to his best. The shape of the team and the introduction of Kabamba clearly suit him, and we know from the first half of the season what he can't do, but let's celebrate what he can. Skill, strength and attitude. It would be great to try and tie him into a deal with a release clause. I guess certainty around a manager might help that, but if he continues his current game a goal strike rate he's likely to be off in the summer. Very difficult to replace.
  8. We've shown in the last two games that in attacking terms we do have the quality. Five goals. Of course the most important statistic is six conceded. Against this team in particular there's a psychological aspect as well as simple defending. Who in the stands didn't think they'd get a second when the first one went in? I did. I can't help but feel it's the same for the players - that same feeling that always used to happen against the Old Firm e.g. in the JJ days. Somehow Aberdeen have become that team - it certainly doesn't happen to us against Rangers any more, but Aberdeen were just about as successful at this when SSC was here. I thought we'd broken the spell last night - hopefully one win is all that it will take. I'm sure we'd all love it - I hate this Aberdeen team and management (not the club) more than any other at the moment.
  9. What I’m saying is he is bringing something to the team in attack - even if he’s not playing brilliantly all the time. And tap ins count the same as every other goal.
  10. And there’s the small matter of the header for Brophy’s winner against Rangers. Anyone got any inkling that Brophy’s transformation might just have something to do with the Kabamba partnership?
  11. He’s also scored four times since arriving from non league football.
  12. Scored in the cup game. Tonight it was his Knock on for Brophy to run on to when he hit the post. Set up Brophy for the shot that Lewis saved well. Not perfect but he’s a big part of the team’s transformation and a vital player. Great signing. Let’s not start to get on his back.
  13. Wonderful piece of skill to set him up for the shot when he scored. Only Burke in our team has that touch. We should offer him a contract - we’ve seen evidence of that skill in tue past few games. The potential is still there and his fitness looks good. A real positive amongst recent disappointments.
  14. Clarke's win ratio was an astonishing 50.6%. We need to hold on to the memories. McCulloch's was approximately half that.

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