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  1. Broadfoot hopeless. substitutions hopeless Commentary hopeless
  2. I think the board and those in charge had a real opportunity to offer something of value in what has been a poor year on and especially off the park. And discount only applies to early bird, to which they’re usually discounted a bit anyway. And discount in the shop won’t even cover some lines. Not sure they are enticing enough
  3. Sorry if this has been said already, but Dieter can Turnhout has applied for the job....
  4. Absolutely laughable reading the comments, it really is. Hounded out a guy that was in 5th place as it ‘wasn’t the same as when it was Steve Clarke’ and then again to a guy that is giving his all. A reminder he turned down Scotland as he wanted us to succeed so much. The posts etc on social media have been a disgrace and turning on Gary Dicker now just about sums it all up. Bowie, Phyllis and ‘Killie fan’ Cathy getting a free ride despite making a complete arse of the last 18 months. 5th-10th is exactly where killie should be, that’s why finishing 3rd was so special. The self entitlement is getting out of control and it’s the supporters that don’t remember every year being a struggle. Reading the betting, it’s either Wright, Robinson or ‘be careful what you wish for’ as there’s some guff in that list. Having a full squad out of contract in 4 months, the worst ‘defender’ in recent memory whose Dad has been as much to blame as anyone and a sleepwalking board that have gone missing. Anyway, Fow got what he wanted, to be in the dugout. Here’s hoping he doesn’t f that up too
  5. CDM1992


    There’s Branescu been released by Juventus...
  6. Downed tools, ensured we didn’t get any money for him, wanted away for a 5-month deal with Motherwell
  7. https://twelfthmanmedia.com/the-ups-and-downs-at-rugby-park-begin/
  8. The pause in the test event is to allow them to download missing information. Ticket office again very prompt and good with their response. Should all get in from 5 onwards
  9. The amount of threads on here that turn into Rory bashing is both boring and tiresome. Having a wee bit of energy in midfield to combat 32 and 34 year old midfielders and a 36 year old winger is no big thing. Just lay off the guy man, it’s absolutely brutal
  10. Such a shame for him it didn’t work out.....
  11. 3-8pm on Tuesday 4th August for the test events!
  12. Just renewed five season tickets, took about 90 seconds and got the email through with passes there
  13. Would hope - if Tish does return - he’ll not strut around like a Villa player on loan at little old Killie cause he really was hopeless... bachmann will be in Ayrshire on Monday morning, don’t stress too much about that one. Real shame to see Greg Stewart kicking around with *their* reserves. Jones on the other hand hahahaha
  14. I think it’s a positive thing we haven’t yet put season tickets on sale, or rushed to get a new kit out. This income would usually come in over the Summer so if we move early and there’s no football until October/November then we’d see ourselves struggling in Aug/Sept. Can only be a good thing we aren’t needing to rush cash in the door straight away.