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  1. Plus it said that on both teams twitter after their respective semi final victories
  2. Is the final not usually at hampden sure it has been last few seasons??
  3. Graeme Owens provided a cross for kevin Kyle to score one of the clubs most important goals at pittodrie or we might have been due to play Alloa on wed and not Aberdeen.
  4. Anybody heard when the tickets are going on sale for this game??
  5. Am I right in saying that if rangers were to draw there cup tie on sarurday the replay is scheduled for same night were due to play them at rugby park so theres a chance of us losing out on the finances due from game being on tv. Surely the club has to contest this due to potential loss of important revenue. I understand it's due to euro commitments but still think the should be obliged to fulfill league matches already scheduled.
  6. 2 goalkeepers who are dreadful. 2 full backs who dont prevent crosses coming in. A midfield who dont create or score chances. A strikeforce that rarely score. A manager who shows no sign of being able to motivate players by having a lack of passion himself. And a board that have royally f**ked everything up. We have only 5 signed players for next season and as it stands no manager for next season so for me the games up the bubbles burst were heading for the abyss that is the championship and maybe worse nothing to suggest that we wont become the next Falkirk or partick down in the depths of the leagues and forgotten about
  7. Who are we realistically going to get a result against that are at our level. We are looking certainties to get relegated as we have no ability to carry out the fundamentals of football. Have a decent goalie weve not have a defence to deal with cross balls we dont have midfielders who can create and score we dont have strikers who score we dont. So only one thing can happen as far as a can see we get relegated
  8. Are the club not obliged to have a AGM each year or have I missed something.
  9. Does anybody know if the pyramid will be showing todays game
  10. Does anybody know what the prices are for the tickets as a cant see anything on the website.
  11. Are tickets on sale yet for what is always a great away day?
  12. Aberdeen: connor Mclennan Celtic: Callum McGregor Hamilton: sam stubbs Hibs: Scott allan Hearts: connor Washington Livingston: scott pitman Motherwell: liam polworth Rangers: joe aribo Ross county: ross Stewart St johnstone: jason Kerr St mirren: Kyle mcallister
  13. How many times are us fans gonna have to listen to our manager give us drivel bout maybe or hoping to sign players by next day or so and still nothing. Ave said before and I'll say it again there is a major issue causing us to be unable to conclude any deals. I'm firmly starting to believe we wont attract anyone to club of a reasonable standard due to a lack of decent people employed in top positions required to deal with the business side of football. We have that coupled with our manager fiddling about in the dark with regards targets. Hamalainen was close to signing according to media sources so if that's true why has it taken so long. Our twitter guy or whoever does it seems obsessed with telling us bout academy and community stuff theres nothing now nout training and stuff like last year. Am just starting to get bit disheartened by the lack of activity and the killing of the feel good factor and momentum we had built up last season a know we still say it before kick off together were stronger but are we really together at the moment am not convinced by that sentiment.
  14. Once again our manager has told us that hopefully a few deals would be concluded in next couple of days in his interview on Saturday and yet again not even a sniff of new faces. With each day that passes I'm become more worried that what we have now is what were gonna be left with
  15. Does anybody think or know for sure if we will have any good news on the signing front this week as I certainly hope so although part of me thinks we will get nobody in before the window closes just due to me having no belief in our manager as I firmly believe that he is winging it so to speak and has no plan as to where we are heading.

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