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  1. Brilliant. Four players in England's Premier League managed to score 20+ goals last year. Two in the Championship. Kane, Vardy, Ings and Sterling in the EPL. We can't count Sterling as he's a winger, and they're ruled out. Those high scoring lone strikers are ten a penny aren't they? I know - let's see if we can sign Kane or Vardy. Maybe in a swap deal for Brophy. Or if that seems ridiculous, let's stop comparing Brophy with Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy. That would be the sensible thing to do.
  2. No they don't. One player has scored 20 league goals in the last few years. Overall number of goals? Name just a few of the 'plenty of strikers' in Scotland' who have done that. If Brophy was perfect he wouldn't be playing for us. As it is, he's the highest Scots born scorer in the league over the last three years except for James Forrest, and he's only two behind him. That's decent.
  3. And scored in the Premier League. Just the once in 32 attempts mind you!
  4. I'm reminded of the Ally McCoist comment on Paul Wright: 'Bunion isn't scared to put his head where it hurts. And judging by his looks, he's done that quite a lot.'
  5. Dalglish? We're in 'worst ever' territory there aren't we? You might as well be saying Mike Jeffrey was 'meh'.
  6. Cocard was one of the most talented players we ever signed. Brilliant when he wanted to be, but if we wasn't in the mood, he was meh, verging on merde.
  7. Much worse than meh. A striker signing from Bayern Munich shouldn't score zero goals in his Killie career. McEachran got more than that!
  8. Maskrey? No way! Looked nothing like a footballer, but he could be great with us. You've included a gem among the dross there.
  9. Definitely. Kiltie needs a run in the team. He has the potential to be that player we are missing - and if he manages to be the creative link, can be key to us winning matches. This isn't away to Celtic. Aberdeen are not a great team. They play to a horrible philosophy and are a bunch of cheats under McInnes. Let's be confident in our abilities and go at them on the break. Setting up as we did, we won 4-0. Let's show confidence in that team.
  10. Everything about that goal is magnificent. Watch it again. And again. One of the best Killie goals I’ve seen. And my first game was in 1977.
  11. I think he's a better technical player than given credit for. He could have worked in a more advanced role last year but possibly didn't have the legs for it. Wouldn't like to lose someone of his experience if there is no one coming in. Injuries and suspensions (Power already on 4 bookings) will be a big factor during the season.
  12. I remember there was quite a long thread last season on the respective merits of Burke and Jones. Since the start of 19/20, Burke has played 29 league games and scored 8 goals. He's had 4 assists in the league, and 6 in one game in the Scottish Cup. As well as everything else he brings to the game, he's been involved in 18 goals. Jones has played 7 games in the league. No goals and no assists. One pathetic sending off that injured only himself. Burke is nearly 37, Jones will soon be 26. I reckon Burkey's future looks brighter. There was no contest then, even more so now.
  13. Creative players need someone scrapping to win the ball and get them going. For me Power is the best we've had at doing that for a long, long time and consistently among the top 3 in the league since the thistle game in 2017. No little skill as well - his control is pretty good. And the heart of a lion. Stick him in with Bryson behind Durrant and Eremenko in a fantasy midfield and we'd be challenging for the title. Just need to work out how to get Ally Mitchell in there! Who'd a thunk it on his debut?
  14. Billy Bowie Stadium of Sh*te? Or maybe not....
  15. I agree - we don't want to return to the JJ days of losing before kick off. If the team go into the game with that mentality then we will definitely lose. Tight defence and two up front gives us a chance. We've got a chance of getting something.