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  1. Can’t believe we haven’t used any outfield subs tbh
  2. That’s a shocking challenge from mcginn. Mckenzie’s desire to get to it was pleasing
  3. Burke’s howitzer came from him chasing and winning the ball. Agreed
  4. Good save from Marciano to stop an og
  5. Some players visibly tiring tho. understandbale I guess
  6. Absolutely dominated the ball for a good 6-7 minutes. Nice, but penetration obvs reqd
  7. Turning up less than two minutes before closing to “buy training gear etc” is selfish and inconsiderate. No way you’d have been in and out of there before closing time. If you were going in for a fridge magnet, different story. Should’ve went earlier. Were you wearing a mask? Consider, as someone alluded to above that a lot of retail staff are probably on heightened stress with the Covid risk and have much more responsibilities to attend to to ensure a safe working and shopping environment. Quit yer moaning and glorifying the fact that the club don’t have your family’s money.
  8. fmcc


    Thought he Got his job at wherever he is before Fow started. Might be wrong but I was disappointed when I saw him getting a job elsewhere instead of us....based on absolutely nothing apart from the fact he lived along the road from me and we used to play football together!?
  9. fmcc


    Doubt Pearson getting sacked will have much of a bearing on DB. At that level and that crazy setup, the squads worked out outside the dugout. And there’s been about 74 managers at Watford since he was with us anyway. Re him coming to us generally, I’ll believe it when I see it
  10. Aye, but he doesn’t score *good* goals
  11. so he's got two really good goals in three games? I'll take that ratio. FFS His upturn in form has contributed bigly to us competing for the top six when a month or so ago folk had us relegated on here. Some folk on here are f**kin brutal, honestly (aye, ah mean you)
  12. he scored the winner against theRangers about two minutes ago, were you raging at him then? He's much improved of late. Keep your criticism for another time i.e 4 month ago

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