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  1. fmcc

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    This is fantastic. Apols if this has been covered elsewhere, but has anyone ever been able to get a hold of numbers of walk ups we get? Not sure if this info would ever be freely available. But I'm excited to think about what the crowds could be next season.
  2. fmcc

    Ten Song Game

    9. Paper Roses Marie Osmond
  3. fmcc

    In Praise of Scott Boyd

    Hear, hear. I've liked him and glad he's signed for another year. Not particularly fashionable to like him, but another one who has improved of late.
  4. fmcc

    Incomings and outgoings.

    I would absolutely love Findlay to sign. I think he is maturing into a fantastic defender. I think the biggest thing to note about his improvement is his confidence. I used to think he was a bit shy and stand offish as a defender. Now he gets stuck right in, physically and verbally, and loves to step into midfield (and beyond!) and is a good threat at attacking set pieces. I really like him
  5. fmcc

    Chris Burke

    I’d agree with most of the comments here apart from one; it’s not jut today, he came on and played very well Against aberdeen too. I think his experience would be good to have around
  6. fmcc

    Ian Wilson

    Thot it was really interesting how he deployed young Ian(Iain?) today, played in that central position of the midfield three, instead of just trusting Mulumbu to sit there. He linked the centre halves and two full backs and into midfield perfectly for a spell in the game and always happy to play the simple ball to keep us in possession. Looks like he really understands the position. Big hopes for him
  7. fmcc

    New Directors ?

    Phyllis McLeish joins Kilmarnock FC Board of Directors The Kilmarnock Football Club is pleased to announce that Phyllis McLeish has joined the Board of Directors. The move is a landmark moment for the club as Phyllis becomes the first woman director to take an active role on the board in over 20 years. Directors John Kiltie, Billy Bowie and Bill White are delighted to welcome Phyllis on board following such a successful recent campaign. Phyllis has over 25 years experience in business & finance, specialising in the construction and rail sectors over the last 15 years. With a background in accountancy, Phyllis has spent the last 10 years with QTS Group, a successful railway engineering company which she, her husband and other McLeish family members are director/shareholders. QTS has seen exponential growth over the last six years and is now one of the top 20 maintenance suppliers to Network Rail. Phyllis had a combined remit of Finance & Commercial Director at QTS, but three years ago reduced her role to that of Commercial Director to allow her to pursue other interests and dedicate more time to her family, new business interests and her charity work. A recent addition to her business life has been the formation of the AM Media Group which includes Ayrshire Magazine. This long held ambition to be part of the creative industries realised and which she is looking forward to developing. In her position as Commercial Director at QTS, she has overseen the brand become big supporters of Developing the Young Workforce, Women in Engineering and the sponsorship of Young Athletes. Phyllis is also one of the founding trustees of the Kilmarnock Community Sports Trust (KCST) and in addition supports the Prince’s Trust in Scotland in a variety of ways including sponsorship and as a table host at the Trust’s legendary charity day “Lunch with an Old Bag”. QTS and the McLeish family also provide considerable donations and other support to many other local and national charities. Phyllis McLeish commented: "Through QTS and the Kilmarnock Community Sports Trust, I have been now been involved with Kilmarnock Football Club for over six years and have developed a real affection for the club, its people and its community. "My husband Alan and I, as director /shareholders of QTS Group, have been happy to have our brand associated with the club as first team shirt sponsors and youth & ladies section sponsors. QTS, since its inception, has directly employed many Kilmarnock supporters, and their passion and loyalty to the team is impressive. “We have also enjoyed similar loyalty from many of them as valued QTS employees, and my continued support of Kilmarnock FC is partly in recognition of this and partly because I enjoy supporting the team and would like to see the club continue to thrive. "It will be a real honour to not only become a shareholder, but to also sit on the board and be the first active woman director in over 20 years, especially at such an exciting time for the club. I hope that my past commercial, financial and marketing skills can make a contribution to the club’s future development and I look forward to supporting the club’s CEO, Kirsten Robertson, and the board in achieving its goals." ———————————— seems she brings with her real commercial pedigree and a progressive attitude. This could be a fantastic appointment
  8. fmcc

    Incomings and outgoings.

    We are all CraigieBoy!
  9. fmcc

    New Directors ?

    Well done, you got your quota for today. But, I think there's other threads for that kinda comment
  10. fmcc

    Opinions needed Derek McInnes

    I believe he coaches players poorly and is tactically inflexible. A number of players have gone backwards under his tutelage. Mclean should've kicked on, but went about a season and a half of being terrible, and strangely has only improved since his transfer to Norwich was agreed. He's made Rooney and Stevie May worse, and Shay Logan seems to have gone backwards too. With the relative budget available to him, he should've been able to cope when missing a few key players, but their semi final display against Motherwell was laughable. He should've steamrolled second and challenged the Old Filth consistently when directly up against them, but has failed miserably, bottles it every time suggesting he's a poor man manager/motivator and clearly unable to find a plan b. I live up here, so at risk of sounding like a dick, I reckon I know a few more Aberdeen fans than most on here, and there is quite a strong dislike of him and it's growing by the game.
  11. fmcc

    Stevie Clarke

    I actually love it more? Alan Power..... S.O.D..... Big Daft Kirk......
  12. fmcc

    New Directors ?

    What a road we've been on the past year or so, pretty much to the day when MJ announced he was stepping down. The difference a 'just' a few hundred grand can make in this league is huge. I know we're not going to all of a sudden be Killie St German but if Mrs McL fancies throwing a bit of her new slush fund in, that would be great, thanks.
  13. fmcc

    Champagne Charlie

    Did sumbdy mention Charlie?
  14. fmcc

    sellick away, Fred

    this "ref's pish" stuff is nonsense. has brophy had a touch?? we look quite comfy on the ball hen we get it, composed. they've dominated tho, no doubt about it. heres boydyyyy
  15. fmcc

    Rangers away, Fred

    Ridiculous booking for tshibola, no need to sycth from behind there

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